Friday, April 27, 2007

Take Action: Join New Brunswick March For Life!

Received from the New Brunswick Right To Life.

April 27, 2007

URGENT: Please come to the March for Life at the Legislature May 10

Dear Friend of NB Children and Mothers,

I would like to underline the importance of strong participation by pro-life supporters and their families at the upcoming March for Life in Fredericton. This event will be held in front of the Legislature on Thursday, May 10, beginning at 12 noon. Our theme is "More Babies, Fewer Abortions." Former MP Elsie Wayne, Bishop Valery Vienneau of Bathurst, and other speakers will address us. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

I appeal to you, dear friend, to join us. I know this will be a sacrifice of precious time, especially if you must travel a distance. But this has to do with a matter of life or death for countless children in this province.

The success of the March is urgent, because right now the supporters of abortion on putting on a big push in New Brunswick. They are pushing hard for two things:

(1) They are lobbying the government to remove all restrictions against publicly funded abortion on demand at all hospitals and private clinics. Right now there are some restrictions - abortions are not done in most hospitals, and the government does not pay for abortions at the Morgentaler clinic. If these restrictions are taken away, instead of 1,000 babies a year killed from abortion - which happens at present - we could face 2,000 or 3,000 a year! And we’d be paying Morgentaler to do this kind of thing! And all of our regional hospitals would be ending innocent lives!

(2) They are trying to take away the freedom of pro-life people to protest against abortion! They are lobbying the government for a new "bubble zone" law banning any form of peaceful protest near hospitals, clinics or doctor’s offices. They are making false accusations against pro-life people like me - saying we break the law and represent a danger for public safety. They not only seek to get rid of the unborn who have no voice, they want to stop anyone who tries to be their voice!

Please if at all possible make time in your busy schedule to be with us on May 10. We need a BIG crowd to show the politicians - who will undoubtedly be there to observe us - that the people of New Brunswick choose life, we are not for the killing of innocent children, we are for peace not violence!!! The politicians count heads, and a pro-life MLA has told us - be sure to have a big crowd! I know people are coming from several parts of the province, we need more!

Thank you very much for giving this matter your serious consideration. Please pass this on to your friends and family, church etc. On behalf of the littlest ones and their moms, bless you!

Yours for life and love,

Peter Ryan, Executive Director

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