Friday, March 7, 2008

CHP Candidates Wanted

When the next election comes, I'd like to see CHP candidates in the following 4 ridings: Carleton-Mississippi Mills in Ontario as well as Pontiac, Beauport-Limoilou and Louis-Saint-Laurent in Quebec. No, those ridings are not vacant. They are held by Gordon O’Connor, Lawrence Cannon, Sylvie Boucher and Josée Verner. Those MPs were elected under a Conservative banner. But not only they aren't Conservatives, they aren't even Red Tories (which is another name for Liberals in the making). They are just nobodies.

The Unborn Victims of Crime Act seeks to properly recognize unborn children as crime victims when they are injured or killed during the commission of an offense against their mothers. Just as Joel Johannesen states at the Proud To Be Canadian blog, that's not a “conservative” notion. That’s just sane. That's common sense which is supported by 75% of Canadians, including over 2/3 of the Liberal, NDP and Bloc supporters.

When it came to the vote, there was one NDP MP, Peter Stoffer, who had the courage to vote against the party line, supporting women's choice for motherhood. Those four nobodies on the other end decided they'd rather let dozens of other women to be forcefully deprived of their babies, than support a bill which recognizes there's more than one victim to an attack on a pregnant woman.

They voted against common sense. They voted against the bill supported by 72% of Canadians, including nearly 80% of Conservative voters. They call themselves "pro-choice", yet they voted against the choice of the woman and the child she has chosen to keep...
This is Canada, where the mere mention of the word “abortion” effectively guarantees the cessation of any reasonable dialogue. Much like discussion of private-sector participation in health care, the myths and goblins that surround the state of abortion in this country heavily outweigh any knowledge of the actual state of the law of the land, which is to say: there is no law. None. There may be a litany of regulations governing who can operate a backhoe or a restaurant in the various jurisdictions of our federation, but nary a byline addressing the provision of the termination of a human fetus.
The Liberals, the Bloquistes and the Dippers who voted against Olivia Law will each have a Conservative candidate running against them when it's time for another election. Those four nobodies however are likely to keep their Conservative nomination in spite of their despicable voting record (it's extremely difficult to unseat an incumbent). So we need someone else to provide the real Conservative option on the ballot. I believe, having a CHP candidate in each of those ridings is the best solution.

The Christian Heritage Party usually comes up with about 50 candidates in each election. Few of them however are nominated strategically. Yet those who do run in the ridings where no other candidate shares conservative values, end up getting the best results, as voters in those ridings don't have to worry about splitting the vote. So let's have 4 CHP candidates nominated not just anywhere they can run a candidate, but first and foremost in the four ridings, that are currently held by those pseudo-Conservative nobodies who voted against women's choice for motherhood.

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