Thursday, January 24, 2008

Investigative Report On Ezra Levant

Defendant acknowledges awareness of charges against him. He is represented by counsel but insists on opening statement and filming the hearing. Despite warnings and brochure on self incrimination he proceeds.
Starts yapping about British common law, Magna Carta, Canadian law, UN Declaration of Human Rights, other documents of white male privilege, etc. Subject seems agitated. Stuff about conscience, religion, expression blah blah blah. Seems to be stonewalling because none of this has any reference in my copy of Publication AHRCC-0503(k), "Hearing Guidelines for Human Rights Clerks." Long diatribe about Sharia Law, radical Islam.

Sorry, I crossed my arms and kind of spaced out there for a second to look at that nice big landscape painting in the hearing room. Does the Commission gift shop have prints? Anyhoo, defendant still seems agitated, and offers thanks to (probably also racist) magazine donors. What is this, the racist Oscars?
Of course this is not the official investigative report released by the Alberta human blights commission on Ezra Levant's case. But I won't be surprised if that's what the real report looks like.

Alberta HRC officers are upset with the publicity they are receiving. They are not amused with the fact that the YouTube videos of the interrogation have been viewed by over 400,000 people so far. While Canadian media continues to boycott the case, Ezra Levant has recently made it to the CNN - giving the freedom-snatching committees more publicity they wouldn't like.

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