Monday, March 24, 2008

A Testimony Against Pride Extremism

Let me assure you, even as a young, radical college student, I had no time for the clubby, leftist lemmings who comprised the early gay activists. They were dull, they were depressing, they always looked and acted as if they were born to be offended and victimized, they could never discourse for more than 5 minutes without hitting some tiresome barrier of resentment or ideology. So basically, I just avoided and ignored them because they had nothing to say to me or for me.
So I formed HOPE (Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism) to give a voice to gays and lesbians who choose to live with dignity and discretion, who don’t wake up every day looking for discrimination under the bed, and who don’t go running to the governments, the courts or the human rights commissions for a lifetime of therapeutic preferences.
This is the message that militant homosexuals don't want us to hear. Just like they didn't want the CTV to run a TV ad sponsored by Life Productions, because it contains a testimony of John Westcott, a former homosexual who had the will and strength to quit the destructive lifestyle.

Militant homosexuals tolerate no criticism, pretending to speak on behalf of anyone who might have any connection to the lifestyle they promote. But the fact is - no matter how noisy and influential are those promoting the current homo-political agenda, they represent no one but themselves.
What many people don't realize, and seldom hear, is that many homosexuals don't want to be homosexual. What many who are struggling with homosexuality don't realize, and seldom hear, is that they can change.

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