Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ontario "Human Rights" Commission: Are Muslims More Equal?

They believe that "perfect apartment for a student" or "seeking mature couple" is discriminatory. They believe that landlords have no right to describe what they would like their tenants to be - even if that person is going to live in the same apartment. They creep through the apartment rental ads looking for politically incorrect language, threatening violators with "human rights" lawsuits. But there is one specific group that is exempt from this policy. Guess which one...

Here's another video report on the subject by Charles Adler: The Human Rights Commission has been exposed as a kangaroo court in the past, new hypocritical actions are just enforcing that fact.

Update: Here's some input from Michael Coren, who explains (in just over 3 minutes) what exactly is wrong with Canada's approach to human rights.

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