Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Carols

A bit too late, but still, better late than never :)
Enjoy :) :) :)
Once again - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

P.S. As for this blog - it will have to remain dormant for quite a while. It's not so easy to find some spare time for a blog, even with one full-time job; with another job on top of that, it becomes impossible. And also - I'd like this blog to become something more than mere reposts from Sun News or Life Site News. That too, will require some work and above all - some time.

Meanwhile, there maybe a few posts here and there, but certainly not the 25-35 posts per month, as it used to be :(

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas. Yes, Christmas!

Because it wasn't "Happy Holidays" born 2012 years ago.
And, here are a few words from Brian Lilley and Michael Coren:
There are two Christmases. One is the Christian holy day, the other a Western cultural celebration full of snowmen, chestnuts, bright lights, eggnog, warm fires, giftwrap, pop songs and cheer.

There's no denying the cultural event has its origins in the Christian holiday. Still, the cultural side is no longer inextricably bound to the religious side, if it ever was.
Indeed, the cultural side of Christmas has so overwhelmed the spiritual side in the past couple of centuries that devout Christians have sometimes felt compelled to print T-shirts and bumper stickers or erect billboards reminding others that Jesus is "the reason for the season."
Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

PC Grinch Is Not Stealing Christmas

At least - not in Saskatoon and not this year.
REGINA -- Saskatoon city councillors voted Monday to keep flashing "Merry Christmas" on transit buses after receiving a complaint from a city man who said he was offended by the holiday message.

"It's regular operations - Merry Christmas will stay on the buses - I don't think you will see that change in any years to come," Coun. Darren Hill said. "But, we have also asked for our cultural diversity and race relations committee to review it and see if there is the need for a policy or some change in operations."
Hill said he has received hundreds of calls and e-mails on the issue and all but one person supported Christmas messages.
But the guy whose feelings have been hurt is threatening to file a complaint - guess where? - Of course, to the "human rights" commission, the quasi-judiciary body that adjudicates based on one's hurt feelings and gives no regard to common sense. The PC Grinch may soon be back with some HRC goons by his side. Meanwhile, however, it's still a merry Christmas season in Saskatoon - and not just there:
OTTAWA - Tony Clement is wielding a bureaucratic sword to defend federal civil servants from any "Grinch" trying to take away Christmas or Hanukkah decorations from their workspaces.

"We had a state of confusion a year or two ago where there was some question as to whether Christmas decorations were allowed in a building that was a federal government building," the Treasury Board president said. "So, we want to make sure that people realize there's no prohibition for that when it comes to public service employees."

Clement said that means even decorations like a Nativity scene celebrating the birth of Jesus are welcome.
Way to go Tony Clement! At last, we have a government that stands for Canada's culture, traditions and heritage.