Thursday, December 13, 2007

When Does Free Speech Become Hate? TV Interview With Ron Gray

Ron Gray, the leader of the Christian Heritage Party, his lawyer Ronald McDonald and Paul Arthur, the host of the In Sight program on The Miracle Channel discuss the sorry state of the freedom of speech in Canada.

When does a free speech becomes "hate speech"? Not many can give a clear answer to that. Especially not the younger generation, which appears to be completely disoriented on the issue. Some of them actually agree that if you criticize one's lifestyle choice - it's nothing but a hate speech. Others suggest that you have the right to say that a certain lifestyle or culture is wrong, provided you don't really mean that it's wrong. (So why would one say it then?)

With the way the concept of "hate speech" is understood today, considering that most of the so called "human rights complaints" have been filed against Christians, it's hard to disagree with Ron Gray that even if nobody has yet been thrown to jail for merely advocating traditional family values, that doesn't mean this won't be happening let's say 20 years from now. Unless, of course there are enough people willing to stand up for their freedom of speech.

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