Monday, February 11, 2008

A Mother And A Baby = One Body???

Behold the new campaign the abortion fanatics at bread and roses have launched against the Unborn Victims Of Crime Act. Their slogan is "one body, one person, one count". Yes, they actually want people to believe that a mother and her unborn baby are still one body, thus there's only one victim to an attack on a pregnant women.

Denying the obvious fact that an unborn child has his own body - that's a weird new development for the radical poor-choicers. And the most ridiculous one too. Because if a fetus is not a separate body, then how does it become one at birth? Do those abort-mongering radicals at "bread and roses" and "birth pagans" really want us to believe that human beings multiply by budding, just as plants or bacterias???

One doesn't need to hold a PhD in Biology to prove them wrong. Just look at the picture of the unborn baby at 18-19 weeks. Does it look anything like a "blob of tissue" which is still a part of the woman's body? Look at the head, the face is clearly visible. It may resemble the mother's face but it's still a different face. Notice the tiny little arms and little legs - don't tell me it's the woman who's got another pair of tiny arms and legs, with tiny little toes and tiny little fingers, which by the way have their own unique fingerprints already engraved.

Baby's heart starts beating in less than 3 weeks after conception. That's baby's heart, not his mother's. A baby gets his own unique DNA right at the moment of conception. No, the mother doesn't get to have two sets of DNAs during pregnancy. A baby may even have his own blood type, different than the mother's. Newsflash for the "birth pagans" - you can't have two different blood types at once. Finally, when the baby starts kicking in the womb, it's the baby who decides when to be active and when to calm down.

There's no denying it - unborn baby has a body of his own. Moreover - he also has a personality of his own. Therefore, when a pregnant woman is assaulted - there are at least two bodies suffering; there are at least two persons being hurt. Therefore - the thug who raises his filthy hand on a pregnant woman should be charged with at least two separate crimes, for hurting a mother and for hurting her unborn baby.

Two bodies. Two persons. Two counts. It's as simple as that.
P.S. The most troubling part of Fern Hill's message is the news that the Bloc and the NDP intend to whip their members to vote against C-484. If your MP happen to be a member of the NDP or the Bloc, please write him and make him aware of the public opinion poll which shows that at least 2/3 of his party supporters agree with the bill. The very least he can do if the party leader whips the vote is not to show up.

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