Thursday, July 31, 2008

Carbon Tax - Disliked By All

Looks like Dion & Co are going to have a tough time pitching carbon tax scheme to New Brunswickers:
The main objections raised were to the carbon tax, which got a lot of heat (pardon the pun) from both sides of the political spectrum. The left disliked the regressivity of the tax, as it would fall most heavily on the poor. The right disliked higher fuel and electricity costs on business costs, especially truckers.
Unlike their federal counterparts which only offer a symbolic income tax reduction to offset their carbon tax grab, New Brunswick Liberal government is offering much bigger cuts to personal and corporate income taxes, going as far as proposing a flat tax. Still there are plenty of objections. When it comes to measures designed to offset the income tax cuts, New Brunswickers are more receptive to higher HST than to carbon tax.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Canadian Media Or Kanadskaya Pravda?

Somehow our mainstream media is happy to report the opinion of 1000, but not the opinion of 13,000...
On July 3 online polls across the country showed the vast majority of Canadians opposed the award. A Newstalk 650 showed 85% opposed, a Calgary Herald showed 77.95% against, a VOCM's poll showed 80% against, a Winnipeg Sun's poll showed 76% against. Even a CNews poll with the stark choice of "Yes, he's a champion of women's rights," or "No, he's a murderer," found more agreeing with Morgentaler being dubbed a 'murderer'. The largest of such opt-in polls were the CTV poll, with more that 16,000 respondents, and the Globe and Mail poll, with over 20,000 respondents. The CTV poll showed 61% opposed and 39% in favour.

Interestingly, the Globe and Mail poll was not available on their website, despite the fact that the site has an extensive archive of past polls. An e-mail sent to the Globe seeking an explanation for the disappearance of the poll was not returned.

The last sighting of the Globe poll showed 56% of votes (or 11,467) being against Morgentaler's receiving the award, and 44% (or 8,931) being in favour. And that is a poll conducted by a very pro-abortion newspaper which one would expect to have many like-minded readers.

With that build-up, the publication of a July 4-7 Ipsos Reid poll of 1000 Canadians that concluded that two-thirds of Canadians backed the Morgentaler award seemed very doubtful. In any case, the Ipos Reid poll received massive coverage in media outlets from coast to coast.
So much for the impartial and unbiased coverage of current events. And this is by no means the first time that mainstream media employs manipulative tactics to ensure acceptance of yet another socially perverse initiative. Their strategy is simple - anyone who disagrees should get an impression that his views are not shared by many, if not - that he's the only one out there who fails to see the greatness of what the "progressives" believe in...

Still wasting your money buying Pravda-like newspapers? Are you sure that buying brown bags and ready-made sandwich wrappers won't be cheaper?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Postcard Campaign On Morgentaler Award

From "No Apologies" website:
The campaign against Henry Morgentaler’s Order of Canada is continuing. The group “4-My-Canada” has now designed some postcards that can be downloaded off the Web, printed to photo-quality paper or cardstock, and then mailed off to Ottawa.

There’s five in total. The group is urging that they be sent to Rideau Hall, to the Prime Minisetr, and to your local MP.

One of the postacards is specifically addressed to the Governor General, telling her that she will be remembered for “awarding a mass murderer the highest civilian honour in Canada.” Others, meant for MP’s, talk about the lack of public support for the award, and ask those MP’s to work to have the award revoked.

The postcards are available for downloading here.
Meanwhile I'm starting to get some replies to the e-mails I sent about 4 weeks ago. Here's what I got from the Governor General office:
On behalf of the Chancellery of Honours of the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General, I thank you for your e-mail regarding the appointment of Dr. Henry Morgentaler to the Order of Canada.

In order to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of the Canadian Honours System, the Chancellery of Honours does not comment on any decision made by the Advisory Council for the Order of Canada, an independent council chaired by the Chief Justice of Canada. This practice applies to all nominations to the Canadian Honours System. The Advisory Council reviews all nominations and transmits its decisions to the governor general. Please rest assured that your comments will be shared with the Advisory Council.
Preserving integrity? I doubt it; you can't preserve something that's no longer there. But confidentiality - sure, those guys master in keeping their backdoor deals under wraps. Not a word had leaked since late February (when it was officially announced that Morguentaler wouldn't be honored) and all the way until June 27 or 28. And then, when concerned Canadians started calling the Governor General Office, those crooks were giving them the phone number of... Campaign Life Coalition. As if it was the CLC in charge of making this disgraceful decision to honor Canada's chief abortionist.

I also got a response from my MP which unfortunately happens to be not just a Liberal, but one of the worst of them all - Brian Murphy. Here's what he wrote:
As you are no doubt aware, appointments to the Order of Canada are made by Her Excellency Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada, and are based upon recommendations made by the Order of Canada Advisory Council, which is chaired by the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The process of appointing members to the Order of Canada was designed specifically to avoid introducing political or ideological pressure and to ensure that the Order continues to represent an opportunity for all Canadians to celebrate outstanding achievement by notable citizens. I believe that it is important for us all to celebrate and respect the decisions of the Advisory Council, as well as the Governor General herself.

I appreciate the complexity of this situation in that I understand the fact that Dr. Morgentaler is highly regarded by many Canadians and widely despised by many as well. It seems a shame to me that his selection to the Order of Canada has deeply devalued the honour in the eyes of many, while greatly elevating the award according to many others, based on ideology. My hope is that in future this type of division will not be the norm, or else it will lead to the termination of the Order.
A process designed to avoid political or ideological pressure? Earth to mor... I mean Earth to Murphy! What exactly does he believe is important for us to celebrate and respect? A crooked chief "justice" who twisted the traditional protocol sneaking her beloved abortionist through the back door? A breach of an earlier promise not to grant CM to Canadian Murderer? A shameless mockery of those who phoned the GG Office to express their outrage? Or maybe - a conspiracy of silence which lasted well into Canada Day itself? (Morguentaler wasn't mentioned among other nominees in the announcement made by GG Office on June 30th.)

Murphy believes it's a shame there's such a division over honoring Canada's chief abortionist. I believe it's a shame that the Advisory Council has been overrun by a bunch of socially perverse crooks. Murphy suggests that further division may lead to the termination of the Order. Yet since the Order of Canada has become a tool to promote genocide of Canadians - abolishing it won't be that big of a loss.

Prison Sentence For Peaceful Pro-Life Protest

Now, we're not talking about China. It happens here in Canada. And, according to Life Site News, a pro-life heroine Linda Gibbons was actually lucky to get off with no more than two and a half months behind bars this time:
TORONTO, July 28, 2008 ( - An Ontario provincial court judge took a subtle jab at a 14-year-old “temporary” court injunction prohibiting pro-life activity outside designated Toronto abortuaries when he sentenced veteran pro-life demonstrator Linda Gibbons on Monday. Gibbons, a post-aborted woman herself, has in previous years spent over 5 years in prison for her peaceful witnesses for life.
After observing that the wording in the information on the charge was “unusual” and “odd,” Sutherland found Gibbons guilty. Shin then asked the judge to levy a stiff sentence of six months in prison in addition to time already served, making for a total imprisonment of eight and a half months. She said “denunciation” and “general deterrence” were the motivating factors in requesting such a heavy penalty.
However, the judge went on to give Gibbons a two-for-one credit on time already served, translating to five months. Noting that it was difficult to come up with an appropriate sentence in light of the fact that Gibbons would go out of her way to violate the injunction regardless, and any penalty he laid down would not make a difference, he sentenced her to five months imprisonment – including time already served. With the two-for-one credit, that meant she would serve only one more day in jail with no probation order in addition.
Over 5 years - that equates to the jail time which several thugs actually served for beating Matthew Baranovskiy to death back in 1999. A pro-life heroine Linda Gibbons served the same amount of time in jail for... praying peacefully outside of an abortuary; for standing there with a sign; putting plastic fetus dolls on the stairs, in memory of those babies who have perished...

But if she had chosen to be on the other side; if she had belonged to a gang of militant pro-aborts wielding baseball bats; if she had been among those who crash peaceful pro-life rallies and vandalize pro-life displays - then the charges against her would have probably been dropped due to the "unreasonable delay". Because Ontario courts are just too busy prosecuting those who have the courage to say that a person is a person, no matter how small.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cowardice - The Greatest Threat To Our World

I found this article on the CHP website. And I can't agree more:
...The greatest threat to our world is cowardice: the fear of being scorned threatens to dismantle civilization and leave us unprotected in a dog-eat-dog world. Most journalists, politicians and academics are so bound by this irrational fear they're no longer able to think.

Consider what's being done to our economy in the name of discredited theories about "global warming": British Columbia's Liberal government has imposed a ruinous carbon tax that will accelerate inflation. The federal Liberals propose a similar tax. Both Liberals claim the taxes will be "revenue neutral" because they plan to give us a rebate to offset the tax we pay on gasoline and heating fuel. But that tiny rebate won't even begin to offset the inflated costs of everything that has to be moved by ship, rail or truck—almost everything we buy. And it won't offset the damage done to the economy.

The NDP, the Bloc and the Green Party are all in lock-step with the Liberals, afraid to confront a global agency promoting global hysteria over a phony global "problem" that will require a global authority—in short, a propaganda campaign pushing a power grab.

The federal Conservatives lack the courage to declare that the whole hysteria is based on discredited fake "science"; that the so-called "greenhouse gases" are actually beneficial; that the money poured down the "global warming" rat-hole could provide clean drinking water for the Third World; that the very survival of people in poor nations is put at risk because no one in the developed world has the courage to say, "It's a crock!"
Actually, the federal Conservatives had quite a good start. The Clean Air Act introduced in the fall of 2006 was set to address the real problem - which is air pollution; it had no references to Kyoto or any other environmental scams. But then came the by-election in London North/Centre; the Conservative candidate came third, ending up some 500 votes behind Elizabeth May. Soon thereafter Rona Ambrose was replaced by John Baird, whose approach is to bargain over the greenhouse gas reduction targets, rather than insisting on actual solution and refusing to waste time and effort on a non-existing problem.

Sure, the Conservatives are in minority. But giving in is not the way to win votes. There are millions of Canadians out there who didn't find a credible ballot option in the past election. If the government seized the policy initiative and showed some more courage defending Conservative platform - some of those non-voters could consider supporting them in the next election...

But the Conservative party chooses to give in to the opposition pressure. It tries to look more moderate in an attempt to attract disgruntled Liberal voters. Those attempts end up working against the party. Not many Liberal voters are willing to let go of their "Harper is scary" stereotype. At the same time - the small-C Conservatives, the party's old Reform/Alliance base to whom the CPC owes its existence, are starting to get the "why bother" attitude as their interests are being sacrificed yet again to make the party even more "broad based"...

We need more courageous people to become delegates at the Conservative policy convention. In fact - we need as many of them as possible.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Academic Freedom? What Academic Freedom?

Great article by Rory Leishman on academic freedom or lack of thereof. The question is whether our colleges and universities, those that lack academic freedom, could still be considered academic institutions, rather than indoctrination centers in which some of the students could still acquire technical or medical skills.
Today, academic freedom is under attack as never before. On all too many campuses, freedom of expression is trumped by the contemporary canons of political correctness.

Consider, for example, the suppression of debate on abortion and the sanctity of human life. Earlier this year, the Canadian Federation of Students, an organization that purports to represent more than half a million students at more than 80 universities and colleges across Canada, expressed support for students' unions that "refuse to allow anti-choice organizations access to their resources and space."
Of course, it's evident that pro-choice zealots have reason to fear that they cannot win in an open and uninhibited public debate on abortion. Now that ultrasound images of babies in the womb are readily available, the more people contemplate the sanctity of nascent human life, the more they are apt to grasp the self-evident truth that all human beings are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; including the right to life.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Liberal Leader's Green Knitting Comes Unraveled

In an article in the Montreal Gazette today, Peter Hadekel asks the $15.5 billion question: Is Stéphane Dion’s “Green Plan a policy for the environment, or tax reform?”

Mr. Hadekel’s conclusion after analyzing the Green Shift is that “the biggest question hanging over the Green Shift” is that “the plan looks a lot more like a piece of tax reform than an environmental policy guaranteed to cut carbon emissions and combat greenhouse gases.”

He points to the “revenue neutral” aspect of the plan and reminds us that, while it may be revenue neutral to the government, IT WILL NOT BE REVENUE NEUTRAL TO INDIVIDUAL CANADIANS AND BUSINESSES. Everyone will pay more, but only certain groups and sectors will get some money back.
In fact, carbon tax won't even be revenue neutral to the government. While the new tax is expected to raise as much as $15.4 billion, the broad-based tax cuts which are supposed to balance the new tax only amount to $9B. The rest (and that's $6.4 billion or more than 40% of the projected carbon tax revenue) will go towards general revenues and will be used to pay for Dion's costly spending promises.

And when it comes to ordinary Canadians - modest tax cuts and rebate checks won't be enough to offset higher prices in the grocery stores. After all - 96% of all diesel emissions come from vehicles involved in the food chain - from farm tractors and fishing boats, to railway and transport truck delivery. To make things worse, Dion is proposing special tariffs on imports from countries that won't join the battle against mythical "global warming". 42% of fresh produce available in Canada is imported. The new tariffs (along with much higher shipping costs) won't make it any cheaper.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What's Worse - Hate Crime Or Violent Crime?

One would think, violent crime is worse. Especially if the victim was singled out because of her religion. It's just common sense which is obvious to all - except for our bleeding-heart Liberal-appointed judges.
A cranky old coot sets up a phone answering machine that says anti-Semitic things. He's a harmless fool. And he serves nine months in jail.

A Muslim serial criminal beats up a Jewish girl and her friends because she's Jewish. He gets a three month sentence, on top of a few months in remand. He'll be out in a month.
Actually, not only did he beat up a Jewish girl and her friends, but he also pushed one of them onto the C-Train tracks. That's attempted murder or at the least - mischief endangering life. But the masochistically compassionate judges didn't seem to care. They let the repeat offender get away with a symbolic sentence.

He who is compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate - the Talmud says. This age-old Jewish wisdom is true today. By putting criminal's rights first, the judges are being cruel to the ordinary law-abiding Canadians whose lives and well-being they endanger.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Telling The Truth About Abortion? They'd Rather Quit.

Those who make slaughtering babies their occupation, have no means to defend their trade once the murderous nature of it gets exposed.
In response to the new South Dakota law that requires an abortionist to tell women that abortion takes a human life, Planned Parenthood's abortionist in South Dakota has quit, according to Operation Rescue.
It's sure difficult to take away someone's life once you've acknowledged that human life exists. And vice versa, the first step towards mass murder is dehumanization.

That's why the pro-aborts are so troubled not only with pictures of aborted babies but with every sign (let alone - picture) which embraces life as a precious gift from God. Like this one, for example. Someone out there must have had a really guilty conscience to be troubled by a mere picture of an elderly man and his grandchild...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bring Khadr To Canada? We Did That Twice Already! (Not Once But Twice!)

Yes, that's right, not once but twice. (I stand corrected.) First time was back in 1977 when immigration officials overlooked Khadr's links to terrorist organizations, allowing him to settle in Canada in the first place. Khadr then had to take a Citizenship Oath, pledging to be law-abiding and loyal to his adoptive country. He broke that oath.

Next time Canada tried giving Khadr family another chance was in 1990s, when Khadr had been sent to a foreign prison for the blowing up an Egyptian embassy. The Liberal government got Khadr out of jail, brought him to Canada, gave him disability pension... Sure, Khadr was forever grateful, repented his sins and became a loyal, law-abiding Canadian... Or didn't he?
He reportedly applied for and received a Canadian disability pension and later returned to the Middle East along with his family and was killed in a gun battle in 2003.
And I bet he kept receiving his disability pension even though he was able-bodied enough to go to another country and fight alongside the Taliban.

Fool me once - shame on you; fool me twice - shame on who? Don't you think being fooled for the third time would be a little too much for Canada?
Ahmed's wife, Maha, is a terrorist sympathizer and together they spawned five children.

The youngest was wounded in the same battle that killed his father. Mom yarded him back to Canada so he could avail himself to the best of Canadian-style medical treatment.

Two other sons and a daughter all have apparently strong links to terrorist bodies.

The daughter shoots her mouth off on open-line shows and newscasts at every opportunity. Her terrorist sympathies appear obvious.

Omar, the second youngest, was captured as a teen terrorist.
Couldn't be any more Canadian than that. Could they?

How come nobody bothered to investigate the immigration papers of the Khadr couple? How come nobody noticed that they forgot to mention membership in some Islamic extremist organizations that would disqualify them from entering Canada in the first place?

They should have been stripped of their fraudulently obtained citizenship and sent raising their kids terrorist someplace else. Without benefiting from visa-free travel, free healthcare, generous disability benefits and masochistically compassionate government that gets them out of jail no matter what they do because, believe it or not, they are "Canadians".
Of course the argument goes that Omar is a Canadian, born in Toronto. And that's the rub. Canada allowed this despicable family into the country. Allowed them to take advantage of all this country has to offer. Was idle while they involved themselves in terrorist causes. Welcomed them home when they got into terrorist-related jams abroad.

Showered them with medical care and then, like stooges, watched while they made Canada a laughing stock in terrorist circles around the world.

This family has continually taken advantage of Canadian generosity, and apathy, while disregarding the norms and mores of their adopted home. They spit on its values. And one of the results was the making of this child soldier, nabbed in Afghanistan after allegedly killing and wounding those who fight with Canadians. He now sits in Guantanamo Bay.
So what if Omar Khadr was born in Toronto? There were more than enough Canadian born children who had lost their citizenship because their parents took them to another country and accepted another citizenship on their behalf. Some of them had to spend decades to get their Canadian citizenship back (up until Stephen Harper's government passed the required amendment to the Citizenship act few months ago) - did anybody care? Did we see journalists and judges, MPs and Senators, all uniting in their effort to bring thousands of innocent law-abiding Canadians back home? I don't recall that...

So I don't see why we shouldn't pass an amendment to the Citizenship Act that would put some restrictions on dual citizenship and that would allow us to strip a terrorist sympathizer Maha Khadr and her surviving children (all - Taliban combatants) of their Canadian citizenship. If they hate Canada that much - it would be best for them (and for all of us) if they find themselves another place to live.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Massive Poll: 56% of Canadians Against Honoring Chief Abortionist

July 22, 2008 ( - A random telephone poll of Canadian households with 13,324 respondents conducted between July 17-21, 2008 has revealed that 55.8% of Canadians oppose the awarding of the Order of Canada to abortionist Henry Morgentaler.
When it comes to regional breakdown, it appears that the only province where the "yes" vote outnumbered the "no" was Quebec. Only 47% of Quebecers oppose the backdoor deal that gave Morguentaler the Order of Canada. No wonder Quebec rapidly changes from distinct society to extinct society. In other provinces, this decision is denounced by a solid majority - from 55% in British Columbia to 68% in Nova Scotia.

Interesting, isn't it? It was just a couple weeks ago when Ipsos Reid and Angus Reid claimed that at least 60% of Canadians (if not two thirds) support the decision to grant Canada's chief abortionist the highest civilian honor. Of course, their numbers were at odds with every single online poll which showed that majority of Canadians were against the decision. But, as many suggested, online polls could easily be hijacked by a group of activists, while professional pollsters make sure the respondents are selected randomly...

Well, either there has been a massive swing on the issue in just two week time or Angus Reid and Ipsos Reid simply didn't ask enough people. When the new poll went as far as surveying over 13,000 respondents (as opposed to slightly more than 1000 surveyed by other pollsters), the results turned out to be completely different. And somehow - those results are quite close to what many online polls were showing in the beginning of July.

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Human Rights" Farce Goes On...

Rex Murphy suggests that this whole human rights insanity is no laughing matter. And yet when I hear about yet another "human rights" complaint over nothing but hurt feelings - I can't imagine the complainer seriously believes he has the right not to be offended...
This is one of the less-noticed glories of the Canadian human-rights insanity. Complainants float unburdened like puffballs in a summer breeze – blowing whither they list. Targets – Catholic bishops, Catholic magazines, fundamentalist pastors, genital surgeons, heckled comedians, school boards, fast-food joints, school-prom nights, Maclean's magazine – empty bank machines and call in lawyers while the “leisurely” process unfurls in an eerie, Kafkaesque slow motion.

...And out in B.C., the Case of the Heckled Comic and the Drink-Tossing Lesbians has intervened and obviously offers a more diverting stew. From national newsmagazines to amateur night at the local comedy store, there is nowhere your fearless human-rights commission does not tread.
The really funny joke in all of this, however, is not going to come of out the mouth of any comedian. It is the dreary fact that comedians are the latest targets of Canada's human-rights commissions. Did you ever in your wildest dreams see heckling as the subject of a human-rights inquiry?
And, as if that wasn't crazy enough - here's this story:

Howard Galganov, a long time campaigner for anglophone rights in Quebec, got too upset with the Russell Township by-law that makes commercial signs bilingual. So he distributed 5200 leaflets calling to boycott French-owned stores. Not sure if calling for such boycott is even legal in Canada. But Gilles Rhéaume, a militant separatist and a vocal campaigner for unilingual Quebec chose the easiest way and filed a "human rights" complaint against Galganov. Imagine Rhéaume's outrage when OHRC answered him in... English! Unhappy about the English only response, Rhéaume has filed a complaint against the OHRC - to Ontario's French Language Services Comission...

Not a laughing matter? Sure. Not for us, because anyone could end up being targeted. But someone watching from aside might as well mistake it for some silly reality show.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

If We Are To Start Honoring The Greatest SoCons...

The decision to award the Order of Canada to Morguentaler has outraged many. But that wasn't the first controversial appointment to the Order. It was just a year ago when the Order of Canada was awarded to Brent Hawkes, a Toronto activist-preacher that performed a marriage-like ceremony for a couple of perverts; to Jane Vance Rule - for promoting abnormal lifestyles in her novels and to Jean Chretien - not for appointing a Finance Minister that got Canada out of deficit, but for helping to scrap traditional marriage.

And, to make it clear that the Advisory Committee has taken a certain social agenda (a socially perverse one, to be precise), they've decided that Margaret Somerville, the McGill University ethicist who is pro-life and pro-family, is too controversial for Canada's highest civilian honor. No wonder many Social Conservatives have lost their respect for the Order of Canada, once it has been demeaned to that extent. No wonder that at certain point some of our blogs and forums were discussing whether or not we should create a parallel award along the lines of the Order of Canada for those who truly desire a better country...

Well, we can sure do that. It's not that difficult to design and mint a few medals. But I would suggest that instead of replicating the Order of Canada, we replicate the Order of Mother Hero, the Order Of Maternal Glory and the Motherhood medals first. After all - aren't we all against abortions? Don't we all want to support strong traditional families? So if we are to honor the greatest Social Conservatives - let's begin by honoring those who not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk; those who contribute the most to our case by doing the hardest yet the most honorable work there is - raising children.

And let us not forget - a medal is nothing but a piece of metal. We'll need a special fund (similar to the Jewish National Fund) that would accept donation, give out tax receipts and direct the money to families that need it the most. We'll need a network of volunteer-run one-room schoolhouses to help those families where parents can't afford home schooling or private schools...

Sure, all this requires a lot more money, time and effort than merely replicating a six-petal pajama button. But establishing a social and financial network to support and actively promote the pro-life and pro-family way of life is worth the effort. Even when it comes to publicity - look at all those radical secularists, feminists and population control freaks going nuts just because there's a family out there that's going to have another child. Do you think they'd freak out like that if they found out that several prominent Social Conservatives were to receive the Order Of The New Dominion?

Let's work together to establish a Canadian Order of Mother-Heroine!

Proved: There's No Climate Crisis

Before you say that the science has been "settled" on global warming, check out the following facts:
Lord Monckton’s paper reveals that –
  • The IPCC’s 2007 climate summary overstated CO2’s impact on temperature by 500-2000%;
  • CO2 enrichment will add little more than 1 °F (0.6 °C) to global mean surface temperature by 2100;
  • Not one of the three key variables whose product is climate sensitivity can be measured directly;
  • The IPCC’s values for these key variables are taken from only four published papers, not 2,500;
  • The IPCC’s values for each of the three variables, and hence for climate sensitivity, are overstated;
  • “Global warming” halted ten years ago, and surface temperature has been falling for seven years;
  • Not one of the computer models relied upon by the IPCC predicted so long and rapid a cooling;
  • The IPCC inserted a table into the scientists’ draft, overstating the effect of ice-melt by 1000%;
  • It was proved 50 years ago that predicting climate more than two weeks ahead is impossible;
  • Mars, Jupiter, Neptune’s largest moon, and Pluto warmed at the same time as Earth warmed;
  • In the past 70 years the Sun was more active than at almost any other time in the past 11,400 years.
It's time to let go of the "global warming" nonsense and start addressing the actual problem which is air and water pollution. But if the original Clean Air Act (the one that contained effective anti-pollution measures instead of Kyoto targets and carbon taxes) was to be reintroduced in the House of Commons - could we look forward for the opposition parties to let it pass? Or would they once again mutilate the bill beyond recognition, trying to sneak in their environmental scams and tax grabs, rather than addressing the real problem?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Whose Desires Does Abortion Best Serve?

Here's a great article by Sheila Wray Gregoire. While Sheila respects individual woman's decision to have an abortion, she has pretty strong arguments against celebrating abortion, let alone awarding chief abortionist the Order of Canada:
Abortion proponents hope that by normalizing abortion they’ll take the shame and stigma out of it. It doesn’t work. Even those who want it kept legal would rather not think about it or talk about it, because it just isn’t nice.

That’s because each of the roughly three million abortions which have been performed in Canada represents a failure on a multitude of levels. First it is a failure of responsibility. Two people were sexually irresponsible, and now they need a way out. It’s also a failure on the part of the father. Either he rejoices because he gets off free and clear, or he’s in mourning for a child he has no way to protect. It’s a failure for women, too, no matter what Michaelle Jean may say about it. Women tend to want commitment, love, and romance far more than men do. Whose sexual desires, then, does abortion best serve? It’s not women’s. Abortion opens the door to men’s dreams of sex without consequences. Everything is now entirely her responsibility. And if things go wrong, she is the one making the appointment, sitting in the stirrups, and in many cases dealing with the guilt afterwards. Tell me again why this is good for her?

Finally, it’s fundamentally a moral failing, even if you don’t believe abortion is murder. Rather than sacrificing her body and choosing to let her baby live, even if it is with another family (for every child today is wanted, even if not by its biological parents), the woman is putting her own comfort and dreams first. It is ultimately a selfish act, and normally we don’t praise selfishness.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Vox Populi On Khadr Khrap

The Toronto Star sheds crocodile tears trying to portray Khadr and his terrorist family as victims. Yet most of those who commented on the article don't buy into the politically correct media lies - even if the article is illustrated with a picture of a veiled woman crying. It's sure encouraging to see that there are lots of people out there who understand that when it comes to "reasonable accommodation", terrorists deserve none.

The article mentions "public outrage over the revelations contained in the documents". Excuse me, what public outrage?
Colin Perkil, please point out the evidence to support your claim that there is "public outrage" over these revelations. Most Canadians I know want the whole lot deported. I have heard absolutely ZERO outrage against the CDN Govt over Khadr, other than outrage that we still have to listen to any of them.
And even if there is a public outrage - it's not exactly over the the way some Taliban combatant is being treated:
But the Canadian Government has, until now, not listened to Canadians who are sick and tired of supporting these terrorists through our taxes and easy immigration policies. It's about time outraged Canadians told the government to tighten immigration and revoke citizenship for people like the Khadrs. There are plenty of people who will come to Canada and lead fruitful lives here. The Kahdrs are a blight! Be gone!
Some other commenters add that if the situation was reversed there wouldn't be many politicians and journalists supporting pleas of mercy for a Canadian immigrant held in captivity for a similar crime (MJT, Etobicoke) and that if Khadrs were in Egypt, their son wouldn't even be alive (Hamzakoya Malabari).

And what about the other side? Their response is typical: apart from saying that the comment thread has been hijacked by a right wing group, they claim that Khadr should be entitled to all the rights available to Canadians - just because he was born on Canadian soil.

So what if his parents' citizenship had been obtained by fraud? So what if Khadr-junior had not only abandoned Canada as a country of his permanent residence, but willingly fought on the enemy side? Those guys need another Maher Arar, another "victim" of those "intolerant" "right-wing" "bigots". All the rhetoric we've heard from an unelected Liberal Senator Roméo Dallaire is nothing but partisanship:
Khadr was captured in 2002. Wasn't the liberal government in power then? Why wasn't he freed then? On September 10, 2002 The Right Honourable Jean Chretien was Prime Minister. He turned the reigns over to Paul Martin Jr. who held power from December 2004 until 2006 when Prime Minister Harper took over. The kid was in Gitmo for 4 full years before the current PM took over. What did the Liberals do about it? Nothing. As I've always said, easy to point the finger when you sit in opposition. With luck, the Libs will continue to sit there.
Apart from noting a small mistake (Paul Martin became PM in December of 2003, not 2004), I can't agree more. If Liberals really cared about Khadr - they would bring him to Canada while they were still in power. Too bad they choose to use Khadr for their partisan interests nowadays, rather than joining forces with the government to ensure that terrorists and mercenaries can no longer use their dubious Canadian citizenship to escape prosecution.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Illegal Abortion Deaths: Numbers Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

One of main pro-abortion arguments used is the one that links illegal abortions and maternal mortality. This is a great tragedy but factual information is essential.

The data show that by 1970, the maternal mortality rate in Canada had already decreased significantly due to plain good medical care (see

In British Columbia, for instance, there were 32 cases of abortion-related maternal deaths in 1955-62, 16 in 1963-70 and one in 1971-86 (see CMAJ. 1988 July 1; 139(1): 37-40). At least in that province, deaths were never in the "thousands" as promoted by pro-abortion people. I doubt there were thousands in other provinces.

Rene Leiva
Suicide rates are considerably higher after abortion. Anybody still willing to claim that abortions actually save women's lives?

And another thing: Some of those who support Morguentaler's award claim that "upward of 120,000 illegal abortions a year were performed in Canada". Those numbers too are fraudulent. The actual demand for abortions immediately following legalization was much lower.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Carbon Tax, GST Hike — What's Next?

Several months ago, Stephane Dion announced that he'd consider "revisiting" (in other words - cancelling) the GST cuts if he were to form a government. As it turns out he didn't relinquish those plans:
With the attention of Canadians now focused on the Dion Carbon Tax, it is understandable that people could be fooled into believing that this proposed GST hike might be off the table.

A Dion slip-up over the weekend confirmed that this is not the case. During the course of a bizarre political speech to an Ontario crowd, Stéphane Dion blamed the Conservative Government’s GST cut for many of the region’s worries.

“Dion blames the infrastructure deficit on the GST cut made by the current Conservative government because it increased other taxes, like property tax. (saying) ‘The only way to benefit from GST cut is to spend.’”
No surprise here. Dion has made tens of billions of dollars in non-budgeted spending promises to special interest groups. Of course he needs money to pay for all that. So don't expect him to keep the taxes low.

Dion claims that his tax hikes are going to be "revenue neutral". We've seen that it won't be the case with carbon tax, that will come with a hefty $6B price tag, let alone - it would drive up the costs of goods as production and delivery become more expensive.

Reversing the GST cut will give Dion's government about $11B more per year. Of course it will drive the costs of goods and services even further up. But why would Dion care when he's got influential lobby groups waiting for what was promised to them?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prosecute Them While They're Young

The "national children's bureau", an organization funded by the British government, wants children to be afraid to speak their minds from day one:
The 366-page guide for staff in charge of pre-school children, called Young Children and Racial Justice, warns: "Racist incidents among children in early years settings tend to be around name-calling, casual thoughtless comments and peer group relationships."

It advises nursery teachers to be on the alert for childish abuse such as: "blackie", "Pakis", "those people" or "they smell".

The guide goes on to warn that children might also "react negatively to a culinary tradition other than their own by saying 'yuk'".

Staff are told: "No racist incident should be ignored. When there is a clear racist incident, it is necessary to be specific in condemning the action."
Darn, I was lucky to grow up when kids were still allowed to be kids. In my days, saying "yuk" would only earn you a lecture from an angry grandma, who had lived through World War Two and still remembered the food rationing and starvation of those days. Could any of us imagine back then, that in less than thirty years time, saying "yuk" would become a hate crime?..

Sure we haven't yet heard of anything like that happening in Canada. Not yet. Thank God we don't yet have a centralized Mac-Daycare system run by a bunch of leftie activists for whom our children would be nothing but guinea pigs in their social experiments.

But we already have more than enough of socially perverse indoctrination in elementary schools. As the secular fundamentalist ideology drifts further away from reality, those who impose it on us will have no choice than going younger - brainwashing children as young as 2 or 3, teaching them to accept everything they're spoon fed, telling them to do as they're told and prosecuting those who say "yuk" - let alone those who dare to say no.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Harper Beats Dion And May At Their Own Game...

Here's an interesting poll I found in the Globe And Mail archives. Liberal Leader Stephane Dion has challenged Prime Minister Harper to a "green" debate. If such a debate were held with all party leaders, who would win? - the newspaper asks.

Lion share of those who voted (33%) believe it would be Stephen Harper. The prime Minister got 3333 votes. Second place went to... no, not to Stephane Dion. He came quite close to second place with his 23% or 2320 votes, but Elizabeth May got slightly more - 2339 votes, so she got the second place, while Dion came third. Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe came last, receiving 1636 and 414 votes respectively.

Once again - the poll was run by the Globe And Mail, not by the National Post. The subject is environment - which, as the mainstream media suggests, is the weakest point in the Conservative platform. The poll took place before we got a chance to hear from an outspoken Liberal MP that this whole scheme is a wealth transfer tax grab, not a "revenue neutral green tax shift", as it was originally claimed. And yet one in three Globe And Mail readers are sure that Stephen Harper would win a green debate.

So it looks like Stephen Harper actually beats Stephane Dion and Elizabeth May at their own game. Even among the left-leaning public there are many who prefer Conservative environmental policies to the Liberal green shift wealth transfer schemes.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Poison Of Political Correctness

Here's a great overview of what political correctness is all about. Posted by Douglas V. Gibbs on the Political Pistachio blog.
Political Correctness is presented as a well-intentioned code of conduct, but it is becoming an instrument of moralistic terror. In Canada, Human Rights Commissions punish pastors for preaching the gospel in their churches, calling their sermons about the sins of homosexuality a crime of hate-speech. Mark Steyn and Maclean's magazine are under investigation for claiming Europe has been lost to Islamization. The "Politically Correct" have appointed themselves the sole possessors of truth, and refuse anyone else the right to differ, and use these Human Rights Councils or Commissions to quell any "unacceptable" thought.

Using the deadly method of argument fueled by political correctness, once someone is labeled a racist, fascist, bigot, or sexist, he is degraded to the status of an outcast, left with no further opportunity to present his view.
Worse, yet, is the origins of Political Correctness. Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism. Like Communism, at the heart of Political Correctness is the belief that the individual is nothing, and valid ideas are a result of conformity to the social group of the masses. Marxism cannot advance as long as Western Civilization stands in the way, so The West must be transformed, destroyed from within, taught to conform to the New World Order, where the citizens learn what is safe to say, and stay in line with the overpowering governmental state.
Victory begins with courage to speak up. There are plenty of people out there that "open up" once they realize that a person they're talking to isn't going to denounce them for their views. But how to encourage them to keep speaking up their minds even when their outspoken acquaintance is off the door? When we make that happen - we'll broaden our ranks beyond the blogosphere and into the mainstream.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

No More Asylum Shoppers, Please!

It rarely happens, (not to say - extremely rarely,) but this time the judges have shown some common sense, upholding regulations that restrict asylum shopping.
OTTAWA - The Federal Court of Appeal has reversed a landmark court decision that had struck down an agreement with the United States banning refugee claimants from seeking asylum in Canada if they first passed through U. S. soil.

The appeal court has upheld Canada's "Safe Third Country Agreement," which has been in place since 2004 to put an end to a practice that the federal government has denounced as "asylum shopping" by failed U. S. refugee claimants.
Refugee claimants issue have been lacking common sense for decades. In fact, the system became a back door to Canada for those ineligible to obtain a residence permit as skilled workers, students or sponsored relatives.

Apart from a few exceptions, every foreigner is allowed to enter Canada (legally or illegally) and apply for refugee status. Once his claim is accepted, he has the right to healthcare and to social assistance. He can apply for work permit or for a student authorization without leaving the country first (unlike any other legal visitors). Even if he commits a crime - he can't be deported until his final appeal is rejected.

The processing usually takes a couple of years. If a refugee status is granted - the applicant gets his permanent residence papers almost automatically, with no need to demonstrate language or employment skills which the independent-class immigrants must posses. If not - well you've probably heard of tens of thousands of deportation orders that are still outstanding...

So what was the Safe Third Country Agreement all about? The government merely wanted to disqualify migrants who enter Canada from States from claiming refugee status. It's common sense - if one's goal is to flee his home country, then he should ask for asylum as soon as he crosses the border or at the least - as soon as he arrives to a country that is democratic and that accepts refugees. There's absolutely no reason why Canada should accept refugee claimants that travel from one country to another in search of better living conditions or higher social assistance.

So I'm glad that the Federal Court of Appeal has upheld the Safe Third Country Agreement with US. If anything - Canada should strike a similar deal with EU and with other democratic nations. Also I'd like to see the government revising some of the rules, particularly - eliminating the "undocumented refugee" class (no airline will ever allow anyone without a passport or a visa to board the plane), allowing to deport refugee claimants that are caught breaking the law and banning repeat claims altogether.

And if those overpaid bureaucrats from the Immigration and Refugee Board once again get too upset about not getting enough refugee claims to process - how about some layoffs? We have more than enough people abusing the system as it is. Last thing we need is more asylum shoppers.

Friday, July 11, 2008

When Will We Hear The Same From A Canadian Conservative PM?

Apparently, British Conservatives have finally realized that there's more to Conservatism than mere tax cuts. And it looks like their leader, David Cameron, has the courage to march to his own drum irregardless of what the social trends are. He wasn't afraid to say that returning to public morality and personal responsibility is the only way to avert Britain's social collapse:
"I want a mandate for restoring responsibility to our society. A mandate to call time on the twisted values that have eaten away at our social fabric. A mandate for tough action to repair our broken society."

Cameron, speaking to a Conservative party audience in Glasgow, said the deeper cause of Britain's "family breakdown, welfare dependency, debt, drugs, poverty, poor policing, inadequate housing, and failing schools" is a "society that is in danger of losing its sense of personal responsibility, social responsibility, common decency and, yes, even public morality."

Cameron's Tories would put an end to the prevailing political trend of "moral neutrality," he indicated. While politicians themselves may be fallible, he said, this is no reason to abandon the concept of moral life and "social virtue" in political life.

"We as a society have been far too sensitive. In order to avoid injury to people's feelings, in order to avoid appearing judgemental, we have failed to say what needs to be said. We have seen a decades-long erosion of responsibility, of social virtue, of self-discipline, respect for others, and deferring gratification instead of instant gratification."
So the British Conservatives get it. What about the Canadian Conservatives? The Conservative party has a strong Social Conservative caucus it inherited from the good old Reform and Alliance parties. It's time for Stephen Harper to finally remember what party has brought him to power and seize the policy initiative. It's time for a Conservative Prime Minister to start promoting Conservative family values as alternative to Liberal social experiments that bring Canada to a social and economic collapse.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Carbon Tax Will Hurt New Brunswick

The idea of a "tax shift" appears to be quite popular among politicians nowadays. New Brunswick government too, is considering such tax shift as a way to reform the provincial tax system.

The opportunities are plenty. Some of the tax burden would be shifted from income to consumption. Income taxes could be lowered - instead of a complex four-rate structure, New Brunswick could have either a two-rate 9%/12% tax or a 10% flat tax, just like in Alberta. Businesses too would be given massive tax cuts - existing 13% could be lowered to 10% if not to 7% or 5%. In return, shoppers would be paying extra 2 cents on the dollar in sales taxes and those evildoers who use fuel will pay additional tax on their carbon dioxide emissions. At first it may seem like a reasonable and environment-friendly approach. But only at first.

Even when it comes to shifting the tax burden from income to sales tax - unless the government doubles the personal exemption to bring it at par with the full-time minimum wage ($16,000), this tax reform will hurt the low income earners. Offsetting the impact of the tax shift with quarterly cheques (similar to the GST credit) isn't such a good idea since low income earners need their money now, not in three months time. (Plus - the government will have to hire someone to calculate the credits and mail out the checks.) Municipalities too will face higher operating costs if the HST goes back up to 15%.

And then there's the carbon tax. Which will affect not only those who drive their cars to work, not only those who use oil or electricity to heat their homes but virtually every product in New Brunswick:
"100 per cent of all goods are moved internally by truck in New Brunswick and when you put that in the context of adding on a carbon tax, that's going to increase the cost beyond reason," said Nelson.

In the discussion paper, the proposed carbon tax would follow the same model British Columbia began using on Canada Day. Nelson said the higher costs which would face the transportation sector because of a carbon tax would affect everyone whether they drove or not, specifically the everyday consumer.

"You're going to pay it in higher costs for food, clothing, medicine, building supplies, everything that's delivered by truck because you don't see a train rolling up to Wal-Mart."

Nelson said if New Brunswick's proposed carbon tax plan was coupled with the carbon tax plan proposed last month by federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion, it would be catastrophic for the province's economy.
Actually, even if there was a freight train rolling up to Wal-Mart, that wouldn't be much of a help, as locomotive fuel too will be subject to carbon taxes.

There is much better way to provide for lower provincial taxes: Negotiate public debt consolidation with the Bank of Canada. New Brunswick currently pays $600M on the provinces $7Billion debt. If the province borrows money from the Bank of Canada (at 4% per annum) to buy back government bonds (on which the average interest is 9%), that will result in $320M in savings, so taxes could be reduced without hiking the HST and with no need for the carbon tax grab.

Words Of Wisdom Have Been Spoken. Will People Listen?

Rabbi Yehuda Levin, a spokesman for over a thousand Rabbis of the US and Canada, has forcefully condemned the award of the Order of Canada to Morguentaler. Apart from calling the chief abortionist a tremendous embarrassment to the Jewish people, the prominent Rabbi concluded his speech with this:
In conclusion, Rabbi Levin stressed that faithful citizens must understand that "until the clergy of the various religious speak out constantly, courageously, and uncompromisingly to the powers that be, criticizing them, even if its politically unpopular or incorrect or uncomfortable," we will not succeed. "Until the religious leaders totally take on the corrupt justices in the various countries, the corrupt courts, the corrupt political leaders and name them and prohibit voting for such people based on religious reasons - until this happens we are going to continue to see the other side taking unfair advantage and further polluting the culture and brainwashing a younger generation as to the basic standards of right and wrong."
Truer words were never spoken. But are the people finally going to listen? How bad does it have to get until traditionalist Christian and Jewish voters realize that if secular socialist and environmentalist politicians don't bother to separate their beliefs from politics, then neither should we?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thousand Protest Honoring Canadian Murderer. More Medals Returned

The organizers of the protest rally in front of the Governor General residence expected 500 to show up. They got twice the predicted turnout - about 1000 people came to voice their protest against awarding chief abortionist the Order of Canada.
OTTAWA, July 9, 2008 ( - "Revoke the award, absolutely no question - but it is not enough," said spokesperson Angelina Steenstra. Today, in front of the Governor General's residence, a thousand people gathered to protest the Order of Canada award to Henry Morgentaler, and the conflictive interest with the revocation process.

Although cloudy, hot and humid, no rain fell on the demonstrators who held signs reading: REVOKE, "We Desire A Better Country" and "Henry Morgentaler made a killing off our generation please don't honor him". Banners read: "Abortion is a crime against humanity."

The crowd was calm and subdued. There was a significant media presence as well.
Sure there was a significant media presence there. But you won't hear much about it in the news.
Double the expected turnout? You’d think that would be news. But it’s not. CBC Newsworld is all over “road rage” and “how to avoid getting struck by lightning”. Even though it was well-attended by the media, including the CBC as I pointed out earlier. Even the folks who organized it predicted only 500 would show up. Still, the media reports what they want you to know.
So they'd rather tell us about some phony poll that twists the numbers, claiming that Morgentaler's award is supported by most, than give media coverage to a pro-life rally.

Meanwhile we have a few more people returning their own medals in protest. Among them - former Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick Gilbert Finn.
The L'Acadie Nouvelle reported that Finn, who has been a member of the Order of Canada since 1974, and an officer of it since 1979, wrote a letter to Governor General Michaëlle Jean and Prime Minister Stephen Harper declaring he would remove himself from the Order if Morgentaler were appointed to it.

"I do not want to affiliate myself in any way with Dr. Morgentaler, I can not be part of the same association as him. If Dr. Morgentaler is acceptable to the Order of Canada, the Order is not what I thought it was", says Finn.
How many have we seen so far? Seven? Eight? Maybe ten? When was the last time (before this whole controversy began) that a member of the Order of Canada chose to return his medal for one reason or another? Has it ever been more than one member choosing to leave the order of Canada on the same occasion?

Those radical pro-aborts who sneaked Morguentaler through the back door thought they are doing a great honor to their idol. Instead - they just ruined the Order of Canada, which served the country (well or not so well) for over four decades. Irregardless of whether or not Morguentaler gets to keep his six-petal pajama button, this will never again be the same highest civilian honor it used to be just two weeks ago.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where Did They Get The Numbers?

According to the National Post, a new poll suggests that "two out of three Canadians either support or somewhat support" honoring a chief abortionist with the Order of Canada. Hmm... I wonder where did they get the numbers from?

Several media outlets run online polls on the "morgue-entitler" controversy. Not all of them had the courage to show the results; for example, the Globe And Mail removed its online poll once the "No" side had solidly outweighed the "Yes". Those polls that remained active, were showing strong opposition, rather than strong support to Morguentaler award; sometimes - 3 out of 4 opposing (as in the Winnipeg Sun poll) rather than 2 in 3 supporting. Even on the CNews page, the "No, he's a murderer" got more votes than "Yes, he's a champion of women's rights". So where did the pollsters get their 2 in 3 support?

The answer probably lies in the last part of the opening paragraph:
...which points out Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in the minority by voicing his "personal dissatisfaction" with the controversial nomination.
The numbers are simply out of nowhere. Their sole purpose of the poll is to remind Stephen Harper not to lean too far to the right.

P.S. I guess, "personal dissatisfaction" with awarding Canada's highest civilian honor to a bloodthirsty butcher like Morguentaler is probably the most we can expect from a Conservative Prime Minister nowadays. With no mass media outlets, no other political organization that could have drawn the vote away from the official Conservative party we shouldn't have been looking forward for more than a token gesture and a token gesture we got.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Tell The Pro-Abort Elite What You Think

Thanks to the United Mothers And Fathers, we now have the opportunity to contact some of the people behind the decision to appoint Morguentaler to the Order of Canada. First and foremost - the chief injustice Beverley McLachlin, who twisted the traditional protocol to sneak that butcher through the back door and the Governor General herself who kept silent about this whole affair until the very last moment.

Let's tell them what we think about their decision to grant Canada's highest civilian honour to the country's chief abortionist. If you're not that good at writing letters - don't worry, the template is already provided. Copies can also be mailed to your MP and to the Prime Minister, who's been awfully silent on the issue. Let's let him know what we think about his silence.

Meanwhile the "snowflakes" keep falling. I've already lost count of how many members of the Order of Canada have returned their medals in protest of Morguentaler's appointment. This must be sixth or seventh.
OTTAWA, July 7, 2008 ( - Representatives from Madonna House, a Catholic community based in Combermere, Ontario, will make the journey to Ottawa Tuesday morning to return the Order of Canada medal awarded to its founder, Catherine Doherty.
"Catherine Doherty was honoured to receive this award in 1976. She exemplified what the Order of Canada should be about: an individual committed to strengthening the nation by her contribution to the vulnerable and the marginalized. It is only after much prayer and consultation with our community, as well as with heavy hearts, that we are undertaking this action. The Order has been devalued in recent days, and we are confident that Catherine is spiritually present with us, affirming this gesture of love for our country and for the values which alone can sustain it. Without absolute respect for the gift of life, no society can survive."

Members of the Madonna House community will gather at the entrance to Rideau Hall to present in a symbolic gesture a letter to the Governor General, and will return the Order of Canada pin on Tuesday, July 8, 2008, at 11 a.m. The community said that media are invited to attend, and representatives of the community will be available for interviews following the return of the medal.

P.S. Please don't forget our online petitions.

About 6700 people have signed the online petition to rescind the Order of Canada from Canada's chief abortionist. A similar petition at Petitions Online (launched by the Family Coalition Party of Ontario) has gathered 8800 signatures in just a week time.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Abortion And Child Snatching

The same women that had their abortions in their twenties, for reasons of convenience or because they could not afford financially to have babies then find themseves infertile in their forties but that does not stop them from having children. Their desire to have children is the driving force behind massive baby snatching and selling happening in Ontario today.

Today’s young women opt for abortion out of fear of having their newborn stolen by the Children’s Aid Societies and sold to some middle aged childless couples that in their youth were so eager to embrace your freedom of choice idea.

We already have the harbingers of the future that you have made for us.

Ms. Chartier to no avail tried to escape with four her children from clutches of Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa to Sweden only to be returned in shackles back to Canada.
This open letter to Morguentaler was written about 3 years ago, when Canada's chief abortionist got his phony doctorate papers at the University of Western Ontario. Ironically, a man who defied the law, denying the right to life to countless unborn babies, was given a law degree.

Since then, pro-aborts managed to twist the rules, sneaking their hero into the order of Canada. With no unanimous decision, no prior announcement, this purely partisan backdoor deal had the sole purpose of creating an illusion that abortion is somehow a Canadian value.

And while our shameless unelected governing elite is encouraging more abortions (causing many more women to become permanently infertile), we've seen parental rights being further abrogated by the governments, courts and lawmakers. Apparently - to provide legal grounds for even more child snatchings.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

To Hell With The "Human Rights" Commissions!

Looks like some people are getting tired of this legal harassment in the name of human rights.
Hours after a Supreme Court of Canada decision ensured Jim Pankiw, accused of racism, would need to face a human rights commission, the former MP threatened to boycott the tribunal.

The court's decision Thursday morning meant Pankiw, former MP for Saskatoon-Humboldt, will be investigated by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal over nine allegations of discrimination.
By Thursday evening, Pankiw, who is now a chiropractor in Saskatoon, said he may "just tell the human rights commission to go to hell, and just ignore them.

"That would be the easiest way, is to just to say: 'You know what? Go to hell' -- I've got nothing else to say, because I'm busy, I'm running a business, I employ people, I don't need this crap," said Pankiw.
That would be the most reasonable way to deal with those quasi-judiciary tribunals with 100% conviction rates. If those guys manage to sneak in a convicting statement even when dismissing the case, they deserve nothing else.

And here's a great article by David Warren:
I was born a free citizen of the Old Canada and before her God I declare, that I will go to jail rather than acknowledge the legitimacy of any "human rights" commission. I invite other journalists and indeed, every other Canadian, to declare likewise.
Well said, David!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Political Correctness In A Nutshell

Great essay by Margaret Somerville:
...Political correctness excludes politically incorrect values from the "all values are equal" stable. It shuts down non-politically correct people’s freedom of speech.

Anyone who challenges the politically correct stance is, thereby, labelled as intolerant, a bigot or hatemonger. The substance of arguments is not addressed; rather people labelled as politically incorrect are attacked as being intolerant and hateful simply for making those arguments.
It is important to understand the strategy employed: speaking against abortion or same-sex marriage is not characterised as speech; rather, it is characterised as a sexist act or a discriminatory act against homosexuals, respectively, and, therefore, as, in itself, a breach of human rights or even a hate crime. Consequently, it is argued that protections of freedom of speech do not apply.
That explains the HRC logics, doesn't it? That explains why even if the case is dismissed, the defendant is still left with tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills, while the complainer walks away without having spent a dime. After all - being targeted for saying something "wrong" is a crime on its own in the eyes of those PC thugs.

Protest Against Honoring The Canadian Murderer

“Members of the Order of Canada put “CM” after their name. When I first saw it, I had to look it up, because it was a bit counter-intuitive that CM meant Member (of the Order of) Canada. It seems this has now been corrected, many years down the road. With Henry M’s inclusion, CM now means “Canadian Murderer.” Too bad for those who already have the letters after their name, but such is life.”
Gerry Hunter
(Courtesy of the Unaborted blog.)
Gladly there's an opportunity to voice your protest.
Morgentaler Order of Canada Protest Set for July 9 in Ottawa

OTTAWA, July 3, 2008 ( – Campaign Life Coalition is organizing a demonstration for concerned Canadian citizens to protest the awarding of the Order of Canada to abortionist Henry Morgentaler and to seek its revocation.

WHERE: Rideau Hall – official residence of the Governor General of Canada

WHEN: Wednesday July 9, 2008 from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

CONTACT: Paul Lauzon 613-729-0379
If you haven't yet sign our petition to have Morguentaler's award revoked - please do so. We've got about 2000 signatures so far, but we need a lot more than that.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Order Of Canada Members Return Their Medals

The "morgue-entitler" controversies continue. Rev. Lucien Larré from BC and Thomas Scott Caldwell from Ontario, both members of the Order of Canada, are returning their medals in protest of Morgentaler's appointment which has disgraced Canada's highest civilian honor.

Ordinary Canadians too aren't eager to welcome the new member of the Order of Canada. The Globe And Mail removed its online poll on Morgentaler's award, once it turned out that the "no" vote solidly outnumbers the "yes". Other online polls that are still active, show that at least 2/3 of Canadians don't agree that a bloodthirsty butcher like Morgentaler should be given the Order of Canada. Letters to the editors in which outraged Canadians express their disgust are plenty.
The decision to name Morgentaler to the Order of Canada defies reason. We are honouring a Canadian who spent his career terminating the lives of unborn Canadians. Madness.
This was written by Daniel Holmes, Medical biochemist from Vancouver. I can't agree more. If slaughtering babies earns Morgentaler an award in health care then the next award should go to the guy who invented the "cyclone B".
With this award, the Governor General of Canada states that the primary role of the government of Canada, which she represents, is NOT to defend the life of its citizens, but to exterminate them, if and when they are "unwanted".
We, the people, petition the Governor General of Canada to revoke this award immediately, for the sake of the many who have lost their lives to protect someone else's life. For the sake of the many who have been slaughtered by the hand of abortionist Henry Morgentaler.More >>>
Please sign our petition to have Morguentaler's award revoked!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Morgentaler’s Canada is not my Canada

That's how Douglas Farrow titled his National Post article. I could sign under each and every word. It's a dark day for Canada whose shameless unelected elite (led by "chief justice" Beverley McLachlin) went as far as violating the traditional protocol to award the highest civilian honour to a man who had unleashed a terrible genocide upon the country; for whom the only suitable award is the nazi iron cross.

It's a dark day for the true Members, Companions and Officers of the Order of Canada; for those whose contribution was truly worthy of the Order of Canada - their honor has been devalued.

It's a dark day for every Canadian. By officially endorsing unrestricted wholesale slaughter of babies (as well as by failing to condemn this twisted award) the government, the "justice", most of MPs and Senators have just demonstrated that our country whose birthday we celebrated has no future. Because there can be no future for a society that kills its own children.

If there's a silver lining in all this is that in the end, awarding Morguentaler the Order of Canada will reopen the abortion debate. There's no avoiding that. People wouldn't want to remain silent after this shameful decision.
Last but not least, how will the living members of the Order of Canada — those, that is, who believe, for whatever reason, that a great wrong is being done here — respond to the situation? Will they return their own medals in protest? How will MPs and, for that matter, the Prime Minister respond? How will the bishops and religious leaders respond? How will the people of Canada respond, those who cannot in good conscience bear the burden of being told that abortion is a “Canadian value”?

I can tell you that I myself am pondering this last question very seriously. Henry Morgentaler’s Canada is not my Canada...
Neither it's my Canada. My Canada includes the unborn. My Canada has future.
I’m with the late Louis-Philippe de Grandpré, sometime justice of the Supreme Court of Canada: “Abortion at any stage of pregnancy is murder, and any attack against the fetus is a crime. To kill a fetus is murder.”
Louis-Philippe de Grandpré was awarded the Order of Canada in 1971. What would he have said about this shameful decision if he had been still alive?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Maple Leaf Forever!

Here's yet another forgotten anthem of Canada. "The Maple Leaf Forever" was written by Alexander Muir in 1867, the year of Canada's Confederation. It used to be Canada's unofficial anthem for about a century. But because of its strongly British perspective "The Maple Leaf Forever" became politically incorrect in the Trudeaupian era.

There was just no way "The Maple Leaf Forever" could be altered to express the new "multicultural" Canada. Even an attempt to add the lily to the thistle, shamrock and rose didn't succeed. In mid-1990s the CBC came up with an initiative to rewrite the lyrics completely - that turned out to be even more pathetic. The new lyrics ended up praising nothing but Canada's landscape and weather. So, even if occasionally played - "The Maple Leaf Forever" is played without the words.

But why should we forget the original lyrics? Luckily, not everyone yet has the PC-style amnesia. Here's the illustrated version I found on YouTube (too bad it lacks the second verse). Enjoy and have a happy Dominion Day!