Friday, May 31, 2013

On Morgentaler's Death

This is the image of him I posted about 5 years ago, when the chief butcher, the "doctor Mengele" of our times was awarded what used to be Canada's highest civilian honor. And yes, I believe it is appropriate to repost it now. After all, we are talking about a man who unleashed the genocide of abortion upon the very nation that contributed greatly to end the genocide to which Morgentaler himself nearly fell victim.
“His legacy is the death of hundreds of thousands of Canadian children, including over 9,000 in New Brunswick. He thought he was helping women but a dead child helps no mother. His opinion on the matter no longer counts. Only the truth matters now.
He has died, but, unfortunately, his legacy is not going to die with him. Even if his passing means the end of his lawsuit against New Brunswick - that's merely a short break, because there are many people and special interest groups willing to bring it back.

The reaction in the pro-life blogosphere is mixed. Some give this butcher final directions to meet his true master, others call upon us to pray for his soul. My thoughts could be expressed with this quote:
No, you can't pray for Herod the king. Our Lady wouldn't allow.
A.S.Pushkin, "Boris Godunov".

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