Friday, September 30, 2011

National Post Capitulates To Militant Perverts

They apologized for pro-family ad and promised to donate the proceeds from the ad to a homosexual activist group:
September 30, 2011 ( - The Canadian National Post, which until the advent of SUN news network was thought to be the most conservative national mainstream media outlet in the country, has shocked conservatives by apologizing for running a pro-family advertisement. Moreover, the National Post says it will be donating the thousands of dollars paid for the ad by the pro-family group to a homosexual activist group.

The ad, sponsored by the Institute for Christian Values, depicted a large picture of a little girl with the header, “Please! Don’t confuse me.” Below the photo, the youngster said, “I’m a girl. Don’t teach me to question if I’m a boy, transsexual, transgendered, intersexed or two spirited.” The ad specifically addressed the Toronto District School Board’s policy of forbidding parents to opt out of its pro-homosexual curriculum.
Judging from the comments, the newspaper has capitulated once again, altering the text of their apology. (Just sort the comments from oldest to newest.) In the last sentence of the 3rd to last paragraph, the phrase "people who have made choices about their sexuality with which the group disagrees" was apparently replaced with "people with whose sexuality the group disagrees" - to suit the myths propagated by the homosexualist groups that their perverse behavior is their "identity" rather than an intrinsically disordered lifestyle choice.


Trestin said...

It's happening all over. In America they are now pushing for trans-gender people to be in the military.

Chad Roberts said...

Your "pro-family" stance is a joke. You're only pro-your family. School boards are forced to promote tolerance of homosexuality because children of ignorant parents come to school spouting off all sorts of homophobic slurs. Most children have no idea what a homosexual even is until they hear about it from these children.

Leonard said...

We stand for the real family; for the unique mother-father-child relationship that can only be established in a traditional family. A couple of perverse males or females may try to imitate family relationships, but it will be just that - an imitation; a surrogate; they can never form a real family - even if those who hold the position of authority want us to accept them as such.

As for your assertion that "most children have no idea what a homosexual even is until they hear about it from these children" - maybe that was the case some 30 years ago, when kids were first hearing the word "f-got" and only later finding out that it actually means something different than "jerk" or "dumbass". Nowadays the school boards make sure the kids find out everything about sexually deviant behaviors and lifestyle choices even before they learn the ABC. (You should have checked that newspaper ad that caused the controversy - it has actual quotes of what's being taught to kids starting from junior kindergarten - e.g. age 4.)