Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life Chain - Despite The Rain

An hour of silent witnessing for the babies in the womb. In spite of the bad weather, there were about 30 of us there (not to mention those who stayed at the George Dumont to keep the 40 Days for Life vigil going,) plus a few families joined on the way. We even found a few people to start a little chain on the other side of the street...

There were four pro-aborts with their signs, practically waving them at the cars that were passing by. As always, they had no other arguments beside their "choice-choice-choice" mantra: "Abortion, adoption, parenting = choices" (Stopping for a man on a crosswalk and running him over, those too are choices, but are you going to tell me that these choices are equally valid?) "Never going back" - with a small coat-hanger in the corner. (Yeah, those entitlements are sure not easy to let go of.) But at least there, they bothered to clarify what kind of "choice" they stand for. Their other signs just kept saying "pro-'choice'" without completing the sentence - as if the words "choice" and "abortion" were exact synonyms. (For many pro-aborts - they actually are.)

The most ridiculous one was "pro-child, pro-'choice'" - she might as well have written "pro-child, pro-Sparta". If you're pro-child, then what do you have against all those children in the womb, that have a beating heart, that have their fingers and toes (with unique fingerprints already engraved,) that can feel pain and recognize voices - except they are yet to take their first breath? Why can't they have the same protection other children have? I guess that's a rhetorical question...

Here's a nice comment posted by Neal Ford in the CHP Canada Facebook group:
Wanted to share with you all something that happened on my campaign today:this is delicious! We just had our Life Chain event, same weekend, same place as every year... wouldn't you know it, Leona Dombrowsky the Liberal candidate has her campaign office right there, so there we were with our pro-life signs right in front of her HQ! And there I am, the FCP candidate, standing there right in the middle of it! They rushed out in a panic wondering why there was an abortion protest in front of their office. We satisfied them by explaining that it's a yearly event always held in the same place. Still, it was great that the situation tweaked their noses so much.
Nice isn't it? There are suggestions that we hold our next year's life chain at the George Dumont Hospital - where we have the 40 Days for Life vigil. This is not such a busy street as Champlain Street, but the target is just right, as the hospital is responsible for about a quarter of New Brunswick's abortions.

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