Monday, April 7, 2008

Denormalization Of Social Conservatives

From Deborah Gyapong's blog:
I suppose that someone who refers to social conservatives as knuckle-draggers must be a Darwinist at heart and believes human beings ascended by chance from the primordial slime and evolved to our present state via natural selection.

In this modernist, "rationalist" view of progress and evolution, I presume he thinks social conservatives, however, failed to evolve and still have ape-like qualities such as the long arms and short legs that make knuckle-dragging possible. Another explanation could be that social conservatives---especially those who populate the Conservative Party Caucus-- are so backwards and inbred that they represent genetic throwbacks.
That's what Tom Lukiwski gets for the humiliating apology he was so quick to deliver. Apart from denouncing his comments from 17 years ago and describing his behavior back then as "stupid, thoughtless, and insensitive", Tom went as far as suggesting that "they are words that should not be allowed to be spoken today, either publicly or privately". (Is freedom of speech still in the Charter?)

Not only that wasn't enough for anyone calling for his head - the Conservatives ended up getting some more bashing from the media. Just as I said couple days ago, bullies never let go of someone who's begging for mercy. Playing along won't help. It's time to stop apologizing.

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