Friday, February 8, 2008

Political Purge By The BC College Of Teachers

Apparently, if you're a teacher in British Columbia, you're not allowed to be a member of the Christian Heritage Party. That's one of the conclusions you might reach based on the latest disciplinary proceeding against Chris Kempling. Kempling, who's a guidance counselor and teacher in Quesnel, BC, has been hit with yet another complaint from the BC College of Teachers, and this time he could lose his teaching licence altogether.

Four years ago, Kempling was cited for professional misconduct after writing a letter to a local newspaper outlining Christian teachings on homosexuality. After a hearing on the matter, Kempling was found guilty of the charges, and his teaching license was suspended for a month. He appealed that all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada, at a cost of more than a hundred thousand dollars. And lost. Now he's received another letter, informing him that he is being cited on numerous counts for conduct "unbecoming" of a teacher. In an email to supporters this week, Kempling says one of the complaints against him is that he was a candidate for the federal political party, the Christian Heritage Party.
I guess the British Columbia's last Social Credit government couldn't imagine that happening back in 1986 when a law that mandates secular public education in BC was adopted. They wanted to ensure that public education in BC remained non-sectarian in character. But due to a semantical error, they've achieved just the opposite.

Having a secular public education system doesn't mean making it neutral or non-sectarian. Neither does the word "secular" mean having the school system non-religious. But with the way the word secular is interpreted now, it clearly means exclusion of Christians.

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