Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Liberal Hidden Agenda Exposed

You won't find any of that in the Liberal party platform. But these are the policies they've been following for decades. Even when the Liberal party is not in power, unelected Liberal appointees in the courts and "human rights tribunals" do the job for them.
First when it comes to free speech people say nothing is brewing or has been done to curtail that of late. To them I say with the massive results we’ve obtained what more is there to do? I mean not only are Canadians kowtowed into only saying things that socialists like to hear because everything we on the left disagree with is hate speech. But now we fine the crap out of people for merely quoting what others have said.

Hugh Owens quotes the bible 20k

Bill Whatcott quotes homosexuals who publish a magazine soliciting for sex with,… well I better not say, 17k

Mark Steyn quotes an EUrabian Imam, well, who knows, how much he will have to pay but our tribunals have never ever found anyone not guilty.

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