Sunday, December 23, 2007

Four Lucky Newborn Babies For Christmas

OREGON, Ohio, December 21, 2007 ( - A couple in central Ohio gave birth to quadruplets last week, their second pregnancy after giving birth to twins three years ago. It had been suggested they abort one of the children, using the terminology "selective reduction", but the parents refused. They were also offered induced labour and early delivery of the children but they opted to wait for labor to begin naturally.

Tony and Shannon Hand of Oregon Ohio became the proud parents of Madison Claire, Everett Joseph, Isabel Grace, and Olivia Justine. The couple was expecting two boys and two girls, and were surprised by three girls and a boy instead.

"During all the moving around, they fooled us," said Tony. "It's a better [Christmas] present than I could've hoped for."
Luckily for the quadruplets, their parents chose not to take advice from phony experts, so none of the babies was aborted; all four of them lived to see daylight and to have their first breath. And they are looking forward to say their first word, to make their first step and to do plenty of other things life is there to offer them as they grow up.

Let's wish all the best to Shannon and Tony, to their four newborn babies and to their two older kids, that will now have three little sisters and one little brother. And let us redouble our efforts to make sure that every baby is lucky to be born - just as those four babies were. Every child is a blessing. There might be an unwanted pregnancy but there's never such thing as unwanted child.

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