Thursday, January 3, 2008

Global Warming? Global Nonsense!

It wasn't just another snowy day in Moncton. It was yet another snow storm that brought the city to a halt. A third snow storm of that magnitude in just five weeks. There was no bus service. Most of the businesses were closed, including all the fast food outlets at Highfield Square mall. The Chamber of Commerce was open when I called them (it was about quarter to 1pm) but they told me they were closing down already. Luckily, I managed to convince them to stay open for fifteen more minutes until I got there.

What is usually a 15-minute walk turned into a 15-minute run though flurries and snow. Sidewalks were nothing but huge snow banks. Because of the flurries, visibility was down to no more than 10-15 meters; the traffic lights across the streets could barely be seen. Fortunately there weren't many cars on the roads, but I shutter to think what a drive home was like for Valerie and her colleague from the Chamber of Commerce, that were courageous enough to come to work. The snowfall has ceased by now, but people must brace themselves for a cold snap. The temperature is expected to plunge to between -16 and -20; -27 if you count the wind chill.

So where is this global warming we've been hearing so much about? As I said before, the conference on climate change should have been hosted in Moncton, not in Bali. That would have frozen the green out of all the warm-mongers out there in no time - just as boiling gets the green color out of a lobster.

By the way, just a week ago the weather forecasts predicted temperatures above zero and rains (not snowfalls) right after Christmas. This didn't happen. Even the snow storm I'm writing about came much later than it was predicted. So if those guys can't predict the weather for next week - why should we believe their weather predictions for the next century?!

P.S. As I was writing this, "No Apologies" has posted a link to another panicky article about this "global warming" nonsense. A columnist in the Baltimore Chronicle is looking forward for the "global warming" to cause flooding which will essentially drown all the red-necks. He suggests that any refugees from the flooded areas "who allowed the world to go to hell" must be "gerrymandered into political impotence in their new homes" and he views that as "the silver lining to the looming catastrophe". (Is this also the way he thinks about let's say, China? Doesn't look like it; I wonder why.)

Lindorff believes this will happen "in the lifetime of his two cats", e.g. some 10 years from now. But even though Baltimore is much further to the South than Moncton, I bet he won't be wearing his swimsuit tomorrow.

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