Monday, January 28, 2008

Abortion Clinics - Same Old Back-Alley Butchers

When poor-choicers try to defend unrestricted access to abortions, the word "abortion" is always accompanied with the words "safe" and "legal". Those words repeat themselves over and over, creating an impression, that legal abortion is safe and safe abortion, as they say, should be legal. But are those legal abortions really safe?
Los Angles, CA ( -- Officials in Los Angeles are pursuing a case of practicing medicine without a license against southern California abortion business chain owner Bertha Bugarin. Los Angeles police began the case last fall but details are only now coming to light after a pro-life organization obtained records from authorities.
The office said Bugarin is charged with five felony counts of practicing medicine without certification and two misdemeanor counts of dispensing medication without a license.

Her sister, Raquel Bugarin, 49, of Los Angeles, is charged in the same complaint with five felony counts of aiding or abetting the practice of medicine without certification.

The office said that when abortion practitioners were not present, Bertha Bugarin "allegedly performed medical procedures on five patients."
That doesn't really look safe, does it? But wait, it wasn't really legal either... In that case, Morguentaller & Co believe it's the law that must be changed. And they are trying to do just that here in New Brunswick:
Regulation 84-20 says the provincial Medicare plan won't pay for an abortion unless it is approved by two physicians and performed by a specialized gynecologist.

Morgentaler's lawsuit states this is unconstitutional and contrary to the Canada Health Act. The lawsuit demands public funding for clinic-based abortions, which can be accessed without a referral and can be performed by a general practitioner instead of a specialist.
As if we were talking about pulling out a splinter...

As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the court decision which struck down what's left of Canada's abortion laws, the Real Choice blog reminds us of another anniversary:
Evangeline McKenna was 38 years old when she checked into Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Los Angeles for an abortion and tubal ligation. Two days after the procedure, she had a seizure. She stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest. Doctors told the family that Evanegline was brain dead, but they held out hope and asked that she be put on life support.

On January 28, 1974, after twelve days on life support, Evangeline was pronounced dead.
Legalization let the "back alley butchers" hang up their shingles on Main Street. To what end?

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