Monday, July 12, 2010

They Don't Like To Be Called "Pro-Abortion"

But a sign that says "choose life", is apparently not "pro-choice" enough for them.
The sign on the east side of the highway, just south of Newton Cross Road, shows a young woman holding a baby with the message: “Love them both. Choose Life.”

However, the word “Life” had been painted out, and the words “right to” have been inserted before “choose.”

“This is a criminal act that belies the use of the name ‘pro-choice’ by our opponents in this national debate,” Victoria Right to Life spokesperson Deborah Mullan told LifeSiteNews.

“If the people who did this were for choice, instead of damaging it they would have erected their own billboard and given Victorians a choice of messages and ideas.”
Instead of giving the public a choice of messages and ideas, pro-aborts won't even finish the sentence. They say "right to choose". Right to choose what? They'd rather not mention that to the impartial public. Although they may sometimes let it slip out...
LONDON, U.K., July 6, 2010 ( - After contemplating the immense mysteries of human life and sacrificial love in comparison to a woman's "right to fertility control," a writer for the Times of London concludes that attempts by pro-aborts to dismiss the life of an unborn child are a "convenient lie" hiding the fact that, "Yes, abortion is killing.”

“But,” she concludes, “it's the lesser evil."
Yes, that's exactly what the pro-aborts mean when they say "choice". That's also why they are so upset when "choice" and "life" are used in the same sentence. They use the word "choice" as a euphemism for abortion and their goal is to make the two synonyms, because "pro-choice" sounds better than "pro-abortion". But one has to be extremely naive to believe that pro-abortion activism actually has something to do with choice.

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