Thursday, November 8, 2007

Are Unions Anti-Catholic?

MacDonald wrote next to PSAC president John Gordon but his complaint made no progress through the usual grievance channels of the union. He wrote to Gordon on July 26, 2006 saying that he and the union were ignoring his complaint. “I have to believe that your inaction and the lack of respect you have shown to a local president, will only reinforce the belief that many have that the PSAC is anti-Catholic.”
MacDonald wrote in his submission to the Canadian Human Rights Commission that the union has created a “stressful and at times hostile” work environment for him as a believing Catholic. Since the Catholic Church teaches that homosexuality is a deviation from the norm of heterosexuality, the policy means that in the eyes of the union, those who adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church are ipso facto “heterosexist”.
Some follow-up on the legal struggle against the anti-family union bureaucrats. As always, they resort to the same twisted logics: speaking in defense of traditional marriage is "discriminatory", but treating Catholics (or any other Social Conservatives for that matter) as less equals, refusing to respond to complaints (yet not forgetting to collect their union dues) - they see nothing wrong with that.

Shows once again that it's time to bring in the freedom of non-association. Workers that are displeased with the way their union is treating them must have the right to cancel their membership and form a union of their own.

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