Friday, October 21, 2011

Abortion Issue - We Want The Debate

A new campaign has been launched by the Alliance for Life Ontario:
We at We Want The Debate are not demanding every politician convert to a pro-life position. We are not demanding that all ‘pro-choice’ arguments be silenced, a stance which separates us from our opponents. What we are insisting on is that this issue, like any other, deserves to be discussed openly and fairly. We insist that the Canadian people should be informed on all aspects of the abortion debate. We demand our politicians allow this to happen, regardless of their personal political aspirations. We demand that anyone in the political sphere, be it entire parties, separate caucuses or individuals fighting alone be allowed to voice a belief on this issue and have it heard and discussed. In short;


If you feel inclined to ignore the above because ‘the abortion issue’ is not one you feel strongly about, consider the following question;

If the government of Canada can pervert and ignore democracy on this issue, what would prevent it doing so on any other issue? The answer is nothing, nothing at all.
Yes, it's about time we bring back the debate. Especially now, when there's no election in sight for some 4 years to come.
        H/t SoCon or Bust

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