Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Fossil Fool...

Stephen Harper may be reluctant to outright denounce the discredited warm-mongering beliefs, but at least he won't rush into implementing any of those carbon trading scams, that would burden the economy with billions in new taxes, without making the air any cleaner:
But he deserves it for being one of the first political leaders anywhere to understand that whether you call it a carbon tax or cap-and-trade, it doesn't actually lower emissions of greenhouse gases in the so-called fight against global warming.

That all it does is make people poorer and governments and big business richer, by increasing the cost of hundreds of goods and services that rely on fossil fuel energy, including gas, electricity and home heating fuel.

Today, carbon taxes are widely discredited with most politicians afraid to utter the phrase. Even Norway, which has had one for two decades, conceded years ago it hasn't had a major impact on emissions.

Meanwhile, fraud and corruption are rampant in Europe's cap-and-trade market, set up in 2005.
Harper's only failing is not coming clean with Canadians by explaining what an enormous job moving off fossil fuels will be.
That would be quite a difficult job in a country where over half of the population still believe in man-made global warming. So "skillfully negotiating through a minefield" appears to be the only option - until the fallacy of all these "climate change" theories becomes obvious to most Canadians.

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