Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CHP: Children Are The Prize In A Secret War

"Following BC's bad example" - a close look at the alarming trend in public education in BC, which started with the official secularization of the school system in 1986. As the parents ceded control over their children's education to the government, the government in its turn, ceded control over the school curriculum to radical groups, including militant homosexuals.

Part 1: Getting the language wrong:
In 1986, British Columbia’s Social Credit government—which included several Christians in its cabinet—made a major philosophical blunder. The error could perhaps be attributed to the declining condition of public education in BC (and, indeed, across Canada), reflected in the fact that when the MLAs voted, they did not understand subtle differences between the words secular and non-sectarian.

The BC government, rewriting the province’s School Act, wanted to ensure that public education in BC remained non-sectarian in character. But what they actually wrote was a law that mandates: “public education in BC must be secular…”
Part 2: When is non-religion a religion?
BC MLAs, rewriting the School Act in 1986, mandated that public education should be Secular. Why? Apparently they didn’t understand that Secularism is a religion — arguably one of the most bigoted of all faiths, exceeded in virulence only by Taliban/Wahabbi Islam. These share with Secularism the goal of extirpating every other religion — the radical Islamists by roadside and suicide bombs, the militant Secularists by legislation and substituting indoctrination for education.
Part 3: Children are the prize in a secret war:
Right now, in British Columbia, a secret war is being waged against parental control of children’s education. The story is an astonishing web of duplicity and deception.

It began a couple of years ago when two men (both teachers) — who think they’re married to each other — threatened the BC government with a “human rights” lawsuit because the public school curriculum didn’t give adequate recognition to homosexuals.
Part 4: Recovering real education to save kids:
How can Canadians recover control over the education of their children, and stop the re-structuring of our society by militant Secularists?

First, we must understand that it urgently needs to be done.

There’s little sense of urgency about this among most hard-working parents; because most families are time-strapped, with both parents holding jobs outside the home. Such parents trust the schools to take proper care of their children; but that job was given by God to parents, not to the state.

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