Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Please Mom No" - A Pro-Life Miracle

Just a lovely pro-life story, translated from Russian :)
...A colleague of mine got pregnant with her second child. Actually, she already had one adult child, her career was going uphill, and her age was by no means youthful... In the end she decided to end her pregnancy. Scheduled a doctor's appointment after work.

But our office administrator kept forcibly changing workstation access passwords from time to time. Usually he was changing them himself, after hours, using random password generator ... and in the morning one would find a piece of paper with the new password under the keyboard.

So, on that day when my colleague was about to have her abortion, she found her new password under the keyboard: "PLZMOMNO".
A sign like that, only someone blind wouldn't notice. She phoned to cancel her appointment.

Her child must now be close to turning 5...

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