Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Intolerance For The Sake Of Multi-Cult

The Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce had a Christmas reception today. Yes, they had the courage to call it a Christmas reception. Unfortunately, not many member businesses followed suit. One of the Chamber employees had taped all the greeting cards he received to the glass door of his office. Almost all of them read "happy holidays" or "season's greetings".

This happens in New Brunswick, where only 0.8% belong to other religions. Even if we count the 8.7% with no religious affiliation, that means our business people prefer to avoid mentioning Chistmas, which is celebrated by 91.5% of New Brunswickers, just so they don't accidentally hurt the feelings of some of the remaining 9.5%. What's worse - most of us apparently got used to this discriminatory practice, so only few realize that tolerance doesn't mean excluding the majority.
All real progressives know there is no better month to get riled up for hating and intolerance than December. And while you tell Canadians to be tolerant everyone knows that doesn’t include Christians or that hetronormative Santa Clause.
Any display of Christianity tells other religions they aren’t wanted, while there is only one religion that isn’t wanted by good Trudeaupian socialists that’s the Christian one. Luckily every other religion in Canada is wanted, just not the one the people who built the country belonged to.
A few months ago the government of Quebec formed a committee on "reasonable accomodation" of minorities. The initiative was denounced by the leftists when the committee allowed ordinary Quebeckers to express their true opinions on milti-cult. What are the chances for the final report to mention that excluding Canada's founding religion is clearly not a reasonable accomodation?

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