Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Largest Case Of Illegal Election Financing Unreported

The largest case of illegal elections financing in Canadian history was revealed this week - $344,000 illegally funnelled to the NDP by big Canadian labour unions.
And the media? Crickets. Where are the calls for prosecution -­ not just of the NDP, but of the unions? Where are the screaming headlines, the in-depth mini-documentaries, the front-page stories? The biggest case of election financing fraud in Canadian history -­ and not a single front page?

Is that because one of the unions that shovelled illegal dollars to the NDP was the journalists' union - the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, that represents hundreds of left-wing reporters? Is the reason Elections Canada didn't prosecute because their workers are members of PSAC, so they'd be prosecuting and fining themselves?

Do you think Elections Canada would have given the Conservative party a free pass if they had been caught taking $340,000 in illegal contributions from corporations?
And another thing: where do you think all that money came from? It came from the members. To be precise - it was literally snatched from their paychecks; because these weren't donations, the money came from forced membership dues.

Let me reiterate - membership in the union is mandatory; not belonging to a union means no job in a unionized company, let alone the public sector. Anyone who wishes to be a nurse, a teacher, a bus driver, a civil servant, you name it, has to belong to an organization that, under the false pretense of protecting his interests, directs money to radical left-wing organizations - including the NDP proper. No opt-out is allowed.

In other words, this wasn't just the largest case of illegal election financing. This was also the largest illegal political donation with stolen money. But don't expect the mainstream media to ever mention this.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Freedom, Liberty and Conscience

What is the source of our freedom, liberty and conscience? What does it mean to be a Catholic citizen? Check out this speech by Michael Voris:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Robocalls again...

So, all those allegations against the Conservatives appear to be groundless. No evidence of election misdeeds there. Now, talking about the Liberals... Ironically "da proof has been proven" in the very same riding where the Conservatives allegedly tried to prevent Liberal supporters from casting their ballots.

But don't look forward for those talks about the Conservatives "stealing the last election" to cease anytime soon. The left and the media party are not giving up:

And, talking about robocalls being used to hijack an election - here's a real example. I'm talking about the robocall campaign conducted by the Alberta Federation of Labour under the guise of opinion polling. Not surprisingly, it doesn't receive much coverage (if any) from the mainstream media.