Friday, July 30, 2010

Aging Populations; Fewer Workers; Decline Of Developed Countries

The first generation to embrace abortion, contraception and "family planning" saw their CPP premiums going up 175% (so far). For the following generations things could turn out even worse:
WASHINGTON, DC, July 29, 2010 ( - The 2010 World Population Data Sheet, published by the Population Reference Bureau (PBR) on July 28, says that a shrinking pool of working-age populations is jeopardizing social support and long-term health care programs for the elderly, and points to a decrease in the populations of developed countries.

The report states that worldwide in 1950, there were 12 persons of working age for every person age 65 or older. By 2010, that number had shrunk to 9. By 2050, this elderly support ratio, which indicates levels of potential social support available for the elderly, is projected to drop to 4.

The report also shows the contrasts between developing and developed countries and highlights that while developing countries will see populations increase, developed countries are beginning to see population shrinkage.
For example, Japan has a total fertility rate of 1.4 children per woman, and an elderly support ratio of 3—the lowest in the world, along with Germany and Italy. By 2050, Japan will have only 1 working-age adult for every elderly person; Germany and Italy will each have 2.
No safety net can sustain that kind of pressure. Retirement age will have to be raised to 70, if not 75 - and even that is unlikely to prevent severe cuts to retirement benefits.

And immigration is not a solution either. Canada's tried that already, back in late 1980s, with immigration numbers increasing about three-fold over the two following decades. Except... The people who came back then, belonged to the same generation as Canada's baby-boomers. They'll be retiring at exactly the same time as their Canadian-born peers. The immigrants of today are in their 30s now, but in 2050, they'll be the ones described in the report as "the elderly". And I doubt that the immigrants of 2020s or 2030s will be all excited about paying hundreds of dollars every month to support the growing number of Canada's seniors.

To stop and then to reverse the unprecedented "global aging", which threatens to destroy the developed nations' safety nets (along with their economies) we need another baby boom. There's simply no other way to avert the crisis.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

40 Days For Life Update: Abortion Center Closes

And, judging from the title, it's not the only abortion center to close its doors following the 40 Days for Life vigil.
I just received word from our local 40 Days for Life campaign leaders in Fayetteville, Arkansas — and got confirmation from their local media — that their city’s one and only surgical abortion facility is CLOSING!

Praise God!

During three previous 40 Days for Life campaigns in Fayetteville, the abortionist grew more and more aggressive towards the prayer volunteers, taunting and ridiculing them in person — and in the media …

… but they did not react; they persisted in peaceful vigil and remained to pray for the unborn, the women entering the facility — and especially for the abortionist himself.

And NOW … that facility is closing down!

Here are some photos of the Fayetteville 40 Days for Life vigils:
So, if you still have that Huckleberry Finn attitude towards prayer - think again. And, by the way, the next 40 Days For Life vigil starts September 22.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

40 Days For Life Is Coming To Moncton

Moncton Right To Life is working hard to make it happen this fall. New Brunswick Right to Life has already promised help, but most of the effort will have to come from the devoted volunteers here in Moncton. We're looking forward to have the vigil going for 12 hours a day, for the entire 40 days at the George Dumont Hospital, where about 240 babies a year die needlessly because of abortion.

This will be the second 40 Days for Life vigil in New Brunswick and hopefully it will be as successful as the last year's vigil in Fredericton. (Across the street from the Morgentaler's abortion facility.)

Monday, July 26, 2010

National Post Editorial: Put An End To Affirmative Action

Check out this National Post editorial.
As for affirmative action on the basis of race and aboriginal ancestry, it comes with an entirely different set of problems. Many high-performing East and South Asian job seekers shun government jobs, for instance, not because they face discrimination, but because they simply prefer to find more lucrative positions in other fields. As for aboriginals, it would make far more sense to invest federal dollars in improving their education, rather than simply hiring them into government jobs for which they aren’t truly qualified. The same is true for blacks and other minority groups that skew toward the low end of the socioeconomic spectrum: Affirmative action merely addresses the symptoms of the problem, not the cause. Moreover, it has the added, socially toxic drawback of stigmatizing all minority members as under-qualified affirmative-action hires — even those who were hired on the basis of pure merit.
From my prospective, as a consumer, I don't care about "representative" workforce. I want competent workforce. I don't care if the person who provides the service is a man or a woman, if he (or she) is black or white or polka-dot green. I want him or her to be the best skilled for the job.

And, if Pat Martin & Co believe that discrimination is ok, as long as those discriminated against don't belong to a designated "disadvantaged" group - why don't they lead by example? Why didn't Pat Martin and his Liberal colleague from Winnipeg Centre withdraw and let the black female candidate win?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why Does The Left Support Apartheid-Style Hiring Policies?

Why would the Liberals and the NDP support race-based hiring? Why would they condemn the move to end an outright ban on hiring white Canadians (women as well as men) for certain government jobs?
OTTAWA - The Liberals and NDP are condemning a move by the Tories to end government hiring practices that block some people from applying for jobs based on race.

Treasury Board president Stockwell Day says no Canadian should be blocked from getting a job based on their ethnicity, but the Liberals say the Tories are just trying to meddle with the public service.

Earlier this week, QMI Agency published a story about an Ottawa area woman who was shocked to learn she was barred from applying for a job because she is white. The job with Citizenship and Immigration Canada was only open to aboriginal Canadians. The Harper government says it supports affirmative action but not blocking people from applying for jobs based on their ethnic background.
As we can see, nobody is talking about ending so called "affirmative actions" altogether and moving to 100% merit-based hiring. Don't expect the discriminatory "employment equity" questionnaire to disappear, not to mention any amendments to the section 15.2 of the Charter. We're talking about merely ending the most atrocious injustices. Yet, for the Liberals and the NDP, even that seems to be "too right-wing".
“They don't understand why having a representative public service is important,” said Ignatieff spokesman Michael O’Shaugnessy. “But most important, they are trying to change the channel. They are throwing some red meat at their most right-wing supporters.” The NDP’s Pat Martin blasted the move as a sop to “the fundamentalist, neo-conservative, right wing.” Once informed there are jobs that are only offered to certain races, Martin said that was wrong but later changed his mind again.

“Sometimes the pendulum has to swing too far in the other direction,” said Martin, who says aboriginals and visible minorities need extra help in getting jobs with the federal government.
In other words - there's nothing wrong with discriminating against those alleged to have discriminated in the past; even if the pendulum "swings too far in the other direction" - that's still fine; two wrongs make a right, don't they? So far, as I see, two wrongs tend to make a left.

But it would be naive to assume that leftists merely want to "right the wrongs". Blazing Cat Fur suggests that their motivation rests solely with ethnic vote whoring. But, judging from some journalists' own words, there is a reason to believe, that some personal likes and dislikes are involved as well:
Treasury Board President Stockwell Day came forward today and said no Canadian should be denied hiring based on race. It's a contention that has drawn ridiculous and uninformed skepticism from the Toronto Star's Susan Delacourt, who wrote on her Twitter today that the news is great for "downtrodden old white guys."

Another win for downtrodden old white guys. RT @CdnPress_Ott: Tories to review affirmative action hiring #cdnpoli

Obviously Ms. Delacourt doesn't read the news very often, or very deeply. The very same story she cites notes that women actually make up 54.7 per cent of the federal workforce and that more aboriginals and visible minorities are working there this year than last.

She also DIDN'T read the story published by Brian Lilley at Sun Media earlier this week showing that a WOMAN had been denied the chance to apply for a job at Citizenship and Immigration Canada because SHE was not aboriginal!
Ms. Delacourt sure dislikes those "downtrodden old white guys", if she didn't even bother to read the story which sparked the controversy. Scratch a lefty and if it's not a minority nationalist or a special-interest group functionary, then it's a self-hating bleeding-heart Liberal who is eager to "repent" the imaginary sins of the previous generations, those "old white guys". Hopefully, when the next election comes, there will be a lot more voters willing to do the scratching.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Winning Arguments — The 'Homosexual' Way (When The Facts Are Against Them)

Storming the podium. Shouting down the speakers. Intimidating the participants. Insulting a nursing mother. Threatening to kidnap children...
Providence, R.I., Jul 21, 2010 / 06:08 am (CNA).- Homosexual activists’ behavior at rallies by a touring pro-marriage event has ranged from “silly” to “crazy” and “disgraceful,” one event leader reports. Some activists disrupted a Rhode Island rally and mocked religion and children, while others intimidated a nursing mother at a New York rally.

The National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Summer for Marriage Tour stopped in Albany, New York last Saturday and in Providence, Rhode Island on Sunday.

NOM president Brian S. Brown reported in a letter to supporters that during a speaker’s presentation at the Albany Capitol event, several activists with colored umbrellas started walking up on stage. When gay “marriage” supporters were told the event had a permit for the space, they refused to leave. Though rebuked by Capitol police, “they hung around, holding their rainbow-colored umbrellas and balloons,” he said.
The Catholic News Agency has more details:
At the Sunday rally at the Providence Capitol, homosexual activists told police that they planned to assemble peacefully behind the NOM event on the Capitol lawn to demonstrate their support for same-sex “marriage.”

However, according to Brown, the activists “came around behind our rally and tried to shout over us. Then they came right into our crowd, getting in people’s faces and shouting at our marriage supporters.

“At one point while I was delivering my remarks, three protestors physically surrounded me and got right up in my face, trying to shout me down as Capitol police did nothing,” he reported, saying police were “totally unprepared” and had to call in state troopers to restore order.

According to an event video produced by NOM, one speaker at the rally said during the disruptions, “Activists have come to our rallies and silence us. The moment we allow them to silence us is the moment our civil rights have been taken away.”

“Throughout the event, the protestors were disgraceful. Mocking religion. Mocking children. I mean, what kind of adult goes up to a 7-year-old child and sneers, ‘Mommy raising you to be a good little bigot’?” asked Brown.
That's the only way these perverts can win arguments. Because the facts are against them. Because it's obvious that biologically abnormal relationships just can not have the same unitive and procreative functions that the traditional marriage has. Because it's been proven that there's no "gay gene", that they're not "born that way", that homosexual condition can be changed, can be controlled and can be prevented...

The facts are clear - instead of recognizing immoral, medically hazardous and socially destructive relationship as if it was a marriage, the society must help these people to quit their perverse lifestyle and to return to normal life, to regain emotional balance and to start a normal, traditional family in a true marriage. Homosexuals know that they have no chance in an open debate; that their lies are powerless against strong scientifically based arguments. That's why all their efforts are aimed at preventing the debate from taking place.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Affirmative Actions — Discriminating Against You With Your Collaboration

A woman was denied government job because of race. No, this didn't happen someplace in the Southern US States, some 50 years ago. It happened this year - in Canada:
OTTAWA - A stay-at-home mother trying to re-enter the workforce after nine years away says she can’t understand why the federal government would stop her from applying for a job simply because she is white.
While surfing on the federal government job website, Landriault says she found a position at Citizenship and Immigration Canada she felt she was qualified for but was blocked from submitting her resume because she was not an aboriginal or visible minority.
Landriault says she has seen job postings in the past that encourage certain groups to apply.

“Which is fine, it’s an equal opportunity position,” Landriault said. “But an equal opportunity employer does not stop one race from applying.”

A CIC spokeswoman takes a different view.

“We are under-represented by aboriginal employees in our work force,” said Melanie Carkner. “At this point in time, the department does meet requirements for visible minorities; however, given the department’s mandate, we make a concerted effort to hire individuals in this group.”
In other words, skills don't really matter, it's the candidate's ethnicity which determines whether or not he is eligible to get the job. So what's the difference between "affirmative actions" and apartheid or any other racist regime that the "progressives" love to condemn so vigorously? That, instead of being denied a job because none of his kind is wanted, one is denied a job because no more of his kind is wanted? As if that makes any difference for someone who has to stay unemployed because of this openly racist hiring policy.

Not to mention that the government is missing out on qualified personnel because of that. Then, of course, they ask for more funds so they could hire more staff to make their department more efficient. And, since they keep using the very same hiring policies that focus on one's origin rather on one's skills, more money and more personnel never result in more efficiency.

But there's more to this whole issue. Here's an essay by Ezra Levant. He talks about the long-form census. Not only some of the questions there infringe on our privacy, but also, with the way the multiple choice answers are worded, the respondent is compelled to select from a list of vague politically correct terms, instead of being able to provide an accurate answer to the question asked. So why would anyone need a census that provides such distorted data? The answer is right on the census form:
What are these bizarre questions and answers about? The census form was perfectly frank: It stated it was for government programs that use racial quotas — also called affirmative action. As Canadians, we like to think we’re equal before the law. But Statistics Canada collects this information to treat us unequally.
If you've had no opinion on the long-form census - here's the reason to be against it. Let scrapping the long-form census be the first step towards scrapping affirmative actions.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Undercover At Planned Parenthood — Exposing Their Lies

They claim that their mission is to provide information to pregnant women. What so called "planned parenthood" offers instead is nothing but deceptive, manipulative abortion sales pitch. Watch this video by the Rosa Acuna Project and see for yourself:
And that's obviously not an isolated incident:
When the woman, purportedly 10-weeks pregnant, asks the clinician, named "Sarah," when her baby's heart begins to beat, Sarah replies, "It's around I think the 8th or the 9th week that you can hear the heartbeat." The heart actually begins beating 3 weeks and 1 day after conception, according to Moore and Persaud's well-known textbook The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology. The Planned Parenthood clinician also insists, "It's not a baby, it's a fetus," which, she claims, is "not like a person."

In the video, Sarah assures the woman that "having an abortion is safer than carrying to term." The woman asks, "The abortion won't hurt me from having more kids in the future, will it?" and the counselor replies, "Nope."

However, a 2009 study from the Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey recently found that a previous abortion increased a woman's risk of pre-term birth by 20%, and a 2003 report from the Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research notes a 55% increased risk of future miscarriages for women who have abortions.
So who are the ones with no hearts and no brains after all? The unborn babies or the public officials that keep funneling funds to America's abortion empire otherwise known as "planned parenthood"?

Monday, July 19, 2010

The "Supremacy of God" Protects Canada From Totalitarianism

A group of militant atheists wants the Supremacy of God clause taken out of the Preamble of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Such attempt has already been made once - by Svend Robinson, in 1999. That proposal didn't go far, but in the very same year, the BC Court of Appeal referred to the phrasing as a "dead letter", claiming that the judges shouldn't revive it for the purpose of interpreting the Charter. Now, once the Supremacy of God clause was invoked by the Superior Court Judge Gérard Dugré, some radicals want to get rid of it for good.

The National Post has published an editorial in support of the clause:
The Judeo-Christian tradition is not the only foundation for tolerance between different peoples, or for harmony in a pluralistic society, but surveying the global scene today it is the most secure foundation currently on offer. Certainly the experience of officially atheistic regimes is not encouraging.

Canada is the country it is in large part because of, not in spite of, its religious history and its religious citizens. There is no reason for our Constitution not to recognize that.
But there's a lot more to that:
Charles Lewis provided great coverage of the fresh controversy over the Supremacy of God clause in the Preamble of the Charter of Rights. The comments from the various people he cited include more myths, logical fallacies, undefended false assumptions and errors than you can usually find in a lengthy government report. That’s not good, but it shows how poor many people’s thinking is when it comes to Christianity and politics.

The Quebec judge was correct in his ruling on the province’s enforcement of its religious curriculum. It is totalitarian. And it’s totalitarian because the Quebec government is secularist or humanist in nature. A very small proportion of humanists and atheists are libertarian. The rest embrace socialism and a strong civil government which essentially takes the place of God in the worldview of humanists. Just consider Canada today. Active human rights commissions. Micromanaging bureaucrats who don’t trust individuals to look after themselves. The criminalization of private delivery of health care. The National Post is very good at covering the constant examples of this suffocating totalitarian spirit by governments across Canada.

This is completely predictable as Canada continues to abandon Christianity, becoming more humanist in its public ethic.
And another thing: on the photograph, that Trottier guy is holding a book titled "Can we be good without God?". That's so-o-o-o 1980s. And even back then, some secularists were already questioning the definition of "good" and the reason behind adhering to the church definition thereof. Nowadays - it's moral relativism all the way. If Trottier still clings to the traditional definition of "good" and is looking forward to find that in the secular world - he's in for a big disappointment.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Number Of Home-schooled Children Has More Than Doubled

From 850,000 to over 2 million - that's 150% growth over 10 years.
In 2008 more than 2 million U.S. students were home-schooled. This most recent poll, provided by the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) proves that since 2003 the number of home-schooled students has more than doubled. The National Household Education Surveys, NHES, says 850,000 students were home-schooled in 2003. In fact, home-schooling is steadily increasing at a rate of 15 percent per year.

This expansion occurred for multiple reasons. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) 88 percent of U.S. home-schoolers chose to home-school because of public school environment; 83 percent favored home-schooling to provide religious and moral instruction; and 73 percent wished to provide a better quality of academic instruction.

Although Maggie Nitzberg, the brand manager for Calvert School, agrees with these reasons, she adds, “I think there is less and less trust in the public school system.”

Some colleges search for home-schooled students to admit to their school. Nitzberg says it’s because home-schoolers work extremely well independently. Although Scottsdale Community College does not seek out previous home-schoolers, it receives several. For the fall of 2009, Michael Cornelius, the Director of Advisement at Scottsdale Community College, found that the average freshman GPA was 2.54 while the average GPA for home-schooled students enrolled was 3.46.
Now, that's great news! With growth rates like that, government-run schools start lacking students in some 10-12 years time. Maybe even earlier, considering that home-schooling parents tend to have more children than the average family. And, in a generation's time, people will be looking back wondering how could they tolerate an all-pervasive state-run education system that was consuming so much and offering so little in return.

I wish someone ran the same survey here in Canada. It would be interesting to see how many Canadian children are being independently schooled. Most likely, the number won't be proportional to the US, it would probably be much lower but hopefully - it will be in the six digits, or - very close to that. After all, home-schooled young people are becoming quite noticeable here too.

How do you figure out that your co-worker was home-schooled? He has the best handwriting than everybody else in the office. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Political Correctness Or Just Plain Christophobia?

A pastor gets fired for mentioning Jesus in a prayer.
Baity’s troubles began during the week of May 31. He said a House clerk asked to see his prayer. The invocation including prayers for our military, state lawmakers and a petition to God asking him to bless North Carolina.”

“When I handed it to the lady, I watched her eyes and they immediately went right to the bottom of the page and the word Jesus,” he told FOX News Radio. “She said ‘We would prefer that you not use the name Jesus. We have some people here that can be offended.’”
When he politely declined to remove the fact that he was praying in Jesus’ name, he was no longer welcome to pray for the elected officials of North Carolina.
Apparently, even Christian pastors are now expected to raise their prayers to some undefined, culturally neutral and therefore unmentionable deity, when invited to a "multi-cultural" event.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

If It Was Possible To Stop The "Big Tobacco"...

Then, experts say, it should be possible to defeat the porn industry.
Fifty years ago, the United States had a culture where “lighting up” was pervasive and glorified on the silver screen by stars like Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra or Grace Kelly. Today, smoking largely has a social stigma thanks to aggressive anti-smoking efforts that led to strict anti-smoking laws, such that smokers can barely find a restaurant or bar that will let them have a cigarette with a coffee or beer.

“So we are going to expect that what we did with cigarettes, we can do with pornography,” explained Layden.

The first step in the fight against porn, Layden explained, is to get clinicians and doctors to start saying publically and loudly that pornography is a problem that is destructive, just as they began saying years ago that “our patients appear to be dying from cigarettes.”

The second step is to get reporters and researchers to write articles explaining what the clinicians are saying about the harm caused by pornography.
And hopefully, a similar strategy could help us defeat the abortion mafia otherwise known as "planned parenthood".

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Academic Freedom For Christians? No Way!

Teaching what the Catholic Church teaches on homosexuality is now certain to result in a "hate speech" complaint; even if you teach Catholicism 101. Will Kenneth Howell's union or professional association speak up in defense of his right to teach the basic teachings of the Catholic Church the way they actually are and not the way some sexual deviants want them to be? Well, what do you think? If anything, his Canadian colleagues are more concerned about lack of academic freedom in... Christian universities:
The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), a leftist union of university professors, is conducting a witch hunt to exclude Christian universities from the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). It wants to ban them, exclude them or force them to become just like all the other universities in Canada and it wants to do it in the name of tolerance, diversity and freedom. Sometimes it is hard to remember whether one is reading an George Orwell novel or the daily newspaper these days. Apparently some of the animals in the AUCC are more equal than the others, according to CAUT.
Yes, we've all heard about what's going on in these Christian universities; how dissident speakers get shouted down, unwelcome student groups get their club status revoked while the university authorities charge their own students with trespassing and threatening arrests in an attempt to silence them...

Or wait... None of those were actually Christian universities. And, if you ask any "progressive" professor or student, he'll be quick to tell you that these measures were necessary to prevent "hate speech", to maintain "safe" and "positive" environment. And, that Kenneth Howell's dismissal apparently served exactly the same purpose; that it's better to dismiss one "homophobe" (and to distort the controversial course beyond recognition) than to make a member of a designated victim group feel bad...

Do you know that Nazi student organization had taken over the German Student Association a couple years before Hitler came to power?...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bleeding-Heart Liberal Judges Want Khadr Back — We Don't

And, luckily, neither does the government. They're appealing the Federal Court ruling, that ordered them to come up with an action plan to "remedy" the "violation" of Khadr's "constitutional rights". The government bases its defense on the principle that the courts shouldn't interfere with foreign affairs. But that doesn't address the root of the problem.

Khadr is not a Canadian. He is a jihadi combatant with a Canadian passport. He joined a terrorist organization at his own free will, he was fighting on the enemy side, he killed a soldier of an allied nation and I doubt that he would have spared the life of a Canadian soldier, if he had encountered one.
...We, unlike too many, remember terrorism is bred in the bone of Omar Khadr.

We remember how Jean Chretien used diplomatic leverage as PM to rescue Omar Khadr's father, Egyptian-born Amed Khadr, from the Pakistanis following his 1995 arrest for a deadly bombing in Islamabad.

We remember Ahmed Khadr then went to ground in Afghanistan, and met with al-Qaida leaders, including Osama bin Laden, who reportedly attended his daughter's wedding in 1999, two years before unleashing 9/11.

We remember how Amed Khadr was killed in 2003 during a gun battle with Pakistani military, two years after his then 15-year-old son -- poster boy Omar -- was planting landmines in Afghanistan before being wounded in a gunfight with U.S. soldiers.

And, oh yes, after allegedly tossing the grenade that landed him in Gitmo for killing a U.S. medic, Sgt. Christopher Speer.

When was the last time anyone cried for Speer?...
What we need is a law that would clearly define fighting on the enemy side as treason and strip anyone guilty of it (immigrant or Canadian-born) of his Canadian citizenship. That will rid Canada of all the Khadr khrap for good.

Monday, July 12, 2010

They Don't Like To Be Called "Pro-Abortion"

But a sign that says "choose life", is apparently not "pro-choice" enough for them.
The sign on the east side of the highway, just south of Newton Cross Road, shows a young woman holding a baby with the message: “Love them both. Choose Life.”

However, the word “Life” had been painted out, and the words “right to” have been inserted before “choose.”

“This is a criminal act that belies the use of the name ‘pro-choice’ by our opponents in this national debate,” Victoria Right to Life spokesperson Deborah Mullan told LifeSiteNews.

“If the people who did this were for choice, instead of damaging it they would have erected their own billboard and given Victorians a choice of messages and ideas.”
Instead of giving the public a choice of messages and ideas, pro-aborts won't even finish the sentence. They say "right to choose". Right to choose what? They'd rather not mention that to the impartial public. Although they may sometimes let it slip out...
LONDON, U.K., July 6, 2010 ( - After contemplating the immense mysteries of human life and sacrificial love in comparison to a woman's "right to fertility control," a writer for the Times of London concludes that attempts by pro-aborts to dismiss the life of an unborn child are a "convenient lie" hiding the fact that, "Yes, abortion is killing.”

“But,” she concludes, “it's the lesser evil."
Yes, that's exactly what the pro-aborts mean when they say "choice". That's also why they are so upset when "choice" and "life" are used in the same sentence. They use the word "choice" as a euphemism for abortion and their goal is to make the two synonyms, because "pro-choice" sounds better than "pro-abortion". But one has to be extremely naive to believe that pro-abortion activism actually has something to do with choice.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ending Abortion Webcast — Download And Listen Again

If you think that there isn't much that you don't know on the issue and that this webcast is just preaching to the choir - think again. We have dozens of pro-life leaders and experts sharing their experience - and there's always something new for everyone. New skills that may come in handy, new arguments that not everyone is aware of, tips to succeed, mistakes to avoid...

Yes, it's one thing to know that there is an abortion crisis in our country. But knowing how to explain that to a person who's never looked at the issue from the pro-life point of view - that's different. It's fine to just know that "planned parenthood" is a nasty enterprise that markets abortion by corrupting children - but we better know that in more details, so we know what exactly are their methods and what should we watch for, if we want to protect our children.

Sidewalk counseling - how many of us actually succeeded in persuading a woman not to abort her baby? Well, we have a few people who know how to approach a woman that has already made up her mind to have an abortion; how to win her trust so that at the very least she stops and listens; how to persuade her to look at other options that are always there and to choose life...

Even when it comes to pro-life blogging (where many of us believe that there isn't much we don't know,) - Jill Stanek has a few useful tips on how to run an efficient blog. And let's face it - her blog is a lot more successful than mine or yours, isn't it?

So, if you missed the webcast or some parts of it - check out Ending Abortion .com website and download the recorded presentations. 35 people from 30 different pro-life organizations, 10 hours of great information. And don't let the "register now" button scare you; all it asks for is an e-mail address.
  1. The Case For Life
  2. The Abortion Crisis
  3. Planned Parenthood's Abortion Empire
  4. The Power Of Prayer
  5. Pregnancy Help Centers: Compassion In Action
  6. Saving Lives Outside Abortion Facilities
  7. Hope And Healing For Post-Abortive Women And Men
  8. Legislative & Political Efforts
  9. Pro-Life Youth Advocacy
  10. Influencing The Culture
Listen to the sessions. Download the MP3 files. Burn them on CD. Copy them to an MP3 player, so you can listen them again and again when you have some free time. And remember: "knowledge is power" only refers to applied knowledge.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pro-Life Heroines Refuse To Be Silenced

Mary Wagner would rather stay in prison than agree to stop offering sidewalk counseling to women in distress:
TORONTO, July 8, 2010 ( - Mary Wagner, the B.C. pro-lifer incarcerated at Vanier women’s prison since her March 30th arrest, has refused a court demand to stay away from the abortuary where she offered sidewalk counseling, as a condition of her release.

Wagner's friend and supporter John Bulsza told LifeSiteNews (LSN) that presiding Judge Clemens said, during a hearing on July 7 at the College Park courthouse, that Mary had served enough time in prison, but then imposed three conditions on her release.

The first condition was bail of $500, the second was to be on good behavior, and the third was not to be on the sidewalk in front the Choice in Health abortion facility, or to go into the building.

On Tuesday, March 30, during Holy Week, Mary went to witness to life at the Choice in Health abortuary, where she said she was able to talk directly to the owner of the clinic and to counsel women, abortion workers, and police for nearly 45 minutes before she was carried away by officers.
Meanwhile, the case of Linda Gibbons, who's been in prison for about a year and a half for exactly the same "crime", may be headed all the way to the Supreme Court. Will the judges finally show some common sense? Will they finally overturn the immoral and unconstitutional "bubble zone" injunction which makes it a crime even to pray on a public sidewalk next to an abortuary? Or will they once again decide that the interests of the abortion industry outweigh Linda's right to share her tragic experience?
Linda speaks from experience. Her second pregnancy was terminated with an abortion. Today, she has three adult children, several grandchildren and now, a great grandson whom she has yet to see as he was born during her present incarceration.

Linda Gibbons has saved over 100 human lives from Canada's unborn baby slaughterhouse, many of these children of course, totally unaware of their debt to her. She simply spoke one-on-one with their mothers, explaining that if the mother would consent to give birth that she would not have to bear the guilt that Linda does. She tells women what their doctors have usually not told them — about the complications they might experience after their abortion — but only to those women willing to give Linda the time to speak. Linda's crime, for which she is in prison, is telling the known and scientifically documented emotional, mental and physical truth of abortion complications.
How long will the judges and the Ontario's law enforcement officials keep denying the obvious?

Multiculturalism For Some, Forcible Assimilation For Others

The year is 1950. Maurice Duplessis' government passes new education regulations which mandate all Quebec schools (public, private, religious - even home-schoolers) to teach a special course on Biblical morals. The regulations specifically prohibit parents from exempting their children from the new course. Any opposition is ignored - you just can't fight the Union Nationale government.

But some actually dare to say no. Among them - the Lubavitcher Rebbe High School, one of the very few schools where a Jewish child can get an education within the framework of the traditional Hasidic Jewish teachings and values. The school is determined to stand up to what they see as a clear attempt to convert their students. They file a law suit demanding their right to opt-out of the government-mandated course. After a couple years of deliberations, the court agrees that it's not right to force a private Jewish school to teach Biblical morals from Christian perspective, especially if they already teach them from the Jewish perspective. Government-imposed requirements were denounced as totalitarian and unconstitutional. A triumph for common sense? Not yet.

Almost immediately, it was announced that the government would appeal the ruling, which the Education Minister finds "excessive". The provincial government is determined to make its new curriculum mandatory for every single school child with no exceptions. The Premier himself spoke on the matter, stressing the need for an appeal. The article in the paper is accompanied by a photo - and it almost looks like the Premier's face is distorted with rage. He doesn't say it into the microphone, but his face clearly spells it out - there's only one religion that has a place in Quebec - and that religion isn't Judaism...

What a terrible story, isn't it? Maybe the National Assembly should issue an all-party declaration, apologizing to the Jewish community for this outrageous attempt of forced assimilation? Oh, wait! I have some corrections to make! This didn't happen in the 1950s, it happened just recently. The course was not on Biblical morals - it was on "ethics and world religions". Finally, it wasn't the Lubavitcher Rebbe Hasidic School, but Montreal's Loyola Catholic School, that objected the mandatory classes in "isms". As for the rest - Justice Gérard Dugré did agree that imposing moral relativist indoctrination on a private Catholic school is totalitarian and unconstitutional. And see for yourself how the government reacted.

Charest claims that mandatory teaching of moral relativism in all Quebec schools (including private and religious ones) "is a subject that has been debated for years in Quebec". He is either quite forgetful or his idea of "debating in Quebec" actually means debating the issue in the National Assembly where his party holds the majority of seats. If there had been a referendum, most parents would have supported the old curriculum, which allowed them to choose between Catholic, Protestant or non-sectarian moral instruction.

The politicians however think that taking away parental choice is the way to go. PQ leader Pauline Marois tells us that "It is up to parents and the church to transmit faith. Schools must transmit knowledge." Except that the course is more about ideology than about knowledge; it's more about overwhelming students with a bunch of "isms", about creating impression that there's no absolute truth and about positioning certain "isms" as more "progressive" than Christianity, than about providing an impartial overview of different religions and philosophies. But even if the course actually had something to do with transmitting knowledge - would that knowledge be so essential that it justified trampling parents' constitutional right to raise their children according to their values?

Maurice Duplessis never tried to use the school system to convert children of other faiths. (So I apologize for using him in an example.) But the current government of Quebec appears to be determined to do just that. That's the only reasonable explanation to the rules that allow absolutely no exceptions and to the curriculum that confuses students more than it educates them, but which is mandatory from grade 1 to grade 11. If it's not an attempt to convert as many children as possible into Quebec's new state religion - then what is it? And, by the way, Ontario, with its new "Equity Training" policy to be forced on all school boards, including Catholic ones, is not that far behind.

For obvious reasons, the pro-abortion, anti-family crowd has almost no children to carry on their legacy. So they want to indoctrinate others' children in a desperate attempt to boost their ranks and to prevent their culture from fading in a generation's time. Devout Christians are about to become the new Jews to be forcibly assimilated.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ending Abortion Webcast — July 10

Over 30 influential pro-life leaders join forces for historic online mega-event:
You are invited to attend a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME virtual conference on Saturday, July 10, featuring 30+ leading pro-life experts grouped into 10 "power panels" to address the biggest challenges facing the pro-life movement -- and the solutions that can help bring an end to abortion in your community.

Attend one session or attend them all -- it's absolutely FREE!

Even if you can't participate in the live event, register now and we'll send you the audio recordings of the entire webcast after it is complete -- at no charge.
Please help us spread the word. And don't forget to register for the webcast.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How To Protect Children From Common Sense

Remember that episode from the Simpsons where Homer was asked to prepare a half-time show for the Superbowl? The one where he teamed up with Flanders and they staged the story of Noah's Ark - much to the discontent of the public? The next scene depicts an angry mother who wanted to raise her children secular humanist and who was very upset about Homer and Ned "shoving" religion down their throats. Well, her prayers (or lack of thereof) have been answered. She can now use "Godblock" - a special software that filters out religious content.
Most deeply religious people are born into their religion, but even children raised in a secular household are vulnerable to content on the web. That's why we've produced GodBlock. GodBlock is a web filter that blocks religious content. It is targeted at parents and schools who wish to protect their kids from the often violent, sexual, and psychologically harmful material in many holy texts, and from being indoctrinated into any religion before they are of the age to make such decisions.
Oh, yeah, that's just a lifesaver for concerned parents. Imagine seeing your own child falling victim to a delusion that human being is not merely a smartened ape and that 80 years - is not the end of the road. Heck, noticing your own child not getting enough sleep on his day off, because he chooses to wake up early and go to church - that alone is enough to enrage decent God-not-fearing legal parents. They can consider themselves lucky, if it's just a teenage craze that fades in a year or two... But what if the child takes it seriously?! Won't that be terrible?

Imagine - your own child choosing some stupid moral limitations (so called "purity" and "chastity" and "abstinence",) instead of following experts' advice and having all sorts of fun with women, men, or both or alone... And what if he doesn't stop there? What if he starts telling you that this unwanted thing in your girlfriend's womb is actually a baby, with a beating heart and that aborting it is nothing but killing? Or what if he completely turns his back at all your values and gets baptized?

Luckily, you have GodBlock. Now, you can be sure that your child is well protected from those scary extremist texts. Sit back, relax and watch your child growing up in a secular humanist bubble, perfectly shielded from common sense.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Who Is The One Who Should "Unlearn"?

Homosexual lobby wants people who object to homosexual lifestyle to "unlearn" their values. They even designed a T-shirt with the very same slogan - "unlearn".
...The Ontario Government under Dalton McGuinty, Leona Dombrowsky, the current Minister of Education, and Chris D’Souza’s aggressive homosexualist lobby advocates from AMENO and Harmony know what’s best for Ontario families and our children! If you have a problem with your “heterosexist” and “homophobic” views, using the vernacular of the “Equity” revolutionaries, they will be more than happy to “unlearn” you - a nifty t-shirt slogan often seen on D’Souza, during his hundreds of seminars and workshops presented to school boards, Catholic included, across Ontario.
Except - maybe it's them who should follow their own slogan? Maybe, instead of forcing other people to unlearn common sense and time-tested values and traditions, it should be them unlearning their unnatural, unhealthy and immoral lifestyle?

Here's a video monologue of Adam Hood, a man who used to be homosexual, but who actually quit homosexual lifestyle and returned to the straight path. His story is yet another proof that homosexual "orientation" is not in-born, but acquired and - that it is possible to leave this kind of lifestyle and start a family. Obviously, quitting homosexual lifestyle may not be easy. But "not so easy" doesn't mean "impossible".
So who is the one who should "unlearn"?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Linda Gibbons — Treated Worse Than Karla Holmolka

No, she hasn't been released yet. Linda has been in prison for more than a year and a half.
Karla Holmolka is Canada's most notorious female criminal. The crimes she committed could only be described as heinous. She was incarcerated in 1995, and released in 2005, serving ten years of jail time. Ten years for the brutal slaying of three innocent girls.

Linda Gibbons has been in and out of jail for the past fifteen years. When you add it up, her jail time totals over seven years now. This last session has been a long one, with Linda in jail for over 570 consecutive days. So, what is Linda's grave crime?

Linda is guilty of praying in front of abortion clinics and for offering counsel to the women who are about to undergo an abortion. Many of you will be astounded to learn that this is a crime in Canada. But it is the truth.
More >>>
Originally posted at real women ca webstie.
And here's another example of how perverse the justice system has become: Just weeks after Holmolka's release, the judges overturned all the restrictions which had been imposed on her as "inhumane". Holmolka is now looking forward for a full pardon. Do you think that our bleeding-heart liberal judges will be half as compassionate to a pro-life women as they were to a bloodthirsty murderer? Somehow that doesn't seem likely.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Globe Wants More "Abortion Access"

I knew that the Globe and Mail better not be trusted to cover abortion and fetal rights issue; especially when their journalist chose to spend some 3 hours with the abortion clinic staff, but couldn't find even half-an-hour to interview the pro-life side. Well, here's the article - see for yourself. Just make sure you don't drown in all those crocodile tears they shed while complaining that abortion, while legal through all 9 months of pregnancy, is not yet available in every clinic, at taxpayers' expense.

Don't expect any "balanced" coverage or anything that comes even close to covering the other side of the story. You see the word "choice" and the "it's my own body" mantra repeating themselves over and over, but there's not a word about the baby's body that gets destroyed in abortion; let alone - that by that gestational age, the baby already has a beating heart and can feel pain. They mentioned a woman having to go on a 26-hour bus ride to get an abortion - without explaining why she had to go all the way to London, ON when (according to their own map,) abortions are available at a local hospital in Thunder Bay. (Was that a late term abortion? Or was the waiting list too long? We can be sure however that there was no medical condition requiring such an intervention - otherwise the paper would be quick to mention that.)

Then they talk about "anti-abortion protesters carrying placards reading “Let Babies Live.”" - as if the women who enter the clinic are forced to run the gauntlet. Ingrid Peritz spent some 3 hours in the abortuary that day, so she should have seen for herself, how peaceful and civilized the protesters are and how little are their chances to approach anyone, because the protesters are on a sidewalk, while the patients drive right into the fenced parking lot where they are surrounded by the escorts the moment they step out of the car. Ms. Peritz doesn't find it necessary to mention those details.

Instead, she talks about an "anti-abortion supporter" who took over the building next door. That building, by the way, happens to be the Mother and Child Welcome Centre where pregnant women could receive counseling and find information about alternatives to abortion. But out of everything Peter had a chance to tell Ms. Peritz she only quotes his statements against abortions and in favor of the restrictions. The expression "pro-life" is never used; not even in quotation marks.

Neither does Ms. Peritz ask the question why would a woman want to drive for a few hours, to another province, just to get rid of the baby she considers to be "unwanted". Not sure if Peter even had a chance to tell her about lack of education on fetal development. (Not to mention the school board policies, according to which the "Watch Me Grow" brochure is unacceptable as "too graphic" or "too politicized", but a foul-mouthed speaker who tells students that abortion "takes about five minutes, and then you go home, you're fine" is welcomed as an "expert on sexuality".) Not sure if Ms. Peritz was even interested to know all that when she was writing about the public opposition and the "stigma surrounding abortion".

Finally, what about the women who had abortions and regret them now? (I heard they did interview Anita, the woman who had the "I regret my abortions" sign...) Believe it or not, that too is not there. All the article is about is abortion access, how women want more abortion access and how those "conservative minded" protesters, politicians and healthcare workers deny women the above-mentioned abortion access. As for the reasons people may have against expanding the industry that "empowers" women by ripping their "unwanted" babies into pieces...
Well, they did put a picture of a few people with the "Let babies live" signs - what else do you want from a staunchly left wing newspaper?

P.S. Yep, that guy in the black shirt and the beige rain jacket is me. The orange spot actually reads "Abortion kills a person", but it can't be seen from that far. Oh, well, at least the "Let babies live" sign is almost legible.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day Gift From The Vatican

Just in time for Canada Day - great news for Canada's pro-life movement. Cardinal Marc Ouellet, one of Canada's strongest and the most outspoken defenders of fetal rights and family values, has been appointed prefect of the Congregation for Bishops. The Globe compares his new position to a job of a political party whip, as he'll have considerable influence over the ordination of bishops. John Pacheco provides more detailed descriptions of Cardinal Ouellet's new job and what it means for Canada and Quebec:
As the Prefect for Congregation of Bishops, Cardinal Ouellet gets to decide what bishops get appointed where and what priests get to become bishops. This absolutely fantastic news for Canada. Cardinal Ouellet is one of the handful of bishops in this country who “get it“. He’s been in the lion’s den in Quebec City for years now so he knows first hand of the mess Canada is in – both in his own province and around the country. The great thing about this posting is that, not only is Cardinal Ouellet an outspoken pro-life bishop, he’s Canadian too. That’s a double benefit to Canada’s pro-life movement. He knows the lay of the land and that means that it’s not going to be business as usual. New bishops will be outspokenly pro-life. No more old boys’ club appointments. Thanks be to God.

He’ll have an opportunity to reshape not only the Canadian episcopacy but the episcopacy of the whole world. The Pope basically rubber stamps his recommendations. That’s a big stick indeed to wield. It’s really bad news for the liberal wing of the Church. Really bad news for the backslappers and ladder climbers in the Church. Not only is he going to be responsible for replacing 9 of the 19 bishops in Quebec in the next two years, but 90% of the bishops of Quebec will be retiring in the next 10 years, the probable term of Cardinal Ouellet’s appointment.

Next decade, Quebec’s (and Canada’s) episcopacy will have Marc Ouellet’s fingerprints all over it.
Sounds great, doesn't it? And, considering that this is the decade when the demographic factor starts kicking in (simply put - those who support abortion and contraception will leave behind no future generation) - it's extremely important to have the church led by those who don't hide behind moral relativism; who are outspoken in their defense of the right values and in condemnation of the wrong ones; who are able, willing and ready to put all their efforts into reviving the Church and the pro-life, pro-family culture.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day

At least it hasn't been replaced with a culturally neutral "holiday" ...yet.
Take a glimpse at Canada at its centennial. And to think that Canada's sesquicentennial (that's a 150-year jubilee) is just seven years from now...

As we celebrate the 143rd birthday of our beautiful country , with our families and friends, let us remember all those Canadians who never have celebrated anything in life - having been denied life - by our beautiful country.
Let us not forget that too.