Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Multi-Cult Cash Separates Us Rather Than Unites Us

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion criticized federal multicultural funding as dividing immigrants instead of uniting them, and called for better integration of newcomers.

"An awful lot of money is spent on multiculturalism and on keeping our immigrants separated rather than integrated," Ms. McCallion said in an interview.

"They've been given all kinds of money over the years to have their own organization, their own programs, and I think there should be more money spent on integration, in other words, encouraging them to get involved in all the organizations within a community like the service clubs and the sports groups."
Instead of wasting millions on multi-cult handouts, the government could have achieved much better results by overhauling the immigrant selection system, letting the actual employers, rather than politicians, set the qualifications for skilled workers.

Bring in the selection system that would allow potential immigrants to have their skills and credentials matched against the actual labor market standards. Get the provinces and the businesses involved to help getting the right people to the right places. Bring back the good old rule that every potential immigrant must be able to sustain himself and his family. And there will be no need for handouts.

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