Saturday, October 29, 2011

Free Speech Bill Awaits Second Reading

This time it's not just a motion to repeal section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, but a private member's bill that does just that. Bill C-304, that repeals section 13 (making subsequent amendments where necessary) was introduced by Brian Storseth, Conservative MP for Westlock - St. Paul on September 30. It has been jointly seconded by 19 other Conservative MPs since then. (Unfortunately, no opposition MP chose to come forward in support of free speech.)

Unlike both previous motions on section 13, bill C-304 did actually make it to the order of precedence. It is now 8-th in line for its first hour of debate. And that's where our support is needed. Our MPs still need to hear that we support it. Take action, contact your MP, ask that he votes to uphold our freedom of speech.

Don't be silent, because the opposition is certainly going to fight tooth and nail to preserve this abusive section that allows them to silence opponents so conveniently. They'll make a big stink about "Harper's government empowering hate mongers" and if they are more vocal than all those of us who merely want our freedom of speech back - Harper may block the bill and put the issue under wraps as he did with many others. Let's make sure it doesn't happen this time. Let's speak up for our right to do just that - to speak up.

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