Friday, December 21, 2007

Who Are Those Who Want To Ban Christmas

Here's a great article by Werner Patels. A little research shows that when businesses and government institutions avoid using the word Christmas, this isn't done because of the complaints they receive from those who practice other religions. Most of the time, the word Christmas gets banished just because a mental disease named political correctness claims yet another victim:
That example of a Christmas card from a Muslim well-wisher shows perfectly how we are failing ourselves and our immigrants. It's not immigrants who make those demands on us to drop all references to Christmas and such; no, it's deranged people in our midst who take these pre-emptory measures as if they were driven by a weird need to prove something -- something that doesn't exist and something that doesn't require proof one way or other.

Those who want to ban Christmas from our lives fall into two groups:
  • Atheists who are so frustrated with their sorry little lives that they want to ruin things for everyone else, not realizing that Christmas is a special time of the year even for those who do not necessarily associate it with God or any specific religion.
  • Those who are racists deep down inside and therefore want to regulate things in this way, so that they can hide what they really think and feel (and who, perhaps, secretly hope that immigrants get blamed for their actions and measures).
Here's yet another example of how those guys "just try not to offend anyone". Werner suggests some of them are racists deep down inside. I would call them self-hating bigots. Same as there are self-hating Jews (those who hate being reminded of their Jewish roots and who fiercely oppose Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state), there are also self-hating Canadians (as well as self-hating Americans, self-hating Europeans etc) who hate being reminded of their Christian roots and who try to erase any reference to Christianity from public places. So when they say that the word Christmas is offensive to minorities - they refer primarily to themselves.

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