Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thinking About Charity This Christmas?

Here is an opportunity to help. Consider donating - not to some faceless NGO or a third world dictatorship, but to real people, here in Canada, that are in need for help, because provincial healthcare doesn't cover their medical treatment:
TORONTO -- After almost three weeks, 11 physiotherapy sessions and $8,000 spent, little Luc LeBlanc is now able to sit up and look his mother in the eye.
There at the private clinic, Luc is receiving what is considered an alternative form of treatment: intense and specialized physiotherapy that involves toning muscle to help him sit up, stand and move his limbs on his own -- treatment Monaghan says Nova Scotia won't cover because it is unproven and outside a regulated medical environment.

Monaghan, a single mom of three currently on social assistance, said she needed to find a way to raise money to have her son treated at the clinic after running into dead ends in Nova Scotia. She created a Luc LeBlanc Facebook page and went to the local media with her son's story.
And here's the story of Madi Vanstone, who needs our help to survive, because the province won't pay for the life-saving medicament:
...Madi, 12, suffers from a rare form of cystic fibrosis. She desperately needs a life-saving drug, Kalydeco, to keep her breathing.

The drug costs $348,000 a year — and it’s not covered by OHIP.

Her dad Glen has benefits at work that pay for 50% of her drug bill. The drug manufacturer picks up 30% — but that leaves the family paying $5,770 a month to keep Madi alive.

With the drug, the prognosis for Madi is good. Within 30 days, diagnostic tests for CF were negative. Her lung function increased from 78% of expected value to 111% of expected value.

Without the drug, she’ll need a lung transplant in her mid-teens. That will only give her another five years.
The government is not willing to help. The very same governments that generously extend public healthcare to special interest groups, suddenly adopt Scrooge's "they better die and decrease the surplus population" approach when it comes to ordinary Canadians. So it's up to us to help.

To donate to Madi, go to www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/madi-s-miracle-meds/61506.

Donations to help Luc can be made directly to the Revivo clinic or by contacting Monaghan through her Facebook page FightingmonsterswithloveandPrayersBabyLuc.

Consider chipping in (even if it's something symbolic like $5 or $10). And have a merry Christmas :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So Much For "My Body My Choice"

Here's how the "progressive" "pro-choice" crowd acts when the issue at stake is other than placing restrictions on abortions:
After five weeks the ward, she said she was forcibly sedated. When she woke up, she was told her child had been delivered by caesarian section.

She said nobody told her this was going to happen.

Now the woman, whom Fleming said is back on meds and has made a full recovery, wants her child back.

But a judge ruled the now 15-month-old girl should be put up for adoption in case the mother suffers a relapse.
So much for "my body, my choice" when a woman chooses to carry her pregnancy to term, to be a loving mother for her baby...

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Whose Body Is It Again?

Here's a picture (that's worth a thousand words) and a few more words for the pro-aborts who just refuse to accept the obvious: Need I say more?

And here's a nice picture from Russia that makes it plain and simple: abortion kills a baby.
It's a billboard from one of Russia's cities. I'd love to see a billboard like that here in Canada.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Remember. They Gave All For Our Freedom

Image h/t Blazing Cat Fur
As a society, we're at risk of forgetting our history. In 1945 there were over a million Canadian Second World War veterans. Today there are only around 90,000.

We must keep their stories alive and those of all veterans. We must remember the men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms.

Nov. 11 doesn't do all of this. But it does give us pause, if only for a moment, to remember that this matters.
Remember those who gave all for our freedom. Let's remember them, not just this remembrance day, but year round.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Will Remember

Let's pause and remember the innocent victims.
More Than a Memorial Day:
September 11 is more than a memorial day for the thousands who perished, including a friend of this writer, a passenger on American Airlines flight 77, the Pentagon plane. Potential victims might also observe what has not happened on September 11 in the following 12 years.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Multiculturalism - A House Divided

Check out this video report by iPhone Conservative. Among other things, iPhone Conservative takes time to explain how the policy of multiculturalism blends together with cultural relativism and political correctness.
P.S. If you don't like graphic evidence, you better fast forward from 12:20 to 13:00.

And here's a great article about multiculturalism in Sweden and its consequences:
When I grew up our prime minister was Tage Erlander, a Social Democrat. In 1965 he said in parliament, after violent race riots in America:

"We Swedes live in a so infinitely happier situation. The population in our country is homogeneous, not just according to race but also in many other aspects."

Now I live in a nation that is not homogenous in any respect. Olof Palme that came after him decided that homogeneous was a bad thing and opened up our borders for people from all over the world. And from right to left the politicians told us that there was no such thing as a Swedish culture, no Swedish traditions worth mentioning and that we Swedes should be grateful that so many people with REAL culture and REAL traditions came to us.
In 1990 the authorities counted to 3 exclusion areas in Sweden, suburbs where mostly immigrants live, where very few have a job to go to, almost all of them live by welfare and the children don’t pass their exams. In 2002 they counted to 128 exclusion areas. In 2006 we had 156 and then they stopped counting. In some cities, like Malmo where I live, a third of all inhabitants live in an exclusion area.
In the New Sweden we need armed police officers at our hospitals because rivalling families fight each other in the hospital rooms. They gun each other down in open streets and they rob and beat old people up. The crime rate grows by the minute, but the Swedish politicians and journalists tell us that is has absolutely nothing to do with immigration. The fact that our prisons are full of foreign people is just a coincidence or is explained by socio-economic factors.
The situation in Sweden is far worse than in Denmark. In Sweden NOBODY talks about immigration problems, the death of the multiculti project or the islamisation/arabisation of Europe. If you do, you will immediately be called a racist, an Islamophobe or a Nazi. That is what I have been called since I founded the Free Press Society in Sweden.
This is multiculturalism in practice, the grim reality of multiculturalism that the "progressives" (those self-hating anti-West intellectuals) never want us to discuss.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Family & Home Schooling - Best Learning Environment

Once again the study shows that America's best educated kids don't go to school:
Brian Ray, president of the National Home Education Research Institute, compared home schoolers and public school students on the results of three standardized tests — the California Achievement Test, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the Stanford Achievement Test — for the 2007-2008 academic year. With public school students at the 50th percentile, home schoolers were at the 89th percentile in reading, the 86th percentile in science, the 84th percentile in language, math, and social studies.

Socio-economic factors may have a lot to do with why home schoolers do so much better. Virtually all have a mother and a father who are living together. Nearly two thirds of fathers and 62 percent of mothers have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The explosive growth in home schooling has been fueled by dissatisfaction with public schools.

We spend more per pupil than any other country, but among industrialized nations, American students rank near the bottom in science and math. Only 13 percent of high school seniors knew what high school seniors should know about American history, says the National Assessment of Education Progress. Half of 18 to 24 year olds in a National Geographic Society survey couldn’t locate New York state on a map.
But then those kids probably know everything about using vegetables for masturbation or why three men in a bed (to say nothing of the dog) make a perfectly normal family, whose rights trample those of average Christian parents. Public schools make sure that all those kids who can't even find New York state on a map (let alone Syria or Iraq) finish school with the "right" views and opinions - and are ready to pledge their allegiance to the radical leftist causes, first and foremost - to the unions.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This Is Not About Upholding Quebec Values

A brief comment on this Sun News article:
There is hardly a soul in all of Canada who finds the Sikh turban, the Jewish yarmulke or the crucifix violate either Canadian or Quebec values. Yet, like Premier Pauline Marois, we are all part of the charade pretending this debate is about the Sikh turban.

If Marois indeed believes in upholding Quebec values, she would have said there is no room in Quebec for the use of religious symbols that promote fascist and supremacist political ideologies. However, we live in the age of Chamberlain, not Churchill.
Here's the thing. The proposed "Charter of Quebec Values" has nothing to do with upholding Quebec values, it's about redefining them. As the "charter's" unofficial name implies - it's about secularism. The objective is not to ban offensive religious symbols, let alone symbols that promote fascist and supremacist political ideologies. The PQ is hijacking the hot-button issue for their own political advantage, looking forward to enshrine militant secular humanism as Quebec's new official religion and to stamp out what's left of Quebec's Christian heritage under the pretense of neutrality, multiculturalism and non-sectarianism.

Monday, August 26, 2013

What Joyce Arthur Wants To Hide

The question is obviously rhetorical.
Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada must be very, very annoyed—media outlets have been calling her quite frequently of late to ask her opinion on our new projects, especially our “Face the Children” Project, which involves the mass distribution of postcards featuring abortion-supporting politicians next to abortion victims. In response to our postcard distribution in St. Catharines', she posted on Facebook that, “Families and children in St. Catharines' are being cruelly harassed in their homes by the extremist group Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.” I could point out that our postcards depict the reality of what she is dedicated to championing—the corpses of pre-born children “cruelly harassed” out of existence in the womb. But it is our pictures, apparently, that Joyce takes issue with.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially if the words, spoken by the pro-abortion crowd, are deceptive and the picture shows the truth. These pictures upset the pro-aborts - well, that's obvious, they'll always be upset about any criticism of abortion. And it's easy to understand why ordinary people too are troubled with graphic pictures. But that's one of the reasons these images are there. Instead of being concerned about children being allowed to see these pictures, people better be concerned about children being allowed to become these pictures.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Plague? Nuclear War? Asteroid? No, Socialists.

Welcome to post-apocalyptic Detroit.
Check out these photos. If you happen to have some sound-tracks from the Titanic on your PC, turn them on. The photos of abandoned staircases and the piano in an abandoned banquet hall, look just like the photos from the wreck of the Titanic.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eco-Zealots and Fred Phelps Sect - So Much Alike

Both groups politicize disasters, both blame the society for not following their ways, both co opt deity to their cause...
Check out this video by Ezra Levant:
The tragedy of Lac-Megantic was no exception. As soon as the news of the tragedy reached the media, comments like "crude oil just killed 60 people" started to appear. Long before any investigation of the tragedy could start, the eco-zealots already knew what should be blamed.

Monday, July 15, 2013

40 Days For Life Webcast - July 16, 2013

From the 40 Days for Life e-mail release:
Over these last six years, 575,000 people in 501 cities around the world have participated in 40 Days for Life campaigns of prayer and fasting ...

... SAVING 7,536 babies from abortion ...

... CLOSING 37 abortion centers ...

... HELPING 83 workers leave the abortion industry.

Now, are you ready to see the proven life-saving results of 40 Days for Life happen in YOUR community?

Then you'll want to attend one of two very important webcast events happening next Tuesday, July 16.

If you are in NORTH AMERICA go to:


If you are anywhere else INTERNATIONALLY go to:


During these LIVE events, you will discover:
  • How the pro-life movement is on the brink of a BREAKTHROUGH -- after decades of abortion
  • How God is using ORDINARY PEOPLE to change hearts and minds, save lives and transform entire cities
  • How you can bring 40 Days for Life to YOUR town ... and help bring an end abortion where you live
What you learn on Tuesday, July 16 could change you -- and your community -- forever!

Here are the details:


DATE: Tuesday, July 16

TIME: 9 PM Eastern (8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific)

WHAT: This event is specifically designed for those interested in holding 40 Days for Life campaigns in NORTH AMERICAN cities.

Register to attend this webcast at: http://40daysforlifewebcast.com/northamerica


DATE: Tuesday, July 16

TIME: 6 PM GMT / UTC (you may check for your local time at http://www.timeanddate.com )

WHAT: This event is specifically designed for those interested in holding 40 Days for Life campaigns in all other INTERNATIONAL cities.

Register to attend this webcast at: http://40daysforlifewebcast.com/international


During both events -- which you can attend by streaming audio webcast or telephone -- you'll hear true stories from special guests about hearts changed, lives saved, abortion centers closed and abortion workers converted during 40 Days for Life campaigns ...

... and you'll learn how, with God's help, you can accomplish similar results where you live.

At the end of each webcast on July 16, we'll begin accepting applications for those who want to LEAD a local 40 Days for Life campaign -- from September 25 through November 3.

But the ONLY way you can apply on July 16 is to join us for one of these special events.

The webcast is absolutely free, but with more than half a million 40 Days for Life volunteers around the world, spaces will fill quickly.

For life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

Lac-Megantic Mother Saved By Unborn Child

Among the tragic stories of Lac-Megantic - a little miracle, thanks to an unborn baby:
Josee, a young mother-to-be, said her unborn child woke her up the night of the explosions. She then woke up her partner. She said they had seconds to act, but her partner wanted to head towards the flames and warn people to evacuate.
An unborn baby saved himself and his parents. Yet the law still doesn't recognize him (and all the other children in the womb) as persons.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Canada!

Happy Birthday, Canada! Admired, respected, trusted!

And, with the recent bill that strengthens our freedom of speech and our right to a fair trial, there's another reason to celebrate. Have a happy Dominion Day everyone!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bill C-304 Passes Third Reading

It's hard to believe that, following a year-long filibuster at the second reading, the remaining stages would take less than a week. But, according to the Parliament website, that's exactly what happened: Bill C-304 was reported today without amendment and passed third reading soon thereafter.
Brian Lilley confirms the news on his blog:
As I write this I am still only being updated by text message on the proceedings in the Senate chamber but I am told Bill C-304 has passed third reading and will receive Royal Assent tonight making it law.
So it took over 5 years - 5 years and 5 months to be precise, from the day Keith Martin, then MP for Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca, introduced his famous motion M446 to repeal section 13 of the "human rights" Act, to the day the bill, which repeals the abusive section, made its way past the final reading. And then there's another year for the bill to come into force.

Yes, the bill only takes effect "on the day that is one year after the day on which it receives royal assent". So, technically, section 13 is still there, though its days are numbered. And it won't be this Canada Day, but next Canada Day, when we could finally say:
I am a Canadian, a free Canadian,
free to speak without fear,
free to stand for what I think right,
free to oppose what I believe wrong...
...Without worrying about a freedom-snatching committee with "human rights" in its name coming to persecute me for speaking my mind on a controversial subject, for disagreeing with a special interest group, if not for merely hurting someone's feelings...

Just 366 more days, ladies and gentlemen.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

One More Step Towards Protecting Freedom

Bill C-304 that repeals the ill-famous section 13 of the "human rights" Act, has finally passed second reading in the Senate.

Well, it's about time. The debate took 1 year and 2 weeks - much longer than what would be reasonably needed to discuss all the pros and cons. At some point it almost looked like the supporters of the bill themselves weren't sure if it would pass the vote - especially with a few "Red Tory" Senators siding with the opposition and pledging to vote against the bill. Yet, when it came to recorded votes, bill C-304 passed with nearly 2:1 margin.

Hopefully it won't take that long for the bill to complete the remaining stages (the committee and the third reading,) so that we could finally start the countdown towards the day when the abusive section 13 will be gone. That, by the way, will only happen a year after bill C-304 receives Royal Assent.

Friday, May 31, 2013

On Morgentaler's Death

This is the image of him I posted about 5 years ago, when the chief butcher, the "doctor Mengele" of our times was awarded what used to be Canada's highest civilian honor. And yes, I believe it is appropriate to repost it now. After all, we are talking about a man who unleashed the genocide of abortion upon the very nation that contributed greatly to end the genocide to which Morgentaler himself nearly fell victim.
“His legacy is the death of hundreds of thousands of Canadian children, including over 9,000 in New Brunswick. He thought he was helping women but a dead child helps no mother. His opinion on the matter no longer counts. Only the truth matters now.
He has died, but, unfortunately, his legacy is not going to die with him. Even if his passing means the end of his lawsuit against New Brunswick - that's merely a short break, because there are many people and special interest groups willing to bring it back.

The reaction in the pro-life blogosphere is mixed. Some give this butcher final directions to meet his true master, others call upon us to pray for his soul. My thoughts could be expressed with this quote:
No, you can't pray for Herod the king. Our Lady wouldn't allow.
A.S.Pushkin, "Boris Godunov".

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ottawa March For Life - 25000 Strong

The CBC estimated the turnout at about 10,000. The RCMP estimate was 12,000. The organizers estimated the crowd at approximately 25,000, citing substantial increase in numbers over past years, which was clearly noticeable. The record high turnout is evidenced not only by these Hillcam shots, but also by the fact that about 2,000 participants were prevented from joining the March. The police was simply not ready for that many marchers - which clearly shows that the number of participants was much higher than 20,000.

But even if we take the RCMP's "half-estimate" (as Sun News did in its coverage,) that still makes the March for Life the biggest protest rallies that takes place on the Parliament Hill. With the true numbers, its turnout will probably outnumber all other protests put together. So, where's the mainstream media in all that? Well, what do you think?
The theme for this year's March for Life was "'It's a girl' should not be a death sentence". Coincidentally, on the very same day, Mark Warawa, the pro-life MP who filed the motion condemning sex-selection abortions, was finally given the opportunity to speak up against female gendercide in the House of Commons.
“Female gendercide is the systematic killing of women and girls, just because they’re girls,” said Warawa in a statement prior to question period.
As the massive crowd outside Parliament began their March through the streets of Ottawa, Warawa called the discrimination against girls through sex-selective abortion “barbaric.”
In seeming solidarity with pro-lifers who came to Ottawa to be a voice for those who have no voice, Warawa said to the House: “Mr. Speaker, the statement ‘it’s a girl’ shouldn’t be a death sentence.”
Twenty-one Members of Parliament and two Senators participated and spoke to the crowd...

Bev Shipley, Conservative MP for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, said the March for Life is the most important event on Parliament Hill every year. “There is none, there is none as significant as this one, supporting the dignity and the sustainability of life,” he said.

David Anderson, Conservative MP for Cypress Hills – Grasslands, said the MPs “will stand with you and move ahead on this issue.”

“There are no good reasons to be aborting babies and there are 100,000 good reasons why we should stand with mothers and fathers who are faced with a difficult choice each year,” he added.

Conservative MP Mark Warawa pledged to continue his battle against sex-selective abortion. “Together we will keep up the fight and we will win,” he said.

Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth said, “We’re here today to convince Parliament that human equality and human dignity are more important than any political interest. And I’m counting on you to take that message back with you all across Canada.”
That may be just a minor faction in the Conservative party, but it sends a clear message that the abortion issue is nowhere near settled and the debate goes on whether the pro-aborts like it or not.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Gosnell Trial - Abortion Is Murder

Here in Canada, there were nearly 500 cases in the last decade, that would qualify as such even under the existing provisions of the criminal code.

Check out this Sun News interview: Stephanie Gray of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical reform speaks with Brian Lilley about the Gosnell murder trial.
Abortion leads to infanticide. That's obvious. When the pro-aborts talk about "choice" to get rid of a baby shortly before birth, it's not surprising that the same attitude eventually extends to babies shortly after birth.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Undercover in America's Late-Term Abortion Industry

Undercover video by Live Action: DC abortionist admits “We would not help it” if a baby born alive – despite his legal obligation.
The pro-aborts call it "choice".

The Pro Life Manifesto

Why we shouldn't be discouraged by the lack of positive feedback.

Thaddée Renault, a devoted pro-lifer who regularly witnesses at the Morgentaler abortuary in Fredericton and has been doing so for almost 20 years, outlines his vision on the struggle in which the pro-life movement is involved and the challenges it faces.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dim View On "Earth Hour"

While the global warm-mongers and those naive folks who believe them are sitting in the dark, let's watch some videos. Like this one: Charles Adler talks about the common sense of the so called "earth hour". Or lack thereof to be precise:
And here's another video: Bjorn Lomborg, the skeptical environmentalist, not only explains why switching off the lights does nothing to "help the planet", but also exposes the fraud of some other famous "green" initiatives:
And, as you watch these videos, don't forget to switch on every single light bulb in your house :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Abortion Debate: We Need To Talk

Great article by Ezra Levant:
In Abbotsford, BC, a property owner has set up a symbolic cemetery on his own land, with 1,862 miniature crosses on it, to symbolize the number of abortions each week in Canada. It's like those small memorials along highways where people have died in car accidents.

Is it shocking? Maybe. But if it bothers you to think about what those crosses symbolize, that's the point. And that's why a pro-abortion extremist group wants the government to shut it down.
Today is the first day of the Lenten 40 Days for Life vigil and it starts with the news of another abortion center closing:
Just recently, I told you about Lima, Ohio … where the abortion center, where faithful volunteers had intended to peacefully pray for 40 days, had CLOSED and gone out of business.

Well, we just confirmed that it happened AGAIN!!!

This time, prayer volunteers in Greensboro, North Carolina were getting ready for their second peaceful vigil outside the Woman’s Choice abortion facility. But now, those plans have changed.

This abortion center has also SHUT ITS DOORS and is not relocating!

“All glory to God!” said one of those volunteers. “All the furniture is gone,” she said. “They left like a thief in the night.”
Let's keep praying and there will be more of them to come.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI Announces Resignation

Check out this special report from Church Militant.TV
Looking back at these 8 years, I can only say one thing: We used to take Pope Benedict for granted far too often...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rosary Novena For The Lenten 40 Days For Life Vigil

This coming 40 Days for Life vigil, let's try the 54 Day Miracle Rosary Novena to Our Lady.
Our church history reveals to us that on March 3, 1884, Our Lady of Pompeii appeared before the gravely ill daughter of an Italian military officer. Through her, Our Lady gave the world the miraculous devotion of the 54 days Rosary Novena.
"The devotion in this novena combines three things which are dear to God in a very remarkable scheme; frequent communion, the practice of the virtues, and devotion to Mary in the Rosary. One who will carry it out faithfully will have besieged Heaven in a way that will make him heard...Rev. R. P. Lawrence.
I suggested this Novena for the 40 Days for Life in Moncton, back in 2011 and the people welcomed the idea. Now, why not expand it further, to other vigil sites? Why not add the 54 Day Miracle Rosary Novena to our prayers to end abortion?

BTW - since the Novena lasts 54 days (27 days for the petition and 27 days of thanksgiving) and the 40 Days for Life vigil is 2 weeks shorter, it's better to start the Novena a week earlier. Then the transition from the petition part to the thanksgiving will take place exactly at mid-point of the 40 Days for Life vigil, and the last day of the Novena will coincide with Easter Sunday.

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Quarter Century Later, A Quarter Of A Generation Gone

25 Year Memorial for Morgentaler Decision
From Life Canada e-mail release:
Ottawa, ON – While some may celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to strike down Canada’s existing abortion law, LifeCanada will mark today as one of national mourning. For 25 years, the abortion debate has been couched in the language of women’s rights—ignoring the tragic reality that over 2.2 million unborn children have been aborted in Canada since the 1988 Morgentaler decision.

With the advance of medical technology, including 3D and 4D ultrasound, and widespread access to information via social media and the Internet, it is impossible to hide the truth that abortion takes the life of a vulnerable human being.

And the results are beginning to show. Since 2002, Environics polls, commissioned by LifeCanada, have consistently found that most Canadians want some legal restrictions on abortion. 72% of Canadians responding to the latest 2011 poll said they wanted legal restrictions on abortion. The poll further found that 92% of Canadians want sex selection abortions to be made illegal.

Just a few days ago in the United States, which has at least some state restrictions on abortion, almost half a million people—mostly teenagers—gathered on Capitol Hill to call on their government to make abortion illegal. Canada should follow suit. The Canadian National March for Life in 2012 saw its largest crowd yet—with over 22,000 participants advocating for a law restricting abortion in Canada.

“The tide is changing,” says LifeCanada president Lisa Smith, “More and more people are realizing that unrestricted access to abortion is not something to celebrate. This is a critical debate which is not about women’s rights, but about human rights—the rights of unborn human beings, girls and boys. Today, we will not celebrate the loss of over 2.2 million Canadians. Today we will mourn.”
It's been 25 years, however the abortion debate continues - much to the dismay of the pro-abort crowd:
One may wonder why events that occurred 40 and 25 years ago are still so vigorously debated today. You would think these two court decisions would have been relegated to the annals of history by now. Instead, you will be hard pressed to find a court decision more talked about, written about and dissected in the past decades. So much so that Time magazine saw fit to feature Roe v. Wade on the front cover of its first issue of the year, with a proclamation that abortion rights activists have been losing ever since that fateful day in 1973.

In spite of unfettered abortion being anchored in Canadian law for a quarter century, this country’s citizens continue to grapple with whether or not abortion is right simply because it’s legal. After all, history is rife with examples of injustices that were eventually corrected. One only has to recall the Dred Scott Decision of 1857 and the Jim Crow laws enacted between 1876 and 1965 which denied blacks American citizenship, questioned their full personhood, and mandated segregation, to observe that just because something is legal, it doesn’t make it right.

Social reform movements have played a major role in Canadian politics. From the so-called Furious Feminists of the ‘70s to the Occupy and Idle No More movements of today, societal ills will always engage large segments of the population. It’s no surprise that the pro-life movement and the push for pre-born human rights maintain a high profile in public discourse.
Quoting Stephanie Gray:
Pre-born childrens’ silent screams cannot be heard but their broken bodies can be seen—which cry out for justice.
The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform is planning to hold a pro-life display outside the building where abortion clinics supporters hold their celebration of the Morgentaler decision. Hopefully the pro-aborts have much less to celebrate in the years to come.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Death By Starvation And Dehydration - For The Sake Of "Dignity" And "Choice"

Unfortunately that's the reality in the culture where human life has been devalued:
Sick children are being discharged from NHS hospitals to die at home or in hospices on controversial ‘death pathways’.
Earlier this month, an un-named doctor wrote of the agony of watching the protracted deaths of babies. The doctor described one case of a baby born with ‘a lengthy list of unexpected congenital anomalies’, whose parents agreed to put it on the pathway.

The doctor wrote: ‘They wish for their child to die quickly once the feeding and fluids are stopped. They wish for pneumonia. They wish for no suffering. They wish for no visible changes to their precious baby.

‘Their wishes, however, are not consistent with my experience. Survival is often much longer than most physicians think; reflecting on my previous patients, the median time from withdrawal of hydration to death was ten days.
Well, if ripping a baby into pieces while still in the womb is called "choice", then it's only logical that, eventually, this murderous "choice" gets extended past birth. It might be called differently, like "the right to die" or "dying with dignity", but where do you see dignity, let alone rights?
Up to 60,000 patients die on the Liverpool Care Pathway each year without giving their consent, shocking figures revealed yesterday.

A third of families are also kept in the dark when doctors withdraw lifesaving treatment from loved ones.
The pathway involves withdrawal of lifesaving treatment, with the sick sedated and usually denied nutrition and fluids. Death typically takes place within 29 hours.
And now, brace yourself for this: UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the death pathway was a 'fantastic step forward'. This is how a poor-choice mind works. I wonder what makes him so sure that he won't be the one left to die without food and water some day in the not so distant future...