Sunday, March 9, 2008

No, It's A Different Body!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth a million. Abortion fanatics have recently made a pathetic attempt to convince Canadians that a mother and her baby - are just "one body". This ultrasound of Suzanne's baby proves them wrong.

So what's that after all? Little arms, little feet, little head... It's a little body. We see the arms and legs moving, we see the mouth opening... Not, it's not a mother's body, but a different one - a baby's body. A beating heart can't be seen, but it's there.

Why would the pro-aborts deny the obvious?
In the past, to justify abortion (and suppress our moral intuitions about it), the fetus has been classified as "potential human life." Letter-writer Vicky Smallman characterizes the fetus as a "potential loved one" to deny the fetus's existence and any legal recognition of harms and wrongs done to it and to those whose child or grandchild it is.

The adamancy of the pro-choice lobby's absolute stance that in no circumstances should the fetus be legally recognized, because they fear that might lead to people agreeing that the fetus exists, is human and is alive, shows how difficult that contra-factual position is to maintain.
That says it all.

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