Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Professional Complainer And His 157 Memory Lapses

Richard Warman turns out to be not only the most easily-offended man, but also - the most easily-forgetful.
In his case against Marc Lemire, Richard Warman was cross-examined on his testimony for three and a half days. He answered "I don't remember" 157 times. You can read through those three and a half days' worth of transcripts, or see a handy compilation here.
So are we supposed to believe that people with Alzheimer's can pass the bar in Ontario? It might have worked if we hadn't known better. Judging from the threatening letters that Connie and Mark, the owners of Free Dominion, received from him last fall, Warman is not really the forgetful type.

His claim notice lists over 60 postings in which his actions are described as censorship, bullying and making money off "human rights" complaints. It almost seems like Warman remembers everyone who's ever called him a jerk. Thus - his 157 sudden memory lapses at the cross-examination can't be blamed on Alzheimer's. I doubt they could also be blamed on a car crash, a brick fall or radiation poisoning or anything else except Warman's unwillingness to tell the truth.

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marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

They should dis bar him. He might forget he's a lawyer anyway.