Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Abortion Debate: We Need To Talk

Great article by Ezra Levant:
In Abbotsford, BC, a property owner has set up a symbolic cemetery on his own land, with 1,862 miniature crosses on it, to symbolize the number of abortions each week in Canada. It's like those small memorials along highways where people have died in car accidents.

Is it shocking? Maybe. But if it bothers you to think about what those crosses symbolize, that's the point. And that's why a pro-abortion extremist group wants the government to shut it down.
Today is the first day of the Lenten 40 Days for Life vigil and it starts with the news of another abortion center closing:
Just recently, I told you about Lima, Ohio … where the abortion center, where faithful volunteers had intended to peacefully pray for 40 days, had CLOSED and gone out of business.

Well, we just confirmed that it happened AGAIN!!!

This time, prayer volunteers in Greensboro, North Carolina were getting ready for their second peaceful vigil outside the Woman’s Choice abortion facility. But now, those plans have changed.

This abortion center has also SHUT ITS DOORS and is not relocating!

“All glory to God!” said one of those volunteers. “All the furniture is gone,” she said. “They left like a thief in the night.”
Let's keep praying and there will be more of them to come.

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Harper is a weasel the way he won't even entertain a discussion. This issue will not go away.