Monday, March 17, 2008

Progressive Censorship - Nothing But Cowardice

Debate is allowed only when it benefits the "progressives". Once they realize they have no chance of winning - any debate on the issue becomes "unacceptable".
Well that's how the 'progressives' work. If they want abortion or same-sex marriage or polygamy or whatever, then everyone better be 'open' to debate or they must be fascist theocrats. But as soon as they get their way then the 'debate is over' and it is 'time to move on' because those are now their 'human rights' and only closed-minded religious fundamentalist fascists would want to re-open the debate. They don't bother to mention that it was the willingness of the opponents to these movements to debate the issues in the first place that led to the current status quo. It is these 'progressives' who are the closed-minded fundamentalists, not the conservatives and religious.
Well said. It's not the first time when "progressive" student unions ban abortion debate on university campuses. Mark Milke, Calgary Herald columnist, suggests that banning debate on abortion is proof of closed minds. I'd say - it's a proof of cowardice. The only reason they've banned the debate is because they knew they were going to lose it.

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