Friday, October 5, 2007

"Choice" To Vandalize

Poor-choice vandals strike again in Ottawa West - Nepean, damaging few signs of the FCP candidate John Pacheco. Usually they were simply knocking them down. This time vandals used spray cans to alter the signs as they saw fit - blanking out the name with the website address and writing "abortion" "Choice" over the picture of a 20-week unborn baby.

No, this wasn't a picture of aborted babies; the kind that some pro-life groups use to show what abortion really is and what kind of "choice" the poor-choicers actually stand for. This was just a picture of a baby; if it wasn't for the caption at the top of the sign, not everyone would even notice that the baby on the picture still has a few months before his first breath. So what was wrong with that? Apparently, a mere picture of a baby is too irritating for abort-mongers.

Yes I understand that there is an election campaign going on, therefore some may "choose" to vandalize their opponents' signs... But how come the FCP signs are the only ones that are being vandalized?

FCP is often regarded as a "fringe" party. A couple weeks ago some guy who commented on my blog asked me how much was I going to bet that Family Coalition Party would actually elect a candidate in this election. While I'm not making any bets, I'd say the chances are there and the fact that John Pacheco's signs are being vandalized over and over shows just that. Otherwise - even a poor-choicer would realize it doesn't worth the effort.

Another question - is FCP the only party those poor-choice thugs disagree with? Could it be that a guy with a spray can happens to be a supporter of the Liberals, the PCs, the NDP and the Greens all at once, so he only vandalizes the FCP signs? Or is it because the other four major parties are virtually indistinguishable from each other and, in fact could be called Liberal, Liberal Light, Liberal Pro and Eco-Liberal?

I guess - that's actual the reason. The FCP is the only party that proposes real solutions to fix Ontario's healthcare and education, rather than merely suggesting to throw in more cash. Our opponents know that once the word is out, there's no way their ideological rhetoric can compete with the common sense, the natural law and the culture of life. That's why the pro-abortion activists choose vandalism.

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