Thursday, October 27, 2011

Abortion: The Most Outrageous Injustice Today

Finally, CCCB acknowledges that if they are to promote social justice they better address this wholesale slaughter of innocent unborn babies:
CORNWALL, Ontario, October 27, 2011 ( - “The most outrageous injustice today is the attacks against the child in the womb,” says Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton, the newly elected president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

“If there is any example of injustice, it is that,” he added in a recent interview with Canadian Catholic News’ Deborah Gyapong.
At their 2009 plenary assembly, the CCCB established an ad hoc committee on life and family, and announced at last year’s plenary that they would develop a “concrete plan” for taking a greater leadership role in promoting the culture of life in Canada.

The plan, which launches in 2012 with a year of preparation in the dioceses, is aimed to encourage the faithful to take a stand for the life of the unborn, and at all stages.
It's about time the clergy takes more active role in promoting fetal rights, family values and the culture of life. Too many of them have been missing in action for far too long.

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