Sunday, July 21, 2013

Plague? Nuclear War? Asteroid? No, Socialists.

Welcome to post-apocalyptic Detroit.
Check out these photos. If you happen to have some sound-tracks from the Titanic on your PC, turn them on. The photos of abandoned staircases and the piano in an abandoned banquet hall, look just like the photos from the wreck of the Titanic.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eco-Zealots and Fred Phelps Sect - So Much Alike

Both groups politicize disasters, both blame the society for not following their ways, both co opt deity to their cause...
Check out this video by Ezra Levant:
The tragedy of Lac-Megantic was no exception. As soon as the news of the tragedy reached the media, comments like "crude oil just killed 60 people" started to appear. Long before any investigation of the tragedy could start, the eco-zealots already knew what should be blamed.

Monday, July 15, 2013

40 Days For Life Webcast - July 16, 2013

From the 40 Days for Life e-mail release:
Over these last six years, 575,000 people in 501 cities around the world have participated in 40 Days for Life campaigns of prayer and fasting ...

... SAVING 7,536 babies from abortion ...

... CLOSING 37 abortion centers ...

... HELPING 83 workers leave the abortion industry.

Now, are you ready to see the proven life-saving results of 40 Days for Life happen in YOUR community?

Then you'll want to attend one of two very important webcast events happening next Tuesday, July 16.

If you are in NORTH AMERICA go to:

If you are anywhere else INTERNATIONALLY go to:

During these LIVE events, you will discover:
  • How the pro-life movement is on the brink of a BREAKTHROUGH -- after decades of abortion
  • How God is using ORDINARY PEOPLE to change hearts and minds, save lives and transform entire cities
  • How you can bring 40 Days for Life to YOUR town ... and help bring an end abortion where you live
What you learn on Tuesday, July 16 could change you -- and your community -- forever!

Here are the details:


DATE: Tuesday, July 16

TIME: 9 PM Eastern (8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific)

WHAT: This event is specifically designed for those interested in holding 40 Days for Life campaigns in NORTH AMERICAN cities.

Register to attend this webcast at:


DATE: Tuesday, July 16

TIME: 6 PM GMT / UTC (you may check for your local time at )

WHAT: This event is specifically designed for those interested in holding 40 Days for Life campaigns in all other INTERNATIONAL cities.

Register to attend this webcast at:


During both events -- which you can attend by streaming audio webcast or telephone -- you'll hear true stories from special guests about hearts changed, lives saved, abortion centers closed and abortion workers converted during 40 Days for Life campaigns ...

... and you'll learn how, with God's help, you can accomplish similar results where you live.

At the end of each webcast on July 16, we'll begin accepting applications for those who want to LEAD a local 40 Days for Life campaign -- from September 25 through November 3.

But the ONLY way you can apply on July 16 is to join us for one of these special events.

The webcast is absolutely free, but with more than half a million 40 Days for Life volunteers around the world, spaces will fill quickly.

For life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

Lac-Megantic Mother Saved By Unborn Child

Among the tragic stories of Lac-Megantic - a little miracle, thanks to an unborn baby:
Josee, a young mother-to-be, said her unborn child woke her up the night of the explosions. She then woke up her partner. She said they had seconds to act, but her partner wanted to head towards the flames and warn people to evacuate.
An unborn baby saved himself and his parents. Yet the law still doesn't recognize him (and all the other children in the womb) as persons.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Canada!

Happy Birthday, Canada! Admired, respected, trusted!

And, with the recent bill that strengthens our freedom of speech and our right to a fair trial, there's another reason to celebrate. Have a happy Dominion Day everyone!