Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This Is Not About Upholding Quebec Values

A brief comment on this Sun News article:
There is hardly a soul in all of Canada who finds the Sikh turban, the Jewish yarmulke or the crucifix violate either Canadian or Quebec values. Yet, like Premier Pauline Marois, we are all part of the charade pretending this debate is about the Sikh turban.

If Marois indeed believes in upholding Quebec values, she would have said there is no room in Quebec for the use of religious symbols that promote fascist and supremacist political ideologies. However, we live in the age of Chamberlain, not Churchill.
Here's the thing. The proposed "Charter of Quebec Values" has nothing to do with upholding Quebec values, it's about redefining them. As the "charter's" unofficial name implies - it's about secularism. The objective is not to ban offensive religious symbols, let alone symbols that promote fascist and supremacist political ideologies. The PQ is hijacking the hot-button issue for their own political advantage, looking forward to enshrine militant secular humanism as Quebec's new official religion and to stamp out what's left of Quebec's Christian heritage under the pretense of neutrality, multiculturalism and non-sectarianism.

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