Monday, December 17, 2007

Canadians Support The Unborn Victims Of Crime Act

Environics poll shows that the bill is supported by 72% of Canadians. Online poll on the Edmonton Sun website shows even higher number - 84%. Support for the bill is high even among the left wing voters. 71% of the Bloc supporters as well as 66% of the NDP supporters are in favor of a legislation that would make it a separate crime to harm an unborn baby during an assault on a pregnant mother. Unfortunately, this support is not mirrored in the Parliament.

As the bill C-484 was debated in the House of Commons, Alexa McDonough stated that a brief discussion among NDP members "does not lead to the conclusion that there is a great deal of support or enthusiasm for the bill". Thus NDP MPs are likely to vote against the Unborn Victims Of Crime Act, defying two thirds of their votes.

Among other things McDonough mentioned that "laws shouldn't be based on revenge". She said that not a single woman or a single representative of a single organization has approached her, asking to support the bill. And she claimed that since the Conservatives didn't nominate many women candidates in the past election she is "not sure about the authoritativeness of speaking on behalf of women's pressing needs".

Well, if McDonough doesn't trust Ken Epp and the Conservatives, she may trust Dena Gallant, who has become a one-woman lobby group in a campaign for the rights of pregnant mothers and their babies.
“I’ve been lobbying pretty much ever since the beginning to ensure that the Criminal Code gets changed to include charges for the murder of an unborn child when a pregnant woman has been murdered or be harmed by someone,”
“I believe it’s a human rights issue as opposed to a pro-life (or) pro-choice issue,” said Gallant.

“This bill has nothing to do whatsoever with abortion laws and only deals with a wanted, unborn child.”
The bill will be debated a couple more times before it's voted on. Let's make sure that no other MP could say that none of his constituents has asked him or her to support the bill. No matter what party your Member of Parliament is from, please contact your MP, and encourage him to vote for the Unborn Victims Of Crime Act.

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