Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bill C-484 Passes Second Reading

Great news for everyone who values human life and respects women's right to choose motherhood. Bill C-484 that would make it a separate crime to harm an unborn child while committing an assault against a pregnant woman (known as the Unborn Victims Of Crime Act) has passed the second reading in the House of Commons.
MP Ken Epp’s private members’ bill to protect unborn children from criminal violence passed second reading in the House on Wednesday. Almost the entire Conservative caucus voted in favour, along with enough Liberals and one NDP member to see it pass. The final count was 147 to 133 in favour of Epp’s “Unborn Victims of Crime” bill.
The bill has been facing opposition from abortion advocates who worry that it would set a precedent of recognizing and attaching some kind of humanity for unborn children; although they’ve been hard pressed to explain why they don’t oppose similar rules with respect to wildlife.

For example, penalties are much harsher in some provinces when poachers are convicted of killing pregnant wildlife as opposed to animals that aren’t carrying young.
The bill still has a long way to go before becomming law. But the fact that a pro-life bill went this far in a Parliament dominated by the left-wing parties is none the less amazing.


Mrs. Ashe said...

Now to call Canadians to pray for and petition the UNELECTED SENATE to put this in law.

amy said...

thank you a hundred times for this article. It brought me hope as I searched for info on this bill and could find only angry "defend a womens right to choose" sites. I just had my second baby and you can bet I would want homicide charges laid if my precious baby had been killed before he had been born. I had already chosen to keep my baby. Why doesn't that factor into any of these arguments? These are women who had cosen LIFE. Thanks for not being politically correct,