Monday, February 25, 2008

Denying Justice, Denying Choice

When someone says that he is in favor of choice, it's reasonable to assume that there's more than one option to the issue he refers to and that the person in question supports both options equally. So when pro-abortion activists call themselves "pro-choice" it sounds as if they would also respect women's choice to carry the unborn child to term. Their opposition to the Unborn Victims Of Crime Act clearly shows this is not the case.

Despite the common perception, bill C-484 does not grant personhood to unborn babies. Neither does it criminalize abortion or otherwise punishes women for behavior that may harm the fetus (such as drug abuse). Section 7 of the bill provides specific exemption for these cases. The protection of the bill only applies in situations when a criminal action, committed against a pregnant woman, results in death or injury of the pre-born child. Only in these cases the criminal would be charged for harming both the mother and her unborn baby.

Opponents of bill C-484 like to highlight section 5, which states that it is not a defence to charge that the unborn child is not a human being. But wild animals aren't humans either. Yet if you hunt them without permit - you're going to get in trouble. Same like our laws protect animals without granting them personhood, bill C-484 offers legal protection to unborn babies, but it doesn't grant them personhood.

So why does the pro-abort side oppose the bill? Because it acknowledges that there's more than one victim to an attack on a pregnant woman. Because the bill denounces their "one body - one count" myth, confirming the biological fact: that a mother and her baby are two separate beings from the moment of conception. Even that is too much for them. They'll deny choice for women who want to keep their babies, they'll deny justice to the unborn victims of crime, just to prevent any possible threat to what they call a "right to abortion".
The great scam of “choice” has never been accepted by people who have a fondness towards objective truth.
It was really never about choice in the first place. It was about preserving abortion no matter how many women get killed, no matter how many families are traumatized, and no matter how many wanted unborn children die.
That says it all.

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