Friday, September 30, 2011

Abortion Industry Thugs Are Losing Ground

In spite of all the euphemisms abortionists use to hide the true nature of their practice, in spite of all their claims that this is merely a "medical procedure", doctors are increasingly refusing to do abortions:
The author, a female abortionist who writes anonymously, says she fears that if current trends are not corrected, the killing of the unborn will be “endangered.”

“I think that [abortion] is a medical practice that is ‘tolerated’ more than it is really accepted, even several decades after its legalization, and including in the heart of the medical community,” she writes.

“It isn’t rare to hear strongly disagreeable reflections [regarding abortion] on the part of fellow physicians, a sign of little openness of spirit and of tolerance regarding VIP [Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy].”

“Just in my ‘small’ experience at the heart of our establishment, few gynecologists commit themselves at a reasonable level to the practice of VIP ... fewer and fewer, and fewer and fewer among the younger generations ... We count them on our fingers, with one hand, where I work ... They use their ‘conscience clause’ to justify their lack of involvement.”
I'd like to see the author's face when she hears the stories of Abby Johnson and Ramona Trevino:
A lot of the abortion debate has surrounded “demand” while the supply factor (i.e. doctors who are willing to perform them) has been almost ignored. That’s why now, faced with dwindling numbers of abortionists, the abortion lobby wants to strike conscience clauses from the medical code of ethics. They want to force unwilling doctors to perform abortions. In the name of “choice”, of course.

It’s the end of the line for the abortion industry when it starts to do that. They’ve lost the political and social debate and now they are resorting to thug-like tactics.
Here in New Brunswick the situation is quite similar: We have the Morgentaler's team suing the province for taxpayer-funded abortions on demand, we have a "human rights" complaint launched by none other but the practitioner who performs abortions at the George Dumont hospital. And at the same time, many in the hospital are greatly uncomfortable with all the abortions that take place there. We were told that last year's 40 Days for Life vigil did result in some heated discussions... Let's hope that eventually, some of that gets expressed at the board meeting - prompting the hospital to stop performing abortions once and for all.

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