Thursday, March 27, 2008

Peter O'Donnell: Warman vs Free Dominion — Socialist Revolution

This article was recently posted by Peter O'Donnell on Free Dominion. Peter makes some pretty compelling arguments about what's really at stake in the Warman lawsuit against Free Dominion and some of its posters.
The announced Warman lawsuit against Free Dominion and eight of its anonymous posters is analyzed by one of those posters as a case study in socialist revolution. The case will mark a significant escalation of this revolution, and here's why. — Peter O'Donnell.

Over the past seven years, since the election of the Liberal majority government of November, 2000, which was able to pass sweeping legislation enabling same sex marriage and more insidiously, legally questionable protections against social criticism, a small group of socialist elitists have turned the existing Human Rights commissions and tribunals into their own personal vendetta against conservatives.

The strategy behind this is clear and unmistakeable. First, isolated and relatively defenceless individuals were targetted, on the grounds that their religious witness against the homosexual agenda in Canada constituted hate speech. Of course, it never approached the implied meaning of the term hate speech, much as we dislike that term in any case. The discourse was usually a direct quotation of Scripture followed by a reasoned plea to stop interfering in the education system or in organized Christian worship.
With the insidious wording of Section 13 to guide them, the Warman clique was able to target various weakly protected individuals and bring them to kangaroo court justice, across the country. But this only whetted their appetite... ...They carefully selected groups who might fit the bill of being far right, white supremacist, or even anti-Semitic, as with the Lemire group now being prosecuted, and juiced up the action by apparently planting a number of articles that were generally far more legally actionable than anything the original defendants could have produced by themselves.
The laws being promoted and finessed by the Warman clique are nothing more than personal opinions of socialists, written into statute books and enacted as though they had any real moral or ethical standing. They do not, as is clearly evident when one considers the case of Pastor Stephen Boissoin of Alberta, who has recently been saddled with an entirely unwarranted charge of responsibility in other peoples' wrongdoing in the assaults on teenagers in Red Deer. This is the new replacement for due process and the foundations of law as we understood them before 2000 -- if the politically correct elite considers you guilty, then you are guilty, and this is what will happen to all of us, one by one, as we are called to account for our thought crimes, our failures to accept and then regurgitate the political correctness religion of the atheists and secular humanists.
Quite a grim picture. There's however an optimistic opinion on the situation as well. Dr. Mabuse from the The Kraalspace blog suggests that the Islamic lobby blew the game by picking high-profile, mainstream Canadians for their targets. The same could be said about Warman clique, which have recently moved from targeting unemployed marginals to persecuting mainstream conservatives on their largest political website, let alone going after a political party which promotes traditional values and Christian heritage.

Hopefully that would be too much for Warman & Co. Hopefully they not only lose their legal battle, but spark a public outrage, enough to bring some changes into Canada's political landscape and repeal all those gag laws - from section 13.1 of the Human Rights Act to "hate propaganda" bill C-250.

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