Sunday, January 27, 2008

Disallowing Fetal Rights Debate - A Disservice To Women

Pro-life organizations provide support for women in crisis and help women cope with the often traumatic effects of abortion. These are just some of the noble and compassionate services provided by pro-life organizations and people. McHattie and Hull are especially doing a disservice to women in crisis pregnancy situations, who have the right to receive information on all their choices, some of which pro-life organizations provide.
Abortion on demand has done nothing to improve the status of women in Canada. Women are still poor, abused and discriminated against. In fact, we now have evidence that abortion negatively impacts women. Organizations such as Silent No More, Project Rachel and Feminists for Life are bringing to light that abortion exploits and oppresses women. Even unborn female babies are at higher risk of being aborted than unborn males, simply because they are female.
A great rebuttal to those who claim that fetal rights are "a very delicate issue that should not be advertised on panels and posters" (2nd comment from the top.)

By the way, did anyone notice that none of the 5 pro-abortion posters (so far) bothered to sign their comments? Not even a nickname, let alone signing their real name. Compare that to the pro-life comments - 8 out of 10 are signed, 7 of them - with an actual name. That too shows something about our opponents, doesn't it?

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