Friday, July 9, 2010

Pro-Life Heroines Refuse To Be Silenced

Mary Wagner would rather stay in prison than agree to stop offering sidewalk counseling to women in distress:
TORONTO, July 8, 2010 ( - Mary Wagner, the B.C. pro-lifer incarcerated at Vanier women’s prison since her March 30th arrest, has refused a court demand to stay away from the abortuary where she offered sidewalk counseling, as a condition of her release.

Wagner's friend and supporter John Bulsza told LifeSiteNews (LSN) that presiding Judge Clemens said, during a hearing on July 7 at the College Park courthouse, that Mary had served enough time in prison, but then imposed three conditions on her release.

The first condition was bail of $500, the second was to be on good behavior, and the third was not to be on the sidewalk in front the Choice in Health abortion facility, or to go into the building.

On Tuesday, March 30, during Holy Week, Mary went to witness to life at the Choice in Health abortuary, where she said she was able to talk directly to the owner of the clinic and to counsel women, abortion workers, and police for nearly 45 minutes before she was carried away by officers.
Meanwhile, the case of Linda Gibbons, who's been in prison for about a year and a half for exactly the same "crime", may be headed all the way to the Supreme Court. Will the judges finally show some common sense? Will they finally overturn the immoral and unconstitutional "bubble zone" injunction which makes it a crime even to pray on a public sidewalk next to an abortuary? Or will they once again decide that the interests of the abortion industry outweigh Linda's right to share her tragic experience?
Linda speaks from experience. Her second pregnancy was terminated with an abortion. Today, she has three adult children, several grandchildren and now, a great grandson whom she has yet to see as he was born during her present incarceration.

Linda Gibbons has saved over 100 human lives from Canada's unborn baby slaughterhouse, many of these children of course, totally unaware of their debt to her. She simply spoke one-on-one with their mothers, explaining that if the mother would consent to give birth that she would not have to bear the guilt that Linda does. She tells women what their doctors have usually not told them — about the complications they might experience after their abortion — but only to those women willing to give Linda the time to speak. Linda's crime, for which she is in prison, is telling the known and scientifically documented emotional, mental and physical truth of abortion complications.
How long will the judges and the Ontario's law enforcement officials keep denying the obvious?

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