Monday, October 31, 2011

Pat Buchanan On 'Superpower Suicide'

Michael Coren interviews Pat Buchanan (click here for the video).
Pat Buchanan is someone who has genuinely spoken blunt truth to blunt power for years, which is one of the reasons he's not to everybody's liking. He is to mine however, which is why he appears once again on my Sun News TV show, The Arena, Monday night.
"The transformation has been dramatic and unique in our history," he says, "and the reason America has and will lose its greatness is that we are no longer unified. Anybody can become a good American, coming from anywhere in the world. But whereas in the past we asked them to become American, now we encourage America to become like them."

No pause, but straight into the argument. "We've given away what made us one. Faith, symbols of unity, the European, overwhelmingly Christian heritage of the majority who were and made the country. People could be who and what they liked, but they had to know what the national core values and identity were. No longer."
Most of what Pat Buchanan says about the US is also true for Canada. And his prognosis is by no means optimistic.

Grim Halloween Cartoon: Contraception Kills...

Are you in the Halloween mood yet? Check out these cartoons from the Sword Of Peter blog. Like this one:
Artificial Contraception: Strangles marriage and kills off future generations.

In fact, the caption might as well read "Western Society" rather than just marriage. Because that's exactly what happens to a society that chooses to abort and contracept itself out of existence.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pro-Life Arguments To Those Who Don’t Care About The Child

This could be particularly useful in situations when opponents not only don't care, but also heavily restrict (if not outright ban) any debates on unborn babies' rights - the way it often happens at university campuses. The article offers a few pointers on how to keep the debate going:
1. Abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. This truth, evidenced in prestigious, peer-reviewed cancer-research journals is a very important truth to disseminate. Why? Because the anti-breast-cancer movement – in its walks, marches, fun-runs, pink ribbons, shirts – is one of the most pro-woman movements in existence. Breast cancer is a modern plague on the women of our society, and abortion is augmenting its power.
2. Abortion makes women sad. I do not mean that in some vague way. A study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, synthesizing data from 1995 to 2009, shows that “women who had undergone an abortion had an 81% increased risk of mental health problems.”

From the European Journal of Public Health 2005: Researchers examining deaths among the entire population of women in Finland found that those who had abortions had a 3.5 times higher death rate from suicide, accidents, or homicides in the following year. Suicide rates among aborting women were six times higher compared to women who gave birth and two times higher compared to women who miscarried.
3. There are other women in existence! And no, I’m not talking about the fact that most children aborted are girls, though it is an interesting question to ask: When, exactly, do women’s rights begin? I’m talking about mothers who want to adopt! A 2008 study by National Center for Health Statistics found that 33.1% of women have at some point considered adoption. Of that number 4.9% were currently seeking adoptions. That’s 901,000 women looking for babies.
Also, check out the very first comment to the article, left by a nurse. It too has some information that is certainly not welcome by those who equate abortion with "maternal health".

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Free Speech Bill Awaits Second Reading

This time it's not just a motion to repeal section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, but a private member's bill that does just that. Bill C-304, that repeals section 13 (making subsequent amendments where necessary) was introduced by Brian Storseth, Conservative MP for Westlock - St. Paul on September 30. It has been jointly seconded by 19 other Conservative MPs since then. (Unfortunately, no opposition MP chose to come forward in support of free speech.)

Unlike both previous motions on section 13, bill C-304 did actually make it to the order of precedence. It is now 8-th in line for its first hour of debate. And that's where our support is needed. Our MPs still need to hear that we support it. Take action, contact your MP, ask that he votes to uphold our freedom of speech.

Don't be silent, because the opposition is certainly going to fight tooth and nail to preserve this abusive section that allows them to silence opponents so conveniently. They'll make a big stink about "Harper's government empowering hate mongers" and if they are more vocal than all those of us who merely want our freedom of speech back - Harper may block the bill and put the issue under wraps as he did with many others. Let's make sure it doesn't happen this time. Let's speak up for our right to do just that - to speak up.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Abortion: The Most Outrageous Injustice Today

Finally, CCCB acknowledges that if they are to promote social justice they better address this wholesale slaughter of innocent unborn babies:
CORNWALL, Ontario, October 27, 2011 ( - “The most outrageous injustice today is the attacks against the child in the womb,” says Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton, the newly elected president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

“If there is any example of injustice, it is that,” he added in a recent interview with Canadian Catholic News’ Deborah Gyapong.
At their 2009 plenary assembly, the CCCB established an ad hoc committee on life and family, and announced at last year’s plenary that they would develop a “concrete plan” for taking a greater leadership role in promoting the culture of life in Canada.

The plan, which launches in 2012 with a year of preparation in the dioceses, is aimed to encourage the faithful to take a stand for the life of the unborn, and at all stages.
It's about time the clergy takes more active role in promoting fetal rights, family values and the culture of life. Too many of them have been missing in action for far too long.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No, The Pope Did Not Endorse The Occupiers

That's most likely what the mainstream media would like to see. But the reality however is much different.
The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace carries no magisterial weight and even if did, Catholics could disagree with it.

The problem today is that Catholics don’t know what they can legitimately dissent from and what they cannot.

The creation of a central body the way Socialists want is NOT the answer. The exact OPPOSITE is the answer.

The problem with focusing on form instead of substance is that it can lead to totalitarianism.
More about that in this video: And here's another must-read article on the new Vatican document:
However, while economists are learning from the Vatican, perhaps the Vatican might learn a few lessons from economic analysts. Just for instance:
  • that government does not create anything, and therefore does not have funds unless it obtains those funds from ordinary people: taxpayers;
  • that the world’s financial system is currently endangered because of the soaring level of government debt;
  • that regulatory agencies have an abysmal record of failure in protecting the public from market fluctuations, speculative bubbles, and even outright fraud—and it is only reasonable to expect that a worldwide authority would reproduce those failures on a global scale;
  • ...
Oh, yes, and most important of all:
  • When an obscure Vatican agency issues a statement that contains 50% solid Catholic social teaching, and 50% flaky leftist theory, the world’s media will ignore the distinctively Catholic content—what the Church should say, what the world should learn—and concentrate exclusively on the leftist theory. So for the great mass of ordinary readers, who will never read the full document, but only scan the headlines, the important message will be lost. What will register, instead, is that the Vatican has not learned its lessons about economic affairs and political realities.
In other words - the usual maxim applies: never, ever, trust what the mainstream says about the Catholic Church. Ever.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saving Some Is Not A Compromise

When saving some is all we can do we should never pretend it's all we hope to do. But at the same time, we should not refuse to save some, when there is a chance to do so:
Why is it that this year alone over 80 laws have been passed in the United States restricting abortion and yet in Canada we have not been able to pass one law in over 20 years?
Given that politics is the art of what is possible, it means that politicians have to work with the sad reality that our society will not ban abortion today. At least two thirds of Canadians would oppose a ban on abortion, and some polls have the figure much higher than that. The political will to address the issue is even weaker than the public will. However, polls do show that at least 60% of Canadians would support some legal protection for the unborn (increasing protection with longer gestation). Given this reality, and given also the fact that every other country in the Western world has been able to pass abortion laws and restrictions, there is room for our Parliament to get rid of the gap between what Canadians would support and the status quo (no legal protection for unborn children).

When pro-life politicians in this country have tried to do what is possible by advancing legislation, they are given very little support by the key organizations representing the political arm of the pro-life movement. These politicians are often singled out as “compromisers.” With immense opposition from pro-abortion activists, the media, and even their own party, is it any wonder that after 20 years of this, most MPs, even pro-life MPs, are hesitant to touch the issue?
Not sure if the opposition to incremental legislation is as strong as Mark Penninga describes. I don't recall any known pro-lifers opposing the Unborn Victims of Crime Act or the bill against coerced abortions. Although, as I understand, this kind of "all or nothing" approach did play its role in derailing the last government bill on abortion, back in early 1990s. What is certain however is that Canada's pro-life movement sure needs to work on its strategy. The gap between Canada and the US is just appalling.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Please Mom No" - A Pro-Life Miracle

Just a lovely pro-life story, translated from Russian :)
...A colleague of mine got pregnant with her second child. Actually, she already had one adult child, her career was going uphill, and her age was by no means youthful... In the end she decided to end her pregnancy. Scheduled a doctor's appointment after work.

But our office administrator kept forcibly changing workstation access passwords from time to time. Usually he was changing them himself, after hours, using random password generator ... and in the morning one would find a piece of paper with the new password under the keyboard.

So, on that day when my colleague was about to have her abortion, she found her new password under the keyboard: "PLZMOMNO".
A sign like that, only someone blind wouldn't notice. She phoned to cancel her appointment.

Her child must now be close to turning 5...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Abortion Issue - We Want The Debate

A new campaign has been launched by the Alliance for Life Ontario:
We at We Want The Debate are not demanding every politician convert to a pro-life position. We are not demanding that all ‘pro-choice’ arguments be silenced, a stance which separates us from our opponents. What we are insisting on is that this issue, like any other, deserves to be discussed openly and fairly. We insist that the Canadian people should be informed on all aspects of the abortion debate. We demand our politicians allow this to happen, regardless of their personal political aspirations. We demand that anyone in the political sphere, be it entire parties, separate caucuses or individuals fighting alone be allowed to voice a belief on this issue and have it heard and discussed. In short;


If you feel inclined to ignore the above because ‘the abortion issue’ is not one you feel strongly about, consider the following question;

If the government of Canada can pervert and ignore democracy on this issue, what would prevent it doing so on any other issue? The answer is nothing, nothing at all.
Yes, it's about time we bring back the debate. Especially now, when there's no election in sight for some 4 years to come.
        H/t SoCon or Bust

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Abortion / Breast Cancer Link Now Finally Getting Some Talk

Thank God for Sun News:
Check us out on SUN News next week!

Less than a week from today, on Tuesday October 25th, 2011, tune into The Arena with Michael Coren on SUN News Network, to see deVeber Institute’s invited guest, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi speak about the biological and epidemiological evidence for the link between abortion and breast cancer at 7:00pm-8:00pmET. Sun News Network is Canada’s home for Hard News and Straight Talk.
Finally, the truth about the real effect of abortions on women's health will be broadcast to much broader audience than just blogs. Finally, a TV station is stepping in to counter the pro-aborts with their "women's health" / "maternal health" euphemisms (which have become almost synonyms to abortion, just like the ill-famous word "choice"). Finally, we have a media outlet that doesn't sacrifice common sense for the sake of political correctness.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Because We Believe In A Society Where Freedom Is More Important Than Hurt Feelings

...We support freedom of speech and oppose "human rights" commissions:
Human rights censorship laws are so vague, they become nothing more than the expression of the personal whims of the human rights commission enforcers. It's quite revealing. Canadian censors have persecuted Mark Harding, a Christian pastor concerned about Islam being taught in public schools.

Human rights commissions have gone after Father Alphonse de Valk, a 70-something Catholic priest in Toronto.

They investigated Calgary Bishop Fred Henry because he wrote a pastoral letter against gay marriage.

They hunted down the Christian Heritage Party. They convicted Rev. Stephen Boissoin of Red Deer, Alta., and subjected him to a lifetime ban on giving public sermons, or even writing private e-mails, criticizing gay marriage. The conviction was overturned in 2009.

What do these victims have in common? Pastor, priest, reverend, bishop, Christian party. Canada's human rights censors aren't declaring war on hate. They are declaring war on Christianity. Scratch a human rights commission, find an anti-Christian bigot.
Well said. Ezra Levant nails it, as always.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Destroyers (The Occupiers On Our Streets II)

The title says it all. Check out this great essay by David Horowitz:
A friend of mine sagely observed that the difference between conservatives and leftists is that we are creators and they are destroyers. You couldn’t have a better picture of that than the contrast between the peaceful Tea Party demonstrators and the mobs defacing cities and causing millions of dollars in damage all over America and now the world. That’s because the Tea Partiers love their country and respect their communities, even those they disagree with. Whereas the destroyers respect nothing and are driven by their primary emotions which are envy, resentment and hate.

Make no mistake about who these people are. This is the same global communist movement that attacked the World Trade Organization and “evil corporations” in 2001, and that took to the streets to defend Saddam Hussein and call Bush Hitler in 2002. The forces behind this movement are identical: Soros, the Shadow Party, gangster socialist unions and a “progressive” intelligentsia whose hatred of the capitalist West has caused it to lose its collective mind.
And let's conclude with a few cartoons h/t Jill Stanek:

These cartoons would be quite funny if those guys who call their protest an occupation and erect dummy guillotines to show how they would like to treat those who don't agree with them, weren't so serious about seizing by force what others have earned with their skills and hard work.

The Occupiers On Our Streets

They don't have their schmeissers and panzers yet, they already promise violence. And, while one of their spokesmen was praising French Revolution and its methods, someone out there has already erected a dummy guillotine. But we better not ask ourselves what would be the media reaction if this kind of rhetoric (along with visual aids) was used at, let's say, a Tea Party rally. This is, after all, a peaceful rally, designed to bring people together, isn't it?

It sure is. Just look at this amazing show of unity between the nazi- and the internazi-sozis. We haven't seen so much solidarity among the two branches of the socialist movement for some 70 years... Let the proletarians of the world unite!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Socialist State Versus The Church

Eventually, the former could no longer co-exist with the latter: Just replace Obama with McGuinty (or Charest, who differs from his Ontario colleague in mere minor details) - and you'll get the situation for Canada. To make things worse, there is already a case being heard by the Supreme Court, that could be decisive for religious freedom.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Occupiers Are Coming

When a group calls its protest an occupation - it's obvious that there isn't much positive (if any) to expect from their protest. Fortunately, they don't yet have the means to establish their "class justice" by force. But their own vocabulary makes it perfectly clear what they would do to our nation if they had the power.

They argue that "the richest 1%" isn't taxed enough and they claim to represent the remaining 99%. But they ignore one important fact: when we (the real 99%) need money, we go out and work; take extra hours or get a second job, if needed. But when these crazed commies need money - they demand more taxes on those that are more hard-working and more successful than they are.

Don't be fooled; if what they ask for ever gets implemented - it won't stop at the richest 1%. That's just how any "redistribution" works - no matter how hard you try there will always be those believing that they don't get enough, that they deserve more...

And, talking about the "richest 1%" - it was just 7 or 8 months ago when the provincial government rolled back the tax reduction for those in the upper bracket, restoring higher rate to even more than 1% of the richest taxpayers. Do you think it satisfied those crazed commies? Of course it didn't. They won't be satisfied until the extra tax money confiscated from their better-off neighbors goes directly into their pockets.

Some complain that the media doesn't give those parasites enough coverage. And, although the media has been much friendlier to them than to let's say the Tea Party movement, in some way, it is true - there's a lot about the occupiers (and the ultra-left protesters in general) that never gets media coverage.

Update: Mockupy wall street - Andrew Breitbart, a "bad-boy journalist" from Los Angeles talks about the occupiers' rallies on Ezra Levant's show. The interview includes some video clips - see for yourself what these rallies are all about and who is behind this "mass grassroots protest".

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ontario "Human Rights" Commission: Are Muslims More Equal?

They believe that "perfect apartment for a student" or "seeking mature couple" is discriminatory. They believe that landlords have no right to describe what they would like their tenants to be - even if that person is going to live in the same apartment. They creep through the apartment rental ads looking for politically incorrect language, threatening violators with "human rights" lawsuits. But there is one specific group that is exempt from this policy. Guess which one...

Here's another video report on the subject by Charles Adler: The Human Rights Commission has been exposed as a kangaroo court in the past, new hypocritical actions are just enforcing that fact.

Update: Here's some input from Michael Coren, who explains (in just over 3 minutes) what exactly is wrong with Canada's approach to human rights.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Fossil Fool...

Stephen Harper may be reluctant to outright denounce the discredited warm-mongering beliefs, but at least he won't rush into implementing any of those carbon trading scams, that would burden the economy with billions in new taxes, without making the air any cleaner:
But he deserves it for being one of the first political leaders anywhere to understand that whether you call it a carbon tax or cap-and-trade, it doesn't actually lower emissions of greenhouse gases in the so-called fight against global warming.

That all it does is make people poorer and governments and big business richer, by increasing the cost of hundreds of goods and services that rely on fossil fuel energy, including gas, electricity and home heating fuel.

Today, carbon taxes are widely discredited with most politicians afraid to utter the phrase. Even Norway, which has had one for two decades, conceded years ago it hasn't had a major impact on emissions.

Meanwhile, fraud and corruption are rampant in Europe's cap-and-trade market, set up in 2005.
Harper's only failing is not coming clean with Canadians by explaining what an enormous job moving off fossil fuels will be.
That would be quite a difficult job in a country where over half of the population still believe in man-made global warming. So "skillfully negotiating through a minefield" appears to be the only option - until the fallacy of all these "climate change" theories becomes obvious to most Canadians.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NB Considers Senate Elections

A rather unexpected breakthrough in the Senate reform debate. Looks like, in addition to the two elected Senate nominees from Alberta, that actually got to be appointed to the Upper Chamber, we may soon have one from New Brunswick:
Premier David Alward says he'd like to have new legislation in place to allow New Brunswickers to elect their own senators by the time a vacancy comes up next year.

"We know there are three Senate positions that will be up over the next couple of years - one in 2012 and two in 2014. We believe that the opportunity is there for New Brunswickers to have a voice," he told reporters on Thursday.

Alward acknowledged the government has "a lot of work to do" as a team works on the issue, but he stressed his desire to bring it forward "in a timely fashion."

Allowing such legislative change, he said, "is vital for the future of our province."
He's the first premier in Atlantic Canada to support Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Senate Reform Act, introduced in June, that will see senators' terms limited to nine years and establish a series of guidelines for provinces to voluntarily hold Senate elections.
So, if David Alward doesn't back down under the pressure of all those who oppose Senate reform, then New Brunswick's very first Senate election will take place in just seven months. Then, we're likely to witness the very first Senate election taking place in Saskatchewan (following the retirement of Robert Peterson, which is scheduled for next October). And of course, Alberta may finally hold its 4th Senate Nominee election, the one that has been put on hold by Ed Stelmach. So we may actually have as many as 5 elected Senators from 3 different provinces - in just a year or so...

But doesn't this require a constitutional amendment? Not at this point. Currently, the Prime Minister has the right to advise just anyone (who meets the property and residence requirements, of course) for appointment to the Senate. If he chooses, out of all the candidacies available, to advise the person who happened to be elected in a non-binding Senate nominee election - that's perfectly within his powers. Now, when it comes to making those elections binding, so that no future Prime Minister could ever choose to ignore the popular vote and appoint his proteges instead - there too, the answer is not so obvious.

So far, Harper keeps trying to avoid touching the constitution by giving the process a different name - instead of electing Senators directly, voters merely compile the list of nominees, from which the Prime Minister could choose his candidates for the actual Senate appointments. So, since the Senators, technically, are still going to be appointed by the Governor General, on the advice of the Prime Minister (except that his choice will be limited to those elected by popular vote,) since there will be no formal shift from appointed Senators to directly elected ones, Harper suggests that no constitutional amendment is required.

And, most likely, he is right. (After all, he's not a newbie in politics and he certainly knows what he's talking about.) Except - why wouldn't he go for a full scale constitutional amendment, if the opportunity is there? Yes, Dalton McGuinty and Jean Charest will never agree to the amendment, but the government can go directly to the people, put the question to a referendum and, with some 70% support for directly elected Senate, satisfying the requirement of the 7/50 formula wouldn't be a problem.

Yes, that will take much longer than merely passing a bill; we may even have to wait until the next Federal election for the referendum to take place. But if the choice is between a half-measure - that could be ignored by the provinces, misunderstood by the voters and abused by the Prime Minister, and a full-scale reform - that will mandate the same rules for all provinces, ensure clarity for the voters and get the Prime Minister out of the Senate appointment process - it makes more sense to choose the latter.

Meanwhile, we better take advantage of the Prime Minister that is committed to appointing elected Senate nominees and start holding these elections. Alberta and Saskatchewan have already passed the required legislation, New Brunswick is looking forward to join them - and hopefully more provinces follow suit once all those elected Senate nominees start taking their seats...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Video: Happy Thanksgiving From Michael Coren

It's Thanksgiving Day, but what exactly is it that we should be thankful for? Oh, well, at least let's be thankful, that thinks didn't turn out even worse. After all, that vote we had just 5 months ago, was quite close, wasn't it?...

So, have a happy Thanksgiving :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Strong Families, More Babies - Good For The Economy

Within the decade, Canada will have more retirees than people under 15. How could it be possible to reverse the trend? Check out this video interview of Andrea Mrozek (from the Institute of Marriage and Family) by Brian Lilley. Andrea has a few interesting suggestions. And no, all-pervasive McDaycare is not one of them.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ontario Election - "Fool Me Thrice..."

Basically, this cartoon says it all: It's sad to see Ontario becoming Canada's version of California - drowning in debt, marginalizing its hard-working citizens and concerned parents and keeping re-electing the same hardcore socialists...

Voter turnout is at all time low. More than half of the voters apparently don't believe that their vote could make a difference. And the leader who could have inspired them to get out and vote, chose to play moderate instead. As result, Ontario gets another 4 years with McGuinty and his team...

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me..." - now, what does it say about "fool me thrice"?...

Update: Charles Adler's message to Tim Hudak: cross the floor.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another McGuinty Government - A Disaster...

A government that inherited a balanced budget and turned it into $6B deficit in its first year (in spite of all the tax hikes they brought to "address" it). A government that inherited a thriving economy, but turned Ontario into a "have-not" province. A government that started by eliminating tax relief for parents that opted out of the public school system - and is aiming at destroying Catholic education altogether; making it Catholic in name only and setting the stage for the inevitable merger of the school boards:
TORONTO, Ontario, October 4, 2011 ( – After Premier Dalton McGuinty forced Ontario’s Catholic schools to introduce homosexual clubs this summer, Campaign Life Catholics is warning in advance of the October 6th election that another McGuinty government would be a disaster for all people of faith.

“It appears that Dalton McGuinty has an agenda that is not friendly to Catholic education. In fact, he seems determined to thwart genuine Catholic teaching,” said Suresh Dominic of Campaign Life Catholics.

In July, McGuinty said homosexual clubs are “not a matter of choice” for the Catholic schools, while his Ministry of Education has insisted that these clubs cannot help homosexual students “reform their sexuality.”

Behind the scenes, the Liberal government has pushed the Catholic schools to implement gay-straight alliances specifically, even issuing what some have called a veiled threat that the schools’ public funding could be in jeopardy.
Blazing Cat Fur has a few thoughts on why Tim Hudak is likely to lose the election. (In fact - he talks about that in the past tense - as things are unlikely to change.) It's hard to disagree with what he says. And, to make things worse, there will be many "Red Tories" claiming that it's Hudak's "far right" views that have alienated the voters...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Student Life Link - A Pro Life Canada Starts Here

Meet those who are right on the front lines of the battle for fetal rights, bringing pro-life message to their fellow students:
Student Life Link does just what its name suggests: connecting high school students who are working to make a difference for life in our country.

Our mission is to support and encourage the Pro-Life Movement among high schools students. The formation and development of high school pro-life clubs is key to effective education on campus, saving lives from abortion, and forming new leaders to build a Culture of Life.
Why is it critical to have the pro-life club on high school campuses? Why are student clubs important and effective?
If these students have learned from their high-school years not to fear the aggressive crowd, to stand up for what they believe in, in spite of ridicule, ostracism and sometimes even intimidation, to defend their views in the most hostile environment one could think of - then what could stop them in just a few years time, when they become adults?...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mark Bonokoski & Dan Robertson: McGuinty A 1st Class Liar

Ontario election debate rehash by Mark Bonokoski & Dan Robertson: Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like McGuinty has already outdone Bob Rae - in boosting taxes, in racking up debt, not to mention abolishing parental rights and forcing perverse curriculum on 5 year-olds. If Ontarians choose to give this internazi-sozi thug another mandate - that will be a disaster...

But what about the alternative? This time FCP only runs 31 candidate, plus many Social Conservative voters will choose to vote strategically - in a last-ditch attempt to get rid of McGuinty. And yet, it's extremely important to support FCP candidates where possible:
Back in 1990, I was the Chief Financial Officer for two campaigns in the Kingston area (city and township). During the election, one candidate attracted close to 1500 votes (5.4% of the vote) and the other candidate received over over 2,000 votes (6.9% of the vote). Several candidates received over 10% of the popular vote (the best was 13%).

Some time after that, I remember going to an FCP meeting where our leader at the time, Don Pennell, told those gathered that the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party had contacted him about getting together for a chat. They indeed met and the PCs asked Don, “what it would take to make us (the FCP) to go away”. Don said that he proposed many policies and they didn’t see a problem with any of them, except, of course, the abortion issue.

Why is this an important story? It’s important because it shows that if people were to just vote for their fundamental principles, instead of worrying about “wasting their vote”, they actually can have more influence over the political establishment than they would otherwise have in just “settling” for the mainstream political parties and compromising their beliefs as well.
Regardless of the outcome, if there's at least a handful of FCP candidates that show strong performance on Thursday - it will be much harder for the "Red Tory" wing of the Ontario PCs to claim that Conservative policies alienate voters.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life Chain - Despite The Rain

An hour of silent witnessing for the babies in the womb. In spite of the bad weather, there were about 30 of us there (not to mention those who stayed at the George Dumont to keep the 40 Days for Life vigil going,) plus a few families joined on the way. We even found a few people to start a little chain on the other side of the street...

There were four pro-aborts with their signs, practically waving them at the cars that were passing by. As always, they had no other arguments beside their "choice-choice-choice" mantra: "Abortion, adoption, parenting = choices" (Stopping for a man on a crosswalk and running him over, those too are choices, but are you going to tell me that these choices are equally valid?) "Never going back" - with a small coat-hanger in the corner. (Yeah, those entitlements are sure not easy to let go of.) But at least there, they bothered to clarify what kind of "choice" they stand for. Their other signs just kept saying "pro-'choice'" without completing the sentence - as if the words "choice" and "abortion" were exact synonyms. (For many pro-aborts - they actually are.)

The most ridiculous one was "pro-child, pro-'choice'" - she might as well have written "pro-child, pro-Sparta". If you're pro-child, then what do you have against all those children in the womb, that have a beating heart, that have their fingers and toes (with unique fingerprints already engraved,) that can feel pain and recognize voices - except they are yet to take their first breath? Why can't they have the same protection other children have? I guess that's a rhetorical question...

Here's a nice comment posted by Neal Ford in the CHP Canada Facebook group:
Wanted to share with you all something that happened on my campaign today:this is delicious! We just had our Life Chain event, same weekend, same place as every year... wouldn't you know it, Leona Dombrowsky the Liberal candidate has her campaign office right there, so there we were with our pro-life signs right in front of her HQ! And there I am, the FCP candidate, standing there right in the middle of it! They rushed out in a panic wondering why there was an abortion protest in front of their office. We satisfied them by explaining that it's a yearly event always held in the same place. Still, it was great that the situation tweaked their noses so much.
Nice isn't it? There are suggestions that we hold our next year's life chain at the George Dumont Hospital - where we have the 40 Days for Life vigil. This is not such a busy street as Champlain Street, but the target is just right, as the hospital is responsible for about a quarter of New Brunswick's abortions.