Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ending Abortion Webcast — Download And Listen Again

If you think that there isn't much that you don't know on the issue and that this webcast is just preaching to the choir - think again. We have dozens of pro-life leaders and experts sharing their experience - and there's always something new for everyone. New skills that may come in handy, new arguments that not everyone is aware of, tips to succeed, mistakes to avoid...

Yes, it's one thing to know that there is an abortion crisis in our country. But knowing how to explain that to a person who's never looked at the issue from the pro-life point of view - that's different. It's fine to just know that "planned parenthood" is a nasty enterprise that markets abortion by corrupting children - but we better know that in more details, so we know what exactly are their methods and what should we watch for, if we want to protect our children.

Sidewalk counseling - how many of us actually succeeded in persuading a woman not to abort her baby? Well, we have a few people who know how to approach a woman that has already made up her mind to have an abortion; how to win her trust so that at the very least she stops and listens; how to persuade her to look at other options that are always there and to choose life...

Even when it comes to pro-life blogging (where many of us believe that there isn't much we don't know,) - Jill Stanek has a few useful tips on how to run an efficient blog. And let's face it - her blog is a lot more successful than mine or yours, isn't it?

So, if you missed the webcast or some parts of it - check out Ending Abortion .com website and download the recorded presentations. 35 people from 30 different pro-life organizations, 10 hours of great information. And don't let the "register now" button scare you; all it asks for is an e-mail address.
  1. The Case For Life
  2. The Abortion Crisis
  3. Planned Parenthood's Abortion Empire
  4. The Power Of Prayer
  5. Pregnancy Help Centers: Compassion In Action
  6. Saving Lives Outside Abortion Facilities
  7. Hope And Healing For Post-Abortive Women And Men
  8. Legislative & Political Efforts
  9. Pro-Life Youth Advocacy
  10. Influencing The Culture
Listen to the sessions. Download the MP3 files. Burn them on CD. Copy them to an MP3 player, so you can listen them again and again when you have some free time. And remember: "knowledge is power" only refers to applied knowledge.

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