Saturday, October 27, 2007

National Pro-Life Conference: Second Evening

Our second evening began with some entertainment, as Ginette Landry, Sam Bourgeois and Amelie DeAcros performed a few traditional Acadian songs. But the fun stopped there and then we had to get serious.

Because the last part of our second day at the National Pro-Life Conference was dedicated to personal experience of the women who've been misled and traumatized by the abortion industry.

Denise Mountenay, the founder and president of Canada Silent No More, was the first to share her personal experience. The painful experience of being raped, becoming pregnant, having abortion, then having it again, few years later... Denise told us how her mother referred to an abortion as "operation" and the doctor regarded the baby as "a blob of tissue". She told us about the pain, the infection and the injuries she's got as a result of a "safe and legal" abortion, 'without a single coat hanger' - those are Denise's own words and I hope I wrote them down right.

Denise started the Silent No More group. A group where women devastated by the legal abortion could turn to. A group for women who've been there, done that and want to make other women aware of what they really went through. Denise says there are 2 million women injured by abortion. Silent No More is ready to reach out to each and every one of them.

A CBC documentary described Denise as a woman who is "turning her back on choice". What Denise is saying that the abortion is unchoice. She's mentioned numerous possible complications that could arise from "legal and safe" hospital abortions. (No, not the 'back alley abortions'.) There are 48 studies linking premature births to abortion, over 27 studies also linking Breast Cancer to abortion. But women are never told about the link between abortion and breast cancer, between abortion and premature birth, between abortion and sterility; let alone being told about the possible emotional consequences.

Unless the things change, Denise suggests that all the women who were left hurt and broken by the abortion industry sue the abortion providers for lying to them. Meanwhile, Silent No More runs a website - Please find a few spare minutes to visit the website. Even if you believe that abortion is a "choice" - please check out the website in respect for women that made the choice you promote and ended up injured physically and emotionally.

Our last speaker for the day was Lorraine Hartsook. Her story is just the opposite - about a woman who's been told just few days before her marriage that she was unlikely to have any children. She wanted to become a mother, but her health condition didn't permit that. Lorraine had 12 miscarriages and went through years of medical treatment. Physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted, her life was a disaster.

In the hour of misery, Lorraine found the internal strength to turn to God. Suffering is a privilege, she said. She has accepted her cross of not being able to have children and raised two adopted children instead. Lorraine is an award-winning Christian recording artist. She told us the story of her quest for motherhood through the power of a song. And even though the CD player kept switching to the wrong tracks, her voice and her message were powerful enough to touch our hearts and to remind us that the gift of motherhood shouldn't be taken for granted.


SUZANNE said...

You are doing a fabulous job of reporting on this. Thanks so much!!! Keep it up, I'm really interested.

CANADA Silent No More said...

Thanks Leonard for your report...there are a few corrections I need to make. First I am with Canada Silent No More and our website is
There are 48 studies linking premature births to abortion, over 27 studies also linking Breast Cancer to abortion.

God bless you!
Denise Mountenay
speaker/author of FORGIVEN of murder...a true story