Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thinking About Charity This Christmas?

Here is an opportunity to help. Consider donating - not to some faceless NGO or a third world dictatorship, but to real people, here in Canada, that are in need for help, because provincial healthcare doesn't cover their medical treatment:
TORONTO -- After almost three weeks, 11 physiotherapy sessions and $8,000 spent, little Luc LeBlanc is now able to sit up and look his mother in the eye.
There at the private clinic, Luc is receiving what is considered an alternative form of treatment: intense and specialized physiotherapy that involves toning muscle to help him sit up, stand and move his limbs on his own -- treatment Monaghan says Nova Scotia won't cover because it is unproven and outside a regulated medical environment.

Monaghan, a single mom of three currently on social assistance, said she needed to find a way to raise money to have her son treated at the clinic after running into dead ends in Nova Scotia. She created a Luc LeBlanc Facebook page and went to the local media with her son's story.
And here's the story of Madi Vanstone, who needs our help to survive, because the province won't pay for the life-saving medicament:
...Madi, 12, suffers from a rare form of cystic fibrosis. She desperately needs a life-saving drug, Kalydeco, to keep her breathing.

The drug costs $348,000 a year — and it’s not covered by OHIP.

Her dad Glen has benefits at work that pay for 50% of her drug bill. The drug manufacturer picks up 30% — but that leaves the family paying $5,770 a month to keep Madi alive.

With the drug, the prognosis for Madi is good. Within 30 days, diagnostic tests for CF were negative. Her lung function increased from 78% of expected value to 111% of expected value.

Without the drug, she’ll need a lung transplant in her mid-teens. That will only give her another five years.
The government is not willing to help. The very same governments that generously extend public healthcare to special interest groups, suddenly adopt Scrooge's "they better die and decrease the surplus population" approach when it comes to ordinary Canadians. So it's up to us to help.

To donate to Madi, go to www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/madi-s-miracle-meds/61506.

Donations to help Luc can be made directly to the Revivo clinic or by contacting Monaghan through her Facebook page FightingmonsterswithloveandPrayersBabyLuc.

Consider chipping in (even if it's something symbolic like $5 or $10). And have a merry Christmas :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So Much For "My Body My Choice"

Here's how the "progressive" "pro-choice" crowd acts when the issue at stake is other than placing restrictions on abortions:
After five weeks the ward, she said she was forcibly sedated. When she woke up, she was told her child had been delivered by caesarian section.

She said nobody told her this was going to happen.

Now the woman, whom Fleming said is back on meds and has made a full recovery, wants her child back.

But a judge ruled the now 15-month-old girl should be put up for adoption in case the mother suffers a relapse.
So much for "my body, my choice" when a woman chooses to carry her pregnancy to term, to be a loving mother for her baby...